Free fantasy Kindle books for 10 Oct 18

The Visiting Fairy

by Tanya R. Taylor

A mystical, magical, touching short read for fans of Urban Fantasy, Stephen King and shows like The Twilight Zone.


Little Adam Matheson isn’t like other kids he knows — he’s never been able to walk, run, play and even travel. However, more than anything, he yearns to see snow falling, to feel it on his skin and scoop it with his hands.

For quite a while, he’s been regularly visited by someone who teaches and shows him things most people in the world are not privy to, and his sister, Isabella, although she thinks his stories are nothing more than fairy tales or wishful thinking, lends him an attentive ear each time.

Something remarkable ultimately occurs which changes their little family’s life forever. But the question is: Is it a good thing or is it an event laden with regret?

A Thrift Shop Murder: A hilariously witchy reverse harem mystery (Cats, Ghosts, and Avocado Toast Book 1)

by N.M. Howell

This is such a fun, laugh out loud book that has you turning page after page.” â??â??â??â??â??

One witch with a grudge, three cats with a secret, and one vegan with a very big problem.
Priscilla “Price” Jones is down on her luck. First, her childhood sweetheart dumps her a month before their wedding so he can hook up with a model he met at one of his yogalates fitness studios. Then, her vegan smoothie store burns to the ground.

Out of work and out of love, Priscilla accepts the first job she can find, packs her bags, and takes the first bus from Portland to Salem, Oregon, to find her luck is even worse than she thought. Her new boss just died, and the old lady’s thrift store, her apartment, and three huge male cats just got added to her long list of problems. But when Price opens one of the old lady’s books and accidentally unleashes some witchy magic, she soon realizes her troubles have only just begun.

A hilariously witchy reverse harem mystery.

Don’t miss the first book in bestselling authors N.M. Howell and L.C. Hibbett’s hilarious new series: Cats, Ghosts, and Avocado Toast! Who knew clean eating could be so messy?

Book 1 of 5. New books releasing each month!

A fun and entertaining joyride of a novel. Quirky in all the right places with enjoyable characters and plot devices that are sure you have you shaking your head, laughing and all around just having a good time reading.” â??â??â??â??â??

“Cozy mystery and RH all in one book! Does it get any better?” â??â??â??â??â??

A Vet Vanishes: A hilariously witchy reverse harem mystery (Cats, Ghosts, and Avocado Toast Book 2)

by L.C. Hibbett

“Cute, fun, sexy, full of laughs.”â??â??â??â??â??

What do you get when you cross a crass old ghost, three hot house cats, and one vegan on a mission? A whole lot of trouble.
Price is beginning to find her feet in Salem, Oregon. Her new juice bar is under construction, Finn is starting to remember his life before Agatha cursed him, Tom is defrosting (slowly), Pussy is growing his hair out, and Agatha… Well, some things never change. But on the whole, things are looking good for Price.

Until she finds her friend Tracy has disappeared into thin air!

Now, in the midst of planning the shop’s relaunch, she must team up with her motley crew to find Tracy before something terrible happens. But will she get there in time?

Vanishing vets, curious cats, witchy ghosts, mystery, mayhem, and romance. Isn’t it time you delved into this best-selling series?

Ice Angels

by A. D’Giorgio

“Ice Angels” is an intriguing story about bravery, sympathy and devotion of two small brothers. It shows the concealed beauty of the North. You will see the winter as an engaging and adventurous time of the year. You will experience a sincere delight revealing an existing northern world with its real and magical life. Adults will be able to see some important events through a child’s perception.

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