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Hostage 100 (Toilanders Omnibus Book 1)

by Allen D. Lyons

Clark is constantly looking over his shoulder. Thoughts and emotions about leaving a family behind plague his mind. His old partner is looking for him, and to make matters worse, someone else from his past has showed up. But why is this Lion back in his life? Better yet, why does Clark have a psychic connection with him? He tried to escape it all. Though now he has to go back to New Mexico for his answers.

There enlies The Department. As Agent Dark Cloak, they experimented on him, giving him powers which he calls “Skins.” They made him feel like a hostage, paying his own ransom. On this road trip for anwers, he rounds up a team of other misfits who are in similar situations. Though this close to The Department, he can’t let his guard down with any of them. Yet, sometimes you have to trust the most suspicious to get the answers you need. Because not only are those around Lion at risk………the whole planet may be!

Father of the Esurient Child

by Christopher D Schmitz

Detective Franklin Monroe isn’t easily disturbed by much and always finds the thread of logic in every case. He is certainly less prone to superstition than his partner, Hugo. When they follow up on a lead from an aging DCS case after an elderly caregiver dies, they don’t expect much based on her mental condition. Her final days were spent raving of demonic activity. But inside the home, every inch of her dilapidated house challenges Franklin’s unshakeable faith in the empiric. As they discover room after room filled with bodies, the detectives are compelled to investigate and discover answers for two questions. What happened to Kayla Adams? And what kind of hell was unleashed inside the old Woodson mansion?

Father of the Esurient Child was originally published in Fear & Trembling Mag (Feb 2008) and was revised/expanded into a novelette in 2016


by Chuck Dixon

He left the bar with a girl he didn’t know for the wildest night of his life.
A night that would never end.
Her gift to him was immortality. The gift came with a price:
A diet of human blood.
Forget capes, coffins, bats, wooden stakes and garlic. Follow a former real estate salesman on a journey that begins with his death and leads to an un-life of hunger, hunting and betrayal.
Chuck Dixon (author of the Kindle sensation zombie novel GOMERS) returns to horror to tell the story of a man who wakes up in a cheap motel room to find that his life is over and death is not the end.

“Chuck is a damn good writer who is really good at hooking you, giving you fun characters, and telling you one hell of an adventure story.” Larry Correia, Monster Hunters International, the Grimoir Chronicles

“Chuck Dixon’s prose is a perfect weld of muscular writing with razor edge wit and storytelling.”
Beau Smith, creator of Wynonna Earp

Left Hand Path: 13 More Tales of Black Magick

by Steve Stred

Do you remember the first time, you heard something go bump in the night?

Or when you first played with the Ouija board and it moved on its own?

What about the last time a movie or book scared you so badly, that you had to turn on all of your lights and make sure your feet were not hanging over the edge?

If any of this rings true, something probably caused you to find this book.

Within this book, the author of Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery, Invisible, Yuri and Wagon Buddy returns to ensure you will be looking behind you frequently while reading.

Left Hand Path: 13 More Tales of Black Magick collects all new tales filled with depravity and retribution.  Brimming with horror, thrills and creepy chills, the reader is sure to find the hairs standing up on the back of their necks and the occult themes causing them to question the true nature of the lights flickering.

When all is said and done, when you finally finish reading this batch of stories, you will have found that at some point, you locked the doors, checked under the bed, and made sure all of the closet doors are closed.

You have been warned.

Praise for Steve Stred’s work:

“Edge of the Woods is a dark little coming-of-age tale, bringing me right back to my childhood days on the playground.  Just the right amount of creepy, this one will leave you wanting more!”

  • Justin M. Woodward, Author of TAMER ANIMALS & Candy

“Time Out Noose is DAMN good!”

  • J.Z. Foster, Author of The Wicked Ones & Mind Wreck

One Life Is Not Enough

by Raymond Knight Read

When life goes really badly wrong, we all shake our fists at the heavens or simply cry out in desperation “Why me?”
Well, I did all that, and it didn’t help one iota.
My name is Hamilton, Greg Hamilton and I am a retired MI5 agent who was living quietly and peacefully on the island of Sardinia.
That is, until one day, I was persuaded by the local police chief in Porto Cervo, the fashionable millionaire’s resort on the island, to do a little job for him.
It was a simple security commission for a gala dinner to be given by a wealthy American business tycoon, Ryker Bergotti, on his luxury motor yacht moored in the marina. I initially said no.
But half a million dollars for just one night’s work !
It seemed too good to be true? It was.
The next morning, as I lay in my hospital bed nursing four bullet wounds, I realised, just as I had said earlier, sometimes life goes really wrong. What I didn’t know was that when I was discharged from hospital, things would actually get even worse.

The Subway Troll

by Tabitha Baumander

An evil created at the dawn of recorded time travels through the centuries to finish in a valley under a subway overpass in Toronto Canada.

The Haunted: Legends from The Wilderness (A Haunted History Series Book 2)

by L. Sydney Fisher

From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author comes a series that ghost hunters are sure to love!

This is VOLUME II in the #1 Bestselling Series, The Haunted.


The spirits of famous peopleâ?¦From the likes of frontier legend, Davy Crockett or Ruby Elzy, African American opera singer to Gladys Presley, mother of Rock-n-Roll’s legendary King, Elvis Presley, the Mississippi hills of The Wilderness have stories of grandeur to tell.

Battlegrounds and Bloodshedâ?¦It’s a place of new beginnings and heartbreaking endings. A place where battles and bloodshed have weaved a history destined to be retold. And beneath the graves of many left behind lies the bodies of restless spirits who still roam the streets, trapped by the memories of another time. A time in 1836 when The Wilderness was given a new name. 

Malevolent Spirits Unleashedâ?¦Explore the haunting tales of ghosts and paranormal phenomena in this second volume in the series. Experience the terror of The Devil’s Den, a site once investigated by Taps of Alabama and a place where even the skeptics cannot deny its malevolent force.

If you love history and ghosts, you’ll love the second book in this series. Like The Haunted America series by The History Press, L. Sydney Fisher’s The Haunted is a historical narrative that explores southern sites with a paranormal past. Let’s continue in The Wilderness.


A note from the author:  This haunted history series is a narrative based on actual research and personal testimonies. Months are spent interviewing witnesses, researching locations, and visiting haunted sites. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have enjoyed the research. After more than twenty-five years of studying the paranormal, I still find stories that leave me utterly aghast!

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