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Sarahâ??s Heart: Clean Amish Contemporary Romance

by Miranda Stewart

Sarah King is surrounded by loving family and friends in the Duggins Creek Amish community when she loses her husband, Eli, leaving her with two young girls to raise on her own. Even at their young age, Becky, 7 and Holly, 12, understand what has happened. They also remember what life was like with the strict Eli King, a man who did not give a lot of respect to his wife and daughters. At a meeting of three districts, Sarah meets Luke Fisher, who comes from the Sully-Mills community, and they immediately hit it off. Sarah’s friends and family question whether or not she is ready to be courted by another man only six months after the loss of her husband.

This short love story surrounds the instant bond that only two kindred spirits can share and explores how they work through their instant attraction and maintain their Amish values.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Thunder Point

by Michelle Scott

Ethan thought he’d laid his ghosts to rest. Then David called and everything changed.

The little girl in the bloody sweatshirt haunts Ethan everywhere he goes, but only he can see her. Plagued with nightmare visions and a guilty conscious, Ethan hides away in a dead-end job, a rundown apartment, and a hopeless life.

Then David calls.

David, Ethan’s former boyfriend and one true love, begs Ethan for a favor. Ethan’s sister Tessa has been seeing ghosts, and her visions are driving her mad. David is convinced that only Ethan and his special gift can help her.

Casting his heartache aside, Ethan agrees to visit the decrepit Thunder Point manor which lies on the forlorn shores of Lake Superior. What he finds there, however, makes his own nightmares pale in comparison.

My Father! My Father!

by Sam Soleyn

In the Kingdom of God, each person’s destiny is the playing out of that person’s unique identity as a son of God, regardless of gender, race, or background. To embrace one’s identity as a son, one must change his prevailing culture.
In this season, God is building His House in the earth, with the relationship of fathers and sons as its foundation. Effecting cultural changes requires a trans-generational effort, in which a change in the culture is but one of the first steps of a long journey to reestablish, fully, the House of God. This journey is meant to reposition man in the relationship with God as Father, as God intended from the beginning. The purpose of repositioning humankind as sons and heirs to God is to establish the family of God on the earth and to display the love of God, through his sons, to all of creation. Whereas the destiny of each son of God is vitally important, the entire purpose of God can only, ultimately, be accomplished through the corporate formâ??the House of God.

Finding Your Christian Partner

by Christopher Roberts

This book has been written for both men and women, who are seeking God for a Christian partner – it is also written for people wondering what to do when a relationship, for one reason or another, comes to an end.

Entering into a relationship is not about leaving everything to God and hoping that your partner will fall out of heaven in a plastic bag. On the contrary, finding the right partner should be a very practical experience indeed – in fact, it’s about working with God in your search for your ideal life-partner.

It says in James 2:14 NIV, â??What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?’

In other words, finding a Christian partner is about entering into a relationship with both eyes open – it’s about preparing yourself for a partnership with someone that will most likely last a lifetime.

It is my prayer that this book will bring to your attention the things you need to know about when seeking out the right partner, or finding a new partner when a previous relationship comes to and – that God will guide you in all your endeavors.

A True Twin Soul Story

by Anonymous

This is the short but beautiful true story about the coming together of two twin souls, a connection that changed and impacted their lives forever. It has been written for those who are searching for answers, for those on the path who are in need of a little guidance and reassurance. Hopefully it can help those who may be lost in the stormy seas like a lighthouse warning ships away from the rocks ahead. It truly is a magical journey and the more knowledge you are armed with the easier and more beneficial that journey will be. This is your own personal and unique path so embrace all that you encounter and remember it’s all about the ride.

Heart and Home (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One Book 4)

by P. Creeden

Jacob is bad luck, and Caroline is stuck in the past. Can both of them get past their difficulties to find family together at Thanksgiving?

When Caroline moved from her hometown in Pennsylvania to the Montana Territory, she had two things that convinced her to moveâ??her husband, and the children who needed her as a teacher in the small mining town. But when her husband died in an accident, only the children have kept her in Helena for the past few years. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Caroline misses having her family and friends to connect to, but she still has the children who need her. And then when the mayor hires an out-of-work miner to repair the schoolhouse, Caroline wonders if she can help fulfill the needs of others in the spirit of the season.


– Book 1: GONE TO TEXAS By Caryl McAdoo

– Book 2: GATEWAY TO THE WEST By Susette Williams

– Book 3: TRAIL TO CLEAR CREEK By Kit Morgan

– Book 4: HEART AND HOME By P. Creeden

– Book 5: NO TURNING BACK By Lynette Sowell

– Book 6: DAUGHTER OF DEFIANCE By Heather Blanton


– Book 8: UNMISTAKABLY YOURS By Kristin Holt

– Book 9: ESTHER’S TEMPTATION By Lena Nelson

Psalm 119

by Gary J. Hall

Psalm 119 is actually a collection of 22 stanzas containing 8 lines each. Each stanza begins with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet, thus the psalm is alphabetical in its composition. As an example, verses 1 to 8, is the â??aleph’ stanza, â??aleph’ being the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet:

[1] Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the LORD.
[2] Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart. [3] They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways.
[4] Thou hast commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently.
[5] O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes!
[6] Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all thy commandments.
[7] I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments.
[8] I will keep thy statutes: O forsake me not utterly.

