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Sara Finn

by Tegrah Harris

The United States of America feels anything BUT united. Healthcare costs keep skyrocketing causing thousands of preventable deaths each year. Women are still fighting for equality against constant attack. Mass shootings have become a national epidemic. And now, the transgender community is being profiled and hunted by the government. It is a time of chaos. Many feel there is no hope, but SHE has a secret. It is a secret that can change everything, for everyone, everywhere. When she thinks about it too long, things happen. Her name is Sara Finn.

Aftershock: Aftershock Zombie Series Book 1

by Valerie Lioudis

The world lay in ruins, as zombies kill everything alive in their path. Hope falls from the sky in the form of a flyer, leading to an obscure location in the Pine Barrens of NJ. The few humans left race towards the destination on the map hoping that it really is sanctuary and not a trap. Some of those survivors hold a secret that may be the key to saving what is left of mankind. Aftershock brings you the stories of those left alive in a world thrown into chaos by the rising of the dead.

Dawn of Hope : Exodus (Path to Eternity Book 1)

by Dobrin Kostadinov

The great turbulence preceding the downfall of a civilization seems to be the outcome of political crises, or the overthrowing of dynasties. But most of the time the reason lies elsewhere. Those same memorable events that are capable of disrupting an entire civilization are the visible effect of the invisible shift in the feelings and the thoughts of the masses. Their forcefulness mirrors the pent-up wrath and the primal fears that threaten to flare up . . .
In the dawn of the 22nd century humankind was ready to reap the fruits of its technological advance. The juicy apple from the tree of knowledge was about to mark the genesis of a new interplanetary species. But before that, with almost completely exhausted resources, the civilization barely succeeded in meeting the needs of half of the people on the planet whose population had increased considerably over the previous few decades. The consequences of this course of events slowly morph into a world crisis with severe repercussions. The initial measures taken that seemed adequate at the time, failed disastrously and suddenly the destiny of the human kind seems even murkier than that of the Dark Ages. The United Nations make all sorts of decisions ranging from genius to reckless and perilous. The boldest of them is to set up the first interplanetary mass exodus. A plan for the Earth’s inhabitants to migrate to distant destination in our Galaxy in search of land and resources. It has to be executed by stages with special mass migration spaceships which are equipped both with the technology to travel long distances and with the apparatuses needed to establish colonies elsewhere. At first everything looks very promising and feasible; they even discover a hospitable world . . . But will people be willing to follow the established pre-exodus order while the preparations are in progress? Will the young community of conquerors manage to settle successfully in the unknown land? Or their worst nightmare could be yet to comeâ?¦
You will know all the answers when you read about the most epic adventure that the characters in this story have ever embarked on. This gripping tale shaped as chronicles from the eyes of a young journalist will take you through a plethora of breath-taking events and will compel you to immerse into the atmosphere of the near future.

Johnny Dipp The Depressed Writer

by Lamees Alhassar

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Johnny Dipp is a depressed and lonely young man. He seems to fall into one calamity after another; missed appointments, a broken laptop, traffic tickets, dashed expectations in his romantic life. His only goal in life is to be a great writer.
When Johnny’s neighborhood is flooded by torrential rains, a box is washed up in his driveway. Once he pries it open, he discovers an ancient book, along with a quill pen and bottle of ink. The book is made up of mostly blank pages, but there is a beginning of a story; a story about a planet called the Middle Nebula, where everything is perfect and everyone gets along.
In his sadness, he picks up the quill and dips it in the ink. He starts writing, continuing the story of the Middle Nebula. But instead of the blissful existence of the previous writing, Johnny creates chaos and natural disasters; earthquakes, floods, wildfires. Even an alien invasion!
Meanwhile, in the center of the universe, the actual planet, the Middle Nebula, undergoes all the tragedies Johnny is writing about. He must be stopped! the elders agree. But how? Help him overcome his depression so he writes delightful stories?
Or invade Earth?

Ariston (Star Guardians)

by Ruby Lionsdrake

An undercover Star Guardian agent sworn to enforce the law.
A US marine turned galactic pilot, inadvertently breaking the law.
Trapped on a mysterious planet full of dangerous ruins, these two enemies must work togetherâ??and deal with their growing attractionâ??as they struggle to survive.

It’s been two years since delegates from the Confederation visited our solar system, pointing out a wormhole that leads into the rest of the galaxy. Former Marine Michelle “Mick” Saunders was one of the first people from Earth to acquire a spaceship and venture out among the stars. Still haunted by the devastating event that prompted her to leave the military, she’s led a lonely life of late, and longs to find something greater out there.

But for now, she has a spaceship to pay off, so her longings must be set aside. When an Earth corporation wants to send a team of researchers to a uninhabited planet full of ancient human ruins, she accepts the job of transporting them. Little does she know that someone else has a claim on the planet, and that there’s a reason it isn’t inhabited anymore.

When Mick runs into a Star Guardian, one of the fierce warriors that enforce Confederation laws, she realizes she should have asked more questions before accepting the mission. A lot more questions. Even though the hunky Ariston is someone she would rather date than fight, he doesn’t look like one to be swayed from his duty by a flirty smile. Instead, he’s determined to arrest her.

Ariston, a Star Guardian placed under cover on a salvage ship suspected of illegal activities, hasn’t known contentment since he lost his wife years ago. But he’s not looking for anyone new. Especially now. He has evidence to gather and a rogue crew to turn in. There’s no time for distractions, definitely not in the form of an Earth woman trespassing on a protected planet.

But Mick, a fighter and a beauty, intrigues him. Despite his certainty that he shouldn’t get involved, he finds himself wanting to protect her from the dangers of the ruins, as well as the salvage crew plotting to capture her vessel. His mission would have been daunting even without extra complications, but now, he must choose between his duty and the woman rousing feelings within him for the first time in years.

Ariston is the sixth science fiction romance novel set in the Star Guardians universe. It is a complete, stand-alone adventure that can be read without familiarity with the rest of the series.

Timecaster Supersymmetry (Insane Sci-Fi Action! Book 2)

by J.A. Konrath


Chicago 2064: Forecast the Past

A libertarian utopia of biofuels, legalized drugs, and casual sex. There hasn’t been any violent crime in years.

Until now…

Talon Avalon is a Timecaster; a cop who is able to look back in time and view crimes that have already happened. But that was before he was framed by an alternate version of himself from another dimension. Now he’s being hunted in this world, and countless parallel worlds, as the biggest mass-murderer in history.

While trying to save his kidnapped wife and clear his name, Talon must fight to prevent a series of mishaps that could destroy the multiverse, along with the very fabric of spacetime. He only has a few hours to save an infinity of humanity. All it will take is guts, his fists, some high tech weaponry, and enough strength and savvy to survive genetically mutated monsters, homicidal robots, a zombie apocalypse, and a plethora of erotic encounters.

Time is not on his side.

Featuring all of the action, thrills, and humor of other Konrath books, but set in an outrageous never-before-seen future, the Timecaster series is ecopunk on super steroids. Add in healthy doses of sex, some characters from Konrath’s previous books (Talon is Jack Daniels’s grandson), and a lot of outrageous ideas about technology, society, and politics, and Timecaster Supersymmetry is a book that will appeal to anyone who likes to be entertained, even if they don’t dig on sci-fi.

If you are a more sensitive (or adventurous) reader, this handy scale rates specific categories from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to give you some idea if this is your kind of book.

Technobabble – 7
Action – 9
Sex – 8
Humor – 8
Crossovers – Features Harry McGlade from the Jack Daniels series

The Plague City : A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Science Fiction, A Post-Apocalyptic, EMP Survival Thriller, Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Young Adult, Mysteries, Short Reader Book 1)

by MBarakeh JR.

The Event causes the failure of every electronic device in the town

When Steve Flint returns to his home town of Dillon to visit his elderly parents he only expects to be there for a few days. His plans are quickly shattered when an unexplained event causes the failure of every electronic device in the town. In a matter of days the people of Dillon are exposed to how fragile the systems are that they take for granted and how quickly social norms begin to disintegrate. Resources, relationships and even moral code are tested to the limit. Initially, it is a general reluctance to accept that life support systems that had come to be accepted as normal, could in fact, be so delicate. That early period of denial prevented action from being taken.

The theory of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

Suddenly the ageing Vietnam War veteran, Jimmy Spears, doesn’t seem as crazy as many people had assumed him to be as he built a life around concepts of self sufficiency and minimal dependence on state support structures. It was Jimmy who first offered the theory of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) as the cause of the dramatic changes. A theory many people refused to accept.

The risk of going back

If things are bad in Dillon, Steve can only imagine how much worse they will be in the city where his wife Abby waits for his return. In spite of a barrage of advice telling him not to risk going back, Steve knows that he has no choice but to try to save his wife.

Sometimes love supersedes even such things as the fear of violence and disease.

Weirder Tales: An Omnibus of Odd Ditties

by WPaD

The warped minds of WPaD are proud to present this tribute to the bizarre:

– People who eat Tide Pods turn into detergent-craving zombies
– A gift of a fishing bobber turns deadly
– A woman lost in the desert befriends an ancient creature
– A hole inside a closet holds unknown mysteries
– A grieving father consults a psychic to solve his daughter’s murder
– Two friends embark on a fantastic adventure during a game of Dungeons and Dragons
– A call for help from an abandoned house leads a man to his doom
– Strange explosions cause terror and speculation about the end of the world
– A meteor falls from the sky, leading a woman on a surreal journey

Enjoy these stories and many more in Weirder Tales: An Omnibus of Odd Ditties.

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