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by Carson Buckingham

Something strange…something wicked…something beyond control. Home is where the horror is.

Following the deaths of her mother and beloved aunt, Kate Kavanagh inherits the family homestead in the Irish enclave of Three Oaks, Connecticut; but once she moves in, Kate begins a gradual but terrifying biological transformation that is part of her inheritance, too; though not mentioned in the Will.

With the help of a Rottweiler that’s more human than animal, a new friend whose farm stand is only open dusk to dawn, and the รข??Rat Boys,’ Kate will get some answers or die trying.

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Missing in Mystic Grove (A Liz Bean Mystery Book 0)

by S.F. Bose

Welcome to the Missing in Mystic Grove prequel where we learn how Liz Bean and Sam Nolan first met.

It’s Thanksgiving Week at the Bean Family Bed and Breakfast. Liz Bean is looking forward to helping her family prepare a Thanksgiving dinner and celebration for their B&B guests.

Two months earlier, a traumatic event had prompted Liz to leave her job as a field translator with Worldhead Global Security in Virginia and return home. After four years of hiding what she really did in the Covert Services Group at Worldhead, Liz is relieved to be home. She looks forward to a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

Then everything falls apart. A B&B guest reports that a piece of her jewelry has gone missing. Then she suggests that another guest might have actually stolen it. The guest gives them four days to find her jewelry or she’ll call the police. Grandma Addie Bean shivers at the thought of the negative online reviews the guest might leave if they don’t find her jewelry.

Grandma Addie pairs Liz with Sam Nolan, a quirky private investigator who’s a frequent diner at the B&B. Their meeting is like oil and water, but Liz knows they have to team up to help the B&B. When their prime suspect disappears, the situation goes from bad to worse.

As they investigate each lead, Liz realizes that she’s not the only one in Mystic Grove who’s keeping secrets. When the truth is revealed, it takes everyone by surprise.

Sage Advice to Cover Up a Murder! (Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series Book 2)

by Phoebe T. Eggli

The Second Book in the Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series!

Recipes Included!

Teenager Logan Jones looked forward to summers with his beloved, artisan baker, Aunt Mel in the Outer Banks of North Carolina all year long. The middle-aged widow showed him more love and support for those few months of the year than his parents did all year long.

Last summer had been extraordinary. It started out by ensnaring his aunt in a murder mystery right in her own bakery – the Kill Devil Delicacies. Once solved, Logan had enjoyed every minute that remained of his vacation; fishing, surfing, as well as hanging out with his new pretty friend, Emily Hawkins. This summer Logan yearned to spend more time fishing and with Emily, and less time solving mysteries.

As the young man woke before dawn on the first day of his summer vacation to go fishing at Oregon Inlet, he was full of optimism and joy. Too bad one thing waited for him at his favorite fishing spot – the dead body of William Hawkins, Emily’s grandfather. Another summer – another murder for Logan and his Aunt Melissa Jones Maples.

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