Free humour Kindle books for 10 Oct 18

I Killed Bigfoot: Vol. 3

by Kevin Nesgoda

The plan has been devised to dispose of the bodies into Lake Chelan. Now can our heroes come through and end this nightmare once and for all? Or are they destined to fall further into despair? Maybe the police finally catch up with them?

Book 3 of 5

Facts about Girls: (THAT GUYS SHOULD KNOW)

by Explorer

As humans, women are different than men. Women are amazing creatures. They are beautiful, incredible, and powerful in their own right. They can achieve anything they set their minds to. Having to deal with oppression and inequality for centuries, there have been a ton of things women have had to fight for and change the future for succeeding generations of equally amazing women.

Today we look at 24 facts about women that may take your breath away. Okay, so these facts aren’t just for the women in India, but for women in general across the planet. While some of these facts are downright outrageous, there are a few of them which reaffirm stereotypes. So the next time a woman tells you she doesn’t like to talk, call her bluff by showing point number 2.

Aus dem Leben eines Qualitäters – 9490 Tage in Aktion: ein satirisches Tagebuch LESEPROBE (German Edition)

by Klaus Atreb

Klaus Atreb, ein promovierter Naturwissenschaftler, erzählt in satirischer Form seine Erlebnisse als Forscher , Produzent, Laborleiter und Qualitäter.

Seidel sieht blank: Gastkommentare für OberlausitzTV (German Edition)

by René Seidel

Veröffentlichte Gastkommentare aus dem ersten Vierteljahr 2014 zu Themen, die Löbau und seine Bürger bewegen oder unbewegt lassen. Inklusive drei Zugabetexten.

The Quest For The Bone Idol (Skullenia Book 4)

by Tony Lewis

Yo ho ho, shiver me timbers, and other pirate related sayings.

It’s about time that Ollie and the boys took a well-deserved break from the detective agency, so when Stitches wins a competition at The Bolt and Jugular, it seems that fate may be smiling down on them as they embark on a cruise.

But what should have been a relaxing holiday turns into a voyage of intrigue and mayhem on the high seas, when our intrepid explorers find themselves entangled in yet another mystery involving a strange relic, a dangerous foe, and a rather bawdy crew of pirates who have very interesting beards.

Will Flug ever stop being seasick?
Find out what a poop deck really is.
And discover there is no limit to what you get up to when you’re asleep.

Join Ollie and the gang as they embark on The Quest For The Bone Idol.

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