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The Magicians’ Convention (Fantasy Adventure Book For Teens and Young Adult)

by Elena Paige

Abracadabra! This word has been used for centuries as a fantastical joke. Plenty of children have waved sticks in the air and shouted this word, claiming they can perform magic.

However, for twelve-year-old orphan Toby, the playful word takes on a whole new meaning when he wakes up to find his grandfather has been kidnapped by a talking panther.

Following the clues left behind Toby finds himself at the 999th Magicians’ Convention. Filled with mages, illusionists, and foes at every turn, Toby and his newfound friends, Thatch and Wesa, must find an ancient magical hat before an evil magician gets his hands on it first.

Failing will mean the deaths of those they love and create a dangerous divide in the world of magic.

The Magicians’ Convention is the spellbinding first book in a trilogy of middle-grade fantasy novels. If you like action-packed adventures, imaginative worlds, and magical spells, then you’ll love Elena Paige’s mystical tale.

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Adventure Asana The Rainy Day: Yoga Stories and Poses for Kids of All Ages

by Kevin Lockwood

Summary: Adventure Asana teaches children yoga by taking them on a fun adventure that flows through a series of yoga poses (asanas). For each yoga pose there is a children’s image illustration and playful alignment poem. “The Rainy Day” stars a diverse set of characters who set out on a journey and support each other: the Dog (Downward Dog), the Roadrunner (Runner’s Lunge), the Cat (Cat/Cow), and the Bird (Yogi Squat). You are certain to enjoy all of the the lively and fun images created by Ugandan artist Rodney Kawaayi.

Adventures of Lucy and Siseal: Passwords

by Sarah Dyson

Take an adventure with Lucy and Siseal. Learn the importance of passwords with Lucy and how to keep your online adventures safe with Siseal. Only avatars like Siseal can surf the internet everyday all day long.

Zombies, Fireballs, Snakes, Death, and Candy: (A Halloween Action Adventure for Kids Age 9-12)

by P.J. Stetson

Give your reader a real Halloween treat! With witty humor, non-stop action, and a heaping handful of suburban destruction, this book is sure to be devoured with sweet bliss!

A mysterious disc falls from the sky and gives Declan and his friends one hour to find something to stop the apocalypse. Too bad they don’t understand what the annoying world-ending device actually wants them to find! Still, they like the world enough to try to save it. With a new catastrophe striking every ten minutes, a sarcastic nemesis hounding them, and zombies in Halloween costumes on the prowl, it won’t be easy.

Young readers will love the sarcastic humor and the intense action that never lets up. Parents will also love the coming-of-age themes of friendship, brotherhood, and self-esteem. With mystery, humor, and action rolled into one, this book is sure to be a winner for any preteen or teen.

God Cares For Us: The Weenies of the Wood Adventures

by E M Wilkie

The â??Weenies of the Wood’ are tiny people who live in the middle of a forest. Their homes are in the tree trunks, and they see, hear, and experience exciting and interesting things in the wood.

All sorts of things happen to the Weenies. They forage, work, and play in the wood; they observe the plants and creatures that live around them; they have fantastic adventures!

Simple themes and lessons, based on the teaching of the Bible, are taught and applied from the Weenies stories. In this first book, â??God Cares For Us’, the Weenies learn about some of the plants and creatures of the forest, and about how God cares for us.

Please note: Whilst every effort has been made to format this ebook for your enjoyment, picture books are not always viewed to best advantage as ebooks. Depending on your ereader, images can appear smaller than in a print book, and can also appear black and white on Kindle, not full colour.

The Real Halloween: Another Little Book From Ballyyahoo

by Grace Jolliffe

It was Halloween night in Ireland.

Sean didn’t mean to run away.

But he did.

He thought he liked scary things.

But now he’s sorry.

Scary stories didn’t bother Sean. He loved to read them by torchlight.

But then his mother took them away. 

He ran all the way to his Grandad’s house even though it was a dark Halloween night.

He knew better but thought his Grandad would understand.

But Grandad tells him the story of the haunted well, a lost uncle and he must learn that some scary stories just might be true.


Grace Jolliffe is the creator of the Ballyyahoo website and children’s stories series. She is a keen nature lover, and she aims to encourage children to love the great outdoors.

Each of her Ballyyahoo books is linked to the website packed with photographs where young readers can access a host of free additional information about nature and wildlife in Ireland. 

Grace’s Ballyyahoo series of children’s books include The Witch of Ballyyahoo, Maggie Many Cats & Other Stories, Christmas in Ballyyahoo and Bonkers in Ballyyahoo.

Grace Jolliffe also writes for adults and her first novel, Piggy Monk Square, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth New Writers Prize and broadcast on RTE’s Book on One.

Grace was brought up in Liverpool, England and now lives in Galway, surrounded by rocks, stones and roads to nowhere.

The Frog Bully: Bedtime Stories for Kids

by Vynere Lebreau

Bedtime Stories for Kids was written to allow kids to read a variety of interesting yet educational stories. Filled with pictures and easy to read writing, each story also has a specific lesson at the end to be learnt.

The Grasshopper and the Ant: Aesop’s Fables in Verses (Children’s story picture books Book 3)

by Sigal Adler

The Grasshopper and the Ant
When you work all summer to save up your crumbs
You’ll have no worries when winter time comes.
About Aesop’s Fables
Who was Aesop, and why are his fables famous all over the world? In fact, very little is known about this mysterious Ancient Greek figure. He is thought to have been a slave originally from Africa, but even that isn’t known for certain. But his stories, with their talking animals and simple moral lessons, have been popular for thousands of years. They have been translated into almost every language and were among the first books to be printed when the printing press was invented in the 1400s. The most famous Aesop’s Fable is probably the story of The Hare and the Tortoise, with its message that “slow and steady wins the race.” Children everywhere have grown up loving these delightful short tales, learning and growing through their bond with these timeless classics.
I grew up enjoying many of Aesop’s fables and I’m excited to share them with you here in my own style, a little more contemporary and told in rhymes to make them fun to read and listen to. I hope you and your kids will love sharing these stories and learning from their messages just as much as I always have.

One for the Griffins

by Terri Martin

After the death of his father in an automobile crash, Cam struggles to play baseball,a game he and his father loved. One for the Griffins is a touching portrait of a little boy who is trying to come to grips with this father’s death. From the very start,it’s clear that the boy’s father is first and foremost on his mind as he recalls the connection that he and his dad had to baseball.

His conflicting emotions become apparent as he confronts his painful reality. We see Cam struggle through many stages of denial to depression, and finally acceptance. He looks to the old and battered baseball card for his father’s for inspiration, but it is the inspiration of the groundskeeper who helps him rekindle his love for the game.

Through the Milky Way on a PB&J: A Space Book for Kids

by James McDonald

Across the solar system and on to the Milky Way!

School’s out for the summer and Sami and Thomas have big plans. They’ve built a spaceship in their tree house and are going to blast off for a tour of the solar system, but one of the planets holds a special surprise. Vibrant images and flowing verse bring this imaginative story to life. Space lovers and adventurers of all ages are sure to love this cosmic journey.

The Impatient Old Man: Bedtime Stories for Kids

by Vynere Lebreau

Bedtime Stories for Kids was written to allow kids to read a variety of interesting yet educational stories. Filled with pictures and easy to read writing, each story also has a specific lesson at the end to be learnt.

The Wealthy Lonely Monster: Bedtime Stories for Kids

by Vynere Lebreau

Bedtime Stories for Kids was written to allow kids to read a variety of interesting yet educational stories. Filled with pictures and easy to read writing, each story also has a specific lesson at the end to be learnt.

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