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Killer Cop: The Deviant Deputy Who Kidnapped, Raped and Killed (True Crime)

by Ryan Green

In July 1972, Deputy Sheriff Gerard Schaefer picked up two teenage girls, Pamela Wells (17) and Nancy Trotter (18), who were hitchhiking to a local beach. He told them it was illegal to hitchhike in the area and that he would take them back to safety. He lied.

Schaefer took them to a remote wooded area where he drew his gun, tied them up, gagged them and looped nooses around their necks. Schaefer received a call on his police radio and had to leave the girls but he vowed to return and finish what he’d started.

The terrifying behaviour displayed by the trusted officer was not an isolated case and would pale in comparison to the chilling truth that would eventually surface.

Schaefer wrote, â??Doing doubles is far more difficult than doing singles, but it puts me in a position to have twice as much fun. There can be some lively discussions about which of the victims dies first.’

Killer Cop is a dramatic and gripping account of one of the most disturbing men to have sworn to serve and protect us. Ryan Green’s riveting narrative draws the reader into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller.

CAUTION: This book contains descriptive accounts of sexual abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further.

Turn Your Pain Into Art

by Ariel Bloomer

In this hilarious, candid, and warm debut, Icon For Hire vocalist Ariel Bloomer bares her soul and shares her struggles, coupling accessible autobiography with practical advice and inspiration for navigating the messiest parts of life.

From growing up a passionate but troubled spiritual seeker to chasing her rock n’ roll dreams, Bloomer’s journey illustrates the importance of cultivating self-love and the transformational nature of creativity, and how to access the artist inside all of us. Turning one’s pain into art is an intense but rewarding endeavor, and is one we can all benefit fromâ??if we’re brave enough to say yes to the challenge.


by Vic Flick

“Vic’s book is an amazing read, full of his entertaining sense of humour and a reservoir of miscellaneous facts and tales of the studios and the musicians who made London such a fabulous place to be in the ’60s. Miss it at your peril.” – Pipeline (UK)

This book is by a musician who worked in every major recording and television studio in London during that wonderful musical period of the 1960s and 1970s.

One of the first call session guitarists in the UK, Vic Flick has a bounty of true stories. Stories of the drama and humor, the tensions and the rewards of working with first class musicians and internationally known artists in the world of recording, Television and Radio..

Vic Flick’s connection with the James Bond films is legend. His guitar sound on the James Bond Theme stirred the hearts and imaginations of a generation. Here is a book that tells of the music business from the inside, about the music, the good and the bad business practices, the money, the agents and the managers.

From the Beatles to Nancy Sinatra, from Tom Jones to Dusty Springfield, it’s all within the pages of Vic’s autobiography.

Memorias: Nacido como una persona con discapacidad (Libros gratis de bridge) (Japanese Edition)

by Tomoaki Murakamai


Potato Thief: Surviving WWII as the Enemy’s Daughter

by Maria Wilhemina Brandner

At age 5, Marille helplessly watched as her father was hauled off to a concentration camp as an “Enemy of the Third Reich.” This would be but one of many hardships she endured during her adolescent years growing up near Munich, Germany during WWII.

And yet she not only survived, but thrived.

Through her memoirs, join this spunky young girl through adventure, heartbreak, spiritual growth, and lost innocence amid the realities of war.

Cos’è un intellettuale (Italian Edition)

by Javier Cercas

In occasione dell’intervista di Marco Belpoliti a Javier Cercas per l’uscita in Italia di Il sovrano delle ombre, lo scrittore spagnolo riflette sul ruolo dell’intellettuale oggi: «Come persona posso essere codardo, ragionevole, ma come scrittore non posso esserlo» dice Cercas. «Scrittore coraggioso è un pleonasmo. Scrittore codardo è un ossimoro.»

The Husband Killers

by Maxine Torrence

A look back at murderous women who had it in for the men dumb enough to marry them.
Larissa Schuster – Larissa didn’t like her husband much…in fact, she hated him so much that she submerged his body in a tub of hydrochloric acid. She would be dubbed the “Acid Lady Killer” for the horrific crime and be sentenced to life in prison without parole. But how did she get to this point? This book examines the events that led up to her breaking point.
Sheena Eastburn – Sheena Eastburn was the mastermind behind a plot to kill her husband Tim Eastburn, accompanied by two of her friends as they shot and killed him. But in police interviews, the two gunmen and another witness were adamant that Sheena plotted the murder.

Sheena denied all the allegations.

Now more than 20 years later Sheena Eastburn resides at the Missouri Correctional Facility and still maintains she had no part in her ex-husband’s murder.

“There was no reason for Tim to die,” Sheena says. “None.”

This is what happened that night…

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