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This Brokken Road (Brokken Road Romances)

by Lynda Cox

Storms in life bring devastation but may also clear a Brokken Road.

Abigail Bailey and Deborah Brokken mourn the decimation of their town. Many sons of Brokken, Texas never returned from the Civil War. Those who did remain divided.

Abigail grieves for the loss of her husband and for those around her. Broken lives, broken hearts, and broken dreams haunt the citizens of the town. Deborah, especially, is affected. Her father founded Brokken, and her own brothers have destroyed his legacy.

Is it too late for the good folks of Brokken to unite before their hometown becomes another casualty of the War?

The Long Journey Home (The Brookfield Saga Book 2)

by Ed Londergan

The second book in the Brookfield saga, The Long Journey Home continues the story of Jack and Becky Parker as they strive to make a life for themselves on the frontier in early colonial Massachusetts. During a violent and turbulent era, they endure every hardship to see their family grow and prosper â?¦ and survive. In their unstoppable love, they will sacrifice everything to be together.

From the battles of King Philip’s War – the bloodiest ever fought in New England – to Jack’s capture and escape and his brutal trek home through the winter wilderness to the wife and son he loves beyond measure, to a determined march to Quebec to rescue twenty-one captives, taken during a savage Indian attack, to the hard-earned happiness of prosperity, follow them as they persevere to make their dreams come true and find the one place that is truly home.

The House of Solomon

by Ray Drayton

King Solomon was a reputed philosopher, master of Metaphysics and Alchemy. The third king of Israel amassed a fortune in gold and precious stones which in today’s value is estimated to amount to trillions of dollars.
King Solomon also had a reputation amongst his subjects for great wisdom and was known to be capable of controlling the supernatural. Amongst his possessions were said to be several hundred wives which included the Queen of Sheba and three hundred concubines.
Fact, fiction or legendary heresy???
Professor Magnus Penn, Oxford University Professor of Egyptology wants to find out the truth concerning King Solomon and the whereabouts of his vast fortune which to this day has never been discovered.
He not only desires to find out the truth about this legendary king – he wants to meet the great man.
Magnus returns to Egypt to connect with the one person who can help him. Together they utilize the wisdom of a Shaman who is a practitioner of Shamanism, an ancient rite which has been practiced for over 60,000 years. Magnus Penn travels a metaphysical timeline traversing countless realities warping both time and the human mind. He enters The House of Solomon during a journey of consciousness. The temple during the king’s reign existed long before the advent of Christ.
Magnus must not only survive a surreal journey of the human mind he also has to ensure his return to present day reality where he is confronted by another challenge – The Curse of The Pharaohs.
â??Cursed be those who disturbed the rest of the Pharaoh. They that shall break the seal of this tomb shall meet death by a disease that no doctor can diagnose.’

The Pawnbroker

by Stuart G. Yates

In the narrow, twisting streets of this decaying 19th century city, two murders shock the locals. With poverty rife, life for many is a battle to keep hunger away and merely survive from day to day.

Amid this danger and death, The Pawnbroker plies his trade. A man of evil temper, he craves the one thing that will bring him the fulfillment he covets.

In the present day, two teenage boys explore an abandoned Tudor-style house. As the eerie atmosphere fills the boys with a sense of dread, they realize that something sinister is in the air.

As the past reaches the present, the boys must uncover the mystery of the house… and face the ancient evil only known as The Pawnbroker.

EL CAPITÁN ARA�A: Novela corta galardonada con mención de honor (Spanish Edition)

by Abel Carvajal

Quizás una de las más encantadoras novelas de la literatura colombiana contemporánea: EL CAPITÁN ARA�A, galardonada con mención de honor por el jurado del IX Concurso Internacional de novela corta 2015, de Ediciones Mis Escritos, Argentina.

En ella, este conocido autor colombiano, narra con un gracioso y atrapante estilo la vida de un extraordinario capitán y su legendaria lancha que navegó el río Magdalena en la convulsionada Colombia de mediados del siglo XX… Ilustrada con fotos originales de la época y dibujos trazados por el mismo autor. Esta novela quizás marca un naciente y atrevido estilo narrativo que combina el realismo mágico con la novela histórica y humorística.

EL CAPITÁN ARA�A fue reseñada por el profesor, periodista y viajero colombiano Juan Gonzalo Betancur en su interesante sitio

Sobre la novela corta EL CAPITÁN ARAÃ?A el crítico de Amazon SJ Bromberg (Cincinnati, OH) escribió: “Me encanta! Una novela muy interesante!”

-ATENCI�N: Por la compra de la edición impresa (en sección libros Amazon) descargue sin costo adicional este eBook-

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