Free religious fiction Kindle books for 10 Oct 18

Shadow and Smoke: The Fire Horses

by Rachel Wetsriru

The peoples of the Eastern North Continent were happy and content. Life was good. There were no wars and borders were expanding. But things were too peaceful. The peoples forgot they needed their Creator and He became displeased with their inattention. To get the peoples? attention again, the Creator allowed His enemy, Proud Evil, to have sway over one young man. But this young man was not just the average youth; he was one of the few, banned under pain of death, magicians in the Eastern North Continent. Bitter and full of hatred after seeing his mentor die at the hands of the authorities, this young man fled into the wilderness to escape persecution. There, with the aid of his dragon friend, he developed a lethal army of enslaved men riding black, fire breathing horses. At the onslaught of this unnatural army, confusion and fear raced across the Eastern North Continent faster than the fires threatening to consume them all.

The Amish Love Letters: A Collection of Amish Romance Stories

by Amy Field

Get carried away by these five page turner Amish romance stories filled with love twists and warm desire!

Mary Of The Amish: An adopted Amish girl goes on a rollercoaster ride of joy and pain to discover her roots, and in the process confront her own demons that prevent her from loving unconditionally.

Love Beckons: Martha resigned herself to a loveless marriage, but a careless moment of passion gets the gossip mill going and threatens to ruin her reputation. With her life on a precipice, help comes from the person she least expected it from…

The Amish Widow’s Lover: Scornful glances and merciless gossip threaten to derail Martha’s quest to rebuild her shattered life. Is she strong enough to remain faithfully Amish and be find true happiness?

The Amish Widow’s Baby: Emma’s happy life is shattered by the sudden death of her husband. Now she has to deal with an unborn child and the advances of two equally worthy suitors. Who will make the perfect husband, and why?

The Rumspringa Secret: Ruth’s Rumspringa secret threatens to ruin her life. She’s ready to leave the village, but how can she leave without David?

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