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The Ones Who Won: A Novel

by Nuria Amir

Meet ambitious, dynamic Tamar – a young star bucking the system.

This captivating true story, based on diary entries, takes place in the early days of the kibbutz. Tamar, an adolescent girl and the story’s heroine, draws the reader into a whirlwind of emotions, adventure, and constant wonder at the power of nature. She likes to challenge herself and almost every rule and framework of the society in which she lives. She is swept into a world of competitions and ambitious high achievement.

Plots and sub-plots intertwine as Tamar courageously navigates her path.

How will the equality-based kibbutz society, built largely by Tamar’s parents, react to the young Israeli champion? She forms a courageous friendship and a treacherous love. A weapon appears in the story’s beginning and is fired at its conclusion, bringing about a surprising and tragic ending. The motif of endless confrontation between the individual and society and how society imposes its rules comes to light through Tamar’s unique reactions. Can she maintain her freedom?

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Oh, Let My Soul Cry Out

by A Latson

When it’s time to let your pen speak your hearts whispers.

The Birdwatchers (An MP-5 CIA Series Thriller Book 6)

by M.H. Sargent

When America’s Worst Terrorist Nightmare Becomes A Reality

“Matching up a terrorist with a shoulder-fired missile, that’s our worst nightmare,” stated Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California, in September, 2011.

A member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Boxer made the comment to ABC News after the network disclosed that “an estimated 20,000 man-portable surface-to-air missiles” were missing from Libyan Army weapon warehouses.

Fact: Thousands of surface-to-air missiles are still missing today.

Fact: According to the FAA, an estimated 5,000 airplanes are in the skies over the United States at any given moment.

Ë?Ë?Ë? A Gripping, Reality-Based Thriller That Will Keep You On The Edge

M.H. Sargent has combined these facts into a taut, new thriller. The story unfolds at breakneck speed as terrorists take down a commercial flight from Vancouver, B.C. to Phoenix four days before Christmas, killing all on board. While the public is told that the plane crash was due to mechanical error, an elite CIA team working covertly inside the United States knows the truth: it was a missile. And worse, the terrorists have more.

But where are they? And what planes are next on their list? Seemingly powerless to stop the Islamic fanatics, the CIA comes up with a daring plan to have two of their own people infiltrate the terror cell. But when the pair vanishes into thin air, so does any hope of stopping the madmen in their quest to take out more planes.

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Delegado Tobias 5: Os documentos do inquérito (Portuguese Edition)

by Ricardo Lísias

Quinta e última parte do folhetim online Delegado Tobias reúne a maior parte do material que circulou no Facebook como forma de extensão da criação literária da trama.

O fato de essa documentação se tornar um arquivo não quer dizer evidentemente que não possa, em outra hora, virar outra vez uma obra viva.

Escritores, críticos literários e jornalistas aparecem como personagens nessa narrativa cheia de humor e mistério, que coloca em questão o próprio entendimento da criação literária neste início de século XXI.

Delegado Tobias 4: Caso Lísias é realidade (Portuguese Edition)

by Ricardo Lísias

Quarta parte do folhetim online “Delegado Tobias”.

Justiça coloca um ponto final no mistério e decide: “Caso Lísias é realidade”.

Delegado Tobias comemora: “autoficção!”. Ricardo Lísias é considerado foragido.

Escritores, críticos literários e jornalistas aparecem como personagens nessa narrativa cheia de humor e mistério, que coloca em questão o próprio entendimento da criação literária neste início de século XXI.

��वन रस: �विता स��्रह


“à¤?à¥?वन रस “
यह ए� �विता स��्रह ह� । यह पुस्त� २० �विता� �ा स��्रह ह� । हरए� �विता �पन� �प म�� �ल� ह� ,हर ए� �विता �� ए� �ल� पह�ान ह� । हर �विता �पन� -�प म�� ए� नया सम्बाद �हता ह� । हर ए� व्य�्ति �� ��वन स� �ु�� �हान� दु�� ,दर्द एहसास �� यह �विता स��्रह प्रत��ात्म� र�प स� बढ़िया तर��� स� दर्शाता ह� । �ह� ��वन �� �दास पल �� �ित्रित �रता ह� त� �ह� व�रता स� �न्याय �� �िलाफ ल�न� �� लिए �म�त्रित �रता ह�, ��� �ा एलान �रता ह�, त� �ह� ��वन �� सुन्दर पल �� दर्शाता ह� ।

यह पुस्त� �वि �ा समर्पण ह� , �स �र�ब �� लिए �� र��� �� �िल्लात� ह�� , दिन भर ��� म�हनत �� बाब��द भ� द� ��न �� र��� ��न स� नह�� �ा पात� ह�। यह पुस्त� �� �� सामा�ि� �त्प�रण �� �िलाफ ए� पु�ार ह� ।

The Other Half of Me (Soul Brothers Book 3)

by D.M. Mortier

His First, Unexpected Love

Seth Harjo is the star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and he loves women! Black, white, Hispanic, and Asian. Are all given equal access to the star quarterback’s bed. No matter their size, shape or color, he enjoys them all indiscriminately. At least that’s what he used to say before his heart is irrevocably crushed by Jasmine Blackman. He meets her while playing touch football with her brothers and accidently tackles her to the ground. The instant his eyes collides with hers, it is love at first sight.

Ë?Ë?Ë? He Would Do Anything To Be With Her, But Sometimes That Isn’t Enough

She has four massive brothers who adamantly oppose his amorous pursuit. But nothing except death could keep him away from her. For months he is the happiest man in the world. He finally has the woman of his dreams, someone who loves him as much as he loves her. But sometimes love isn’t enough. When she walks away, his life is a black void without her. Why is she back demanding closure? How can he possibly trust her again?

Ë?Ë?Ë? She Knew Better Than To Get Involved With A Professional Athlete

Jasmine Blackman knows better than to fall in love with a professional athlete. Growing up with four brothers in the profession, she knows their player ways. She has no excuse for falling for bad boy Seth Harjo, star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. But the heart wants what it wants, and nothing he does dissuades her. The instant he flashes those golden boy dimples, she is lost. Ignoring the objections of her brothers and her own common sense, she mistakenly believes they have a future together. Confronted by his betrayal, she has no choice but to leave while she still has some pride left.

Ë?Ë?Ë? How do you move on when the love of your life still commands so much of your heart?

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