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From Race Horse to Trail Horse and Pet

by Marion N. Seidel

At some point in life there comes the time when the storm must become peaceâ?¦
Becoming a racehorse is a grueling marathon training event. FROM RACE HORSE TO TRAIL HORSE AND PET is the non-fictional memoir of Billy, an ex-thoroughbred race horse, who’s able to look back over a young but profound life and shares his deeply moving story!
Retired from racing, Billy is exercised occasionally but always groomed and fedâ?¦ Until one day he’s not shod and soon develops abscesses on his feet. Angry at Billy’s condition, his caretaker called the vet. After all the changes that have happened at the farm, Billy worries as horses leave and his caretaker sinks deeper and deeper into melancholy. And this was only the beginning.
Despite his caretaker’s sadness and the disappearance of the other horses, she cares lovingly for Billy. The day she takes him to a new home, he’s surprised but very pleased â?? He was moved to a green and grassy place, with good hay to eat and a lake with cool, refreshing water! Although he’s the only thoroughbred race horse in the huge paddock, the other horses, albeit somewhat shy, are healthy, well-groomed and friendly. To his surprise, Billy finds out he first must learn to be like a natural horse â?? something he’s never been taught. He’d been trained to run and win. This is a new race in which no one runs and everyone can win!
In this heartwarming and candid expose, we’re invited into the world of a thoroughbred race horse, never realizing the trials and triumphs that make this horse and caretaker a cut above all others! This enthralling book is filled with gorgeous photos that say what words never can. Get your copy of FROM RACE HORSE TO TRAIL HORSE AND PET and discover the exciting and precarious life of a champion thoroughbred whose only goal is to fit inâ?¦ Just to be a natural horse!

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