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Shadow People: Stories in Verse and Prose

by Toretha Wright

Years ago, growing up in small towns allowed children the chance to roam the neighborhood streets free and alone without fear. In her book of poetry and prose, Toretha Wright remembers some of the neighborhood characters she encountered in her young years as she wandered the streets and avenues circumferencing her Union Street home. She writes about the people throughout her life’s journey, delicately weaving stories of life, love, and laughter in her latest book.”â?¦as I grew older and learned their stories, I was fascinated by their trials. Some of them brilliantly talented yet lacked the opportunity to shine. I also remember the lessons I learned from them – the virtuous, the unscrupulous, and the simple ones that just made me smile.” Shadow People captures the spirit of southern living through the voices of empathy and joy. Each poem, each story, each phrase is written with compassion and love. Some will make you cry, and some will make you laugh. We hope you enjoy this wonderful heartfelt book dedicated to the neighborhood.There are people like us, you know -People who live in the shadowsWho do not shineThe ignoredThe unlovedThey see us as not important,Yet to be usedSimply because we are – hereIn the shadowsâ?¦

Whispers in the Night

by Richard Kinsella

â??Whispers in the Night’ reflect, in part, experiences from my journey through life and the need to have certain aspects of those experiences recorded. Hopefully, you will find the content written plainly and without ambiguous or enigmatic text.
If only one poem in this book touches a tender precious memory, or gives a modicum of pleasure, then my work will not have been in vain.

The Dark Side of Me

by Althea Jackson

This is a book of poems that my husband and I wrote.

Mirror Mirror

by Madelein De Beer

a Book of poems written with love. Love for life and spirituality. Poems that addresses everyday questions. Some are funny, some are sad. Poems that addresses emotions all of us deal with. Hopefully readers will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The Book of Savior Beloved: Parte One

by Forester De Santos

The grandiose title truly says all, but The Book of Savior Beloved Part One really is a book about the true meaning of the true salvation of God the living Creator. And the true salvation of God the living Creator has to do everything with life alive and life alive or the true salvation of God the living Creator has to do with true gladness and true joy. The true salvation of God has nothing to do with blood sacrifice or with death, because he who comes to die thus he has also lost real life or true salvation. True salvation has everything to do with requesting real life or with requesting true salvation to continue with real life. Tags: Savior, salvation, request, grant, savior beloved of God, son of God, God, beloved of God, joy, life renewed, acknowledgement, gladness, Issachar, chosen.

1987: poetry book

by Sebastian Jones

1987 is a book of poetry. It captures the essence of growing up in the urban community. The stories paint pictures of inner youth. 1987 is a “diary” feel poetry book, from the point of view of a 16 year old black male. it’s “Intimate” and fun to read.

Ð?сковские забавÑ? (Russian Edition)

by Ризванова Ð?Ñ?ада

ЮмоÑ?исÑ?иÑ?еское сÑ?иÑ?оÑ?воÑ?ное повесÑ?вование о пÑ?Ñ?еÑ?есÑ?вии гÑ?Ñ?ппÑ? соÑ?Ñ?Ñ?дников Ð?Ð?Ð? «211 Ð?Ð?Ð?Ð?» в великий гоÑ?од Ð?сков и Ð?сково-Ð?еÑ?еÑ?ский Ð?онасÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?.


by Stephon Seawright

Stephon Seawright’s debut collection of poetry doubles as a diary, presenting significant emotions and events in Seawright’s life as “pieces” of his identity. Covering subjects like love, life, and lessons learned, Seawright illustrates experiences that are unique to his life, yet profoundly relatable.

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