In Hebrew, each line begins with the letter of that stanza also; so it’s like saying that each line begins with the letter “A”. The next stanza is the â??beth’ stanza, which the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and each of its eight lines begins in with that letter, and so this rule continues throughout the psalm. This may have been a technique used by teachers in that day to teach students how to remember this psalm.

Hope for the Hollow – A 30-day Devotional Guide for Women Suffering from Eating Disorders

by Jena Morrow

Hungry for Hope?

Approximately eleven million Americans suffer from anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating. Among those not counted in that statistic are those who fall outside of the diagnostic criteria but struggle daily with a poor body image, a fear of gaining weight, and a sense of being out of control. Not merely worldly vanity, these struggles are very much an issue among women in the church, who love and serve the Creator, while struggling to appreciate and care for their bodies as His creation.

Hope for the Hollow is a practical, relevant devotional/ journal guide to gently encourage and inspire women to dare to replace lies with the glorious, revealing truth regarding their bodies. Each of the thirty devotionals includes an applicable passage of Scripture dealing with underlying themes of eating disorders such as guilt, shame, control, fear, and pride. Drawing upon her own experiences as a believer recovering from anorexia, Jena candidly shares her heart and relays the lessons she has learned along the way.

This is a war that is fought and won with both God’s word and loving, heart-penetrating encouragement, both of which speak from the pages of Hope for the Hollow.

A Message To Ministers, Rabbis, and Priests: You Can Help America!

by Reverend Mike Wanner

Ministry of all kinds can be harder work than it needs to be when a leader is not aware of all the struggles of the followers. Asking for congregation members to self-identify and individually seek support for their needs may not always be fruitful.

Invitations to discussions allow an opportunity for the flock to understand the components of a topic while being unidentified. It can help them to take in the perspectives of others that can help the listener see and understand the bigger picture of an issue.

Engaging with others can remedy any feelings of uniqueness and isolation and pave the way for support. Then, Discernment can be a pivotal option.

Submission is NOT a Four – letter Word: Living strong by God’s design

by Sheila Llewellyn

Submission by the world’s definition is not how God wants you to live. He wants you to know His Word and how to be strong living His Word.

The True Meaning of Israel

by Pastor Paul Gould

The True Meaning of Israel

Prayer Journal: Guide to Prayer, Reflection, Gratitude and Praise

by Kristina Ducklow

This book wants to make you happy. Get ready to smile!

Does your prayer life need a makeover? Come on, take my hand and let me help!

If you are anything like me, I find the demands of life distract me from creating a consistent, satisfying, and fruitful prayer life. It’s super easy to get caught up in work, children, chores, bills, friendships, the list goes on and onâ?¦ At the end of the day, I am embarrassed and disappointment with myself for not taking the time to put Christ first. Surely I could have made time for the God of all the universe! The guilt, condemnation and shame creep in and I’m left feeling even further disconnected.

If, by chance, I do finally make the time for prayer, I often feel lost, aimless and overwhelmed with how to enter into His presence. I feel inadequate when I don’t follow through every day and panic when weekly gaps appear in my journaling. Despite my inconsistencies, I recognize the value of spending time alone with God. But how? And why do I seem to be more interested in browsing the Internet or watching Netflix than spending intimate time with Him? Can you relate?

This cycle of guilt, condemnation, aimlessness and uncertainty is what inspired me to create this 3 month easy-to-use prayer journal. I figured other women were having a hard time too; and if I was honest and vulnerable enough, I could help ease the pressure and show them a different way. Let me take you by the hand and help lead you closer to His heart.

My prayer journal was prayerfully and intentionally designed to guide you through a process and into a vibrant connection with Jesus. Each day provides enough structure to get you started and enough space to give you the freedom to express what’s on your mind. The daily prayer suggestions, questions and prompts are purposefully intended to usher you into God’s presence and stimulate your joy and happiness.

Going beyond prayer, I have deliberately added specific questions to arouse gratitude and inspire service. In order to ensure the Word of God is written upon your heart, hand drawn weekly coloring pages encourage creativity and facilitate meditation. Furthermore, you will be challenged weekly to take action steps in serving and loving a hurting world. As we draw closer to Jesus, we will naturally want to overflow into the lives of others.

This journal is an expression of me – from my heart to yours. I’ve added several personal touches from sharing my testimony to drawing the graphics by hand. I have chosen to be bravely vulnerable so that you too can share in the journey of setting your mind on things above.

There is nothing like being in the presence of God! Let my journal light a lamp for your feet and show you the way. Your life will be dramatically transformed as you are filled with His peace, joy and grace!

Benefits and Features:

  • Daily structured questions to guide you through prayer
  • 2 weeks of prayer pages to try before buying the paperback
  • Complete instruction on how to use the journal
  • An honest, vulnerable, real, authentic, and genuine introduction
  • Blank space for dates so you never fall behind
  • Beautiful hand drawn coloring pages with Biblical verses to meditate on
  • Free space for thoughts, reflections or sermon notes
  • Questions to provoke joy, happiness, gratitude, and service
  • Daily prayer suggestions
  • A list of Bible verses on prayer

    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 15:13

    10% of sales will be tithed to my local church and world missions. Thanks!

    Note: This digital version is designed to use a separate journal to record your thoughts, prayers and responses. I have pared down the book in order to reduce the price, delivery costs and downloading time. The paperback version is available on Amazon.

    Relax Be Free Enjoy God: Live The Abundant Life In Fullness and Freedom

    by M. Allen Thompson

    It’s time to live in the freedom and fullness Christ