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The Disappearance of Bambi Woods: A collection of True Crime

by Pete Dove

A collection of True Crime in the porn industry
Such scripts as existed for sleazy flicks such as Debbie Does Dallas were threadbare. Often, they consisted of little more than a hint of dialogue to be improvised in whatever location had been hi-jacked for filming – this was still a time when obscenity laws could see an entire cast and crew apprehended, arrested and tried for acts committed in the face of public decency. It was best not to advertise your whereabouts.
For some of the industry’s actors and actresses performance was a means to an end. For others, an unfortunate hole into which they fell, headfirst and out of full control. Debbie, the eponymous character of the film, was played by an attractive young star in the making called Bambi Woods. In fact, she wasn’t called Bambi Woods; anybody aware of this lady’s real name refuses to reveal it and while there is much speculation online, the validity of any claim is open to considerable question.
For the purposes of this piece, the name Bambi Woods will need to suffice. Her real name may have been, or maybe still is, Debra DeSanto. Equally it might be Barbara Woodson.
The uncertainty around the words in this article so far can be excused. Because, in the mid-1980s, it may have been the case that Bambi died, in lurid circumstances, in a drug and sex fueled orgy of excess. Or, perhaps she did not. Although widely reported, her death has never been confirmed. Certainly, plenty of those who claim to know the real person behind the character are confident that she is still alive.

Healing In Reverse: What Nearly Dying Taught Me About Really Living (A Near-Death Experience Story)

by Matthew James Moores

Why nearly dying was the best thing that’s ever happened to me…

At 23, a near-death accident broke my body. A brain injury and trauma broke my mind. Continued misfortune broke my spirit. I was ready to give up. I was ready to die. After being reduced to nothing, I was finally able to rebuild, in reverse. From a place of spiritual healing, I was able to nurture my mental health. I then achieved physical healing that Doctor’s said was IMPOSSIBLE.

The focus of this book however, is the life-shifting series of circumstances that followed over three years after the accident. From battling prescription drug addiction, moving away from my friends and family, finding healing in alternative medicines and learning to fall in love with life again, this book follows my personal journey through the darkest time in my life, back into the light.

It’s not just a story of healing, but an honest reflection on how catalysing events can drastically change a person. This is an observational analysis of what it’s like to undergo such psychological changes, in a short window of time, as well as the hidden benefits that lie under the surface.

It shouldn’t take a catalysing near-death experience to finally live the life of your dreams! Don’t wait for misfortune to forcibly change your perspective. EMBRACE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF TODAY! Healing In Reverse is about how I learned to find healing in body, mind and spirit, through compassionate self-inquiry.

Final chapter: “11 things that nearly dying taught me about really living”.

It’s an emotional, yet concise account, relating to a transcendental awakening process of spirit. A step-by-step experience-driven report on the blooming of my soul. It was equally debilitating as it was rewarding, yet, I would not change the slightest of variations, for every minor detail had its place.

I have expressed my story, in the hopes of showing others that it’s positive to do the same. A problem shared, is a problem halved! Knowing and feeling the fundamental truths of being alive should be accessible for everyone.

Embrace your own story.

Don’t run from it. Don’t waste another day of your valuable time on earth!

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Until Forever

by Luisa Cloutier

When Luisa’s mother died, Luisa was left to take care of her family. Her dream of leaving Naples for a better life died too. Hard work and sacrifice left no time for dreaming or romance. Until one day she met a U.S Marine stationed in Italy. Though Brandon didn’t speak Italian, he understood what Luisa needed and made her feel like a princess. They fell in love, married and began to build a life together in the United States.

Because of Brandon’s military service, Luisa spent long periods apart from him. Under the stress, their marriage slowly began to fracture, leading to infidelity and separation. During that time apart, both Luisa and Brandon realized what they truly meant to one another. When they reconciled, their love grew even stronger, and Luisa faced something she didn’t think she would ever recover from.

John Wycliffe: A Light Shining in a Dark Place

by Gary J. Hall

John Wycliffe’s intellectual brilliance, personal integrity and courage made him a mighty man of faith in the fourteenth century. This was not only evident with regards to the reforms he sought to establish within the Church of the day, but also in that God was using him to lead the King, Parliament and the nation to freedom from bondage to the Papacy. As England disentangled itself politically from Rome, it was at the same time casting off the religious authority that had kept her people in spiritual darkness for so long.

No other reformer has the right to be called The Morning Star of the Reformation since it was Wycliffe that set in motion what proved to be impossible to stop. Some historians suggest that the Reformation in England began with Henry VIII, or a product of 16th Century thinking and theology, but this is far from the truth. It was one man, full of the Spirit of God, who would ignite an inextinguishable flame in the Europe of the 14th Century whose influence would affect every future generation and the whole world. It would be true to say that Protestantism has its roots firmly planted in John Wycliffe.

In him we have a medieval John the Baptist, who points both priest and nation away from sin and to Christ’s true way of salvation. We could easily uses the words of John 1:6, “There was a man sent from God, whose name was John” to describe the reformer. Unfortunately John Wycliffe has never been given the recognition that later reformers received. Except for a few brief remarks in volumes on the history of the Reformation there is very little available to the Christian reader on the life of this man. This work seeks to rectify that deficiency by bringing to our attention the life and work of Wycliffe, so that the Church will know more about him than simply a note relating to the origin of the English Bible. While it is almost impossible to obtain a full picture of his life, theology and influence, since many of the essential ingredients have long disappeared, it is possible to construct something near to the mark. The author has ploughed through political, philosophical, historical, and theological works to bring to life a character that is otherwise vaguely known. In some respects it was like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle, knowing that not all of the pieces are in the box. Nevertheless, by looking at external events of the latter end of the 14th Century, we can come very close to seeing the man that God so wonderfully used. For someone to be given the title รข??The Morning Star of the Reformation’ he must be seen to deserve it. Wycliffe does deserve it, not because he was perfect, for he certainly was not, but because he was England’s first reformer and champion of the Christian faith.

Vampire Serial Killers: True Life Cases of Clinical Vampirism aka Renfield’s Syndrome

by Sean Gray

“Vampire Serial Killers” is a collection of 15 grisly true accounts of Renfield’s Syndrome, AKA Clinical Vampirism.




The Genius of ALBERT EINSTEIN: An Albert Einstein biography

by Michael Woodford

The Genius of ALBERT EINSTEIN – An Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein is the most recognizable face of science.

The man who created the theory of relativity, alongside so many other breakthroughs in the world of physics, though, was so much more than just a scientist.

A philosopher, musician, humanitarian. A pacifist.

Einstein was never a man to back down in a fight, and never one to accept the words of authority if they were unjustified, or harmful to others.

The kindly, white haired old man, was a flawed genius. A man who possessed excellence in science, a deep love for humanity, struggled in his personal life.

This is the story of Albert Einstein, the greatest intellect of the twentieth century, perhaps of all time.

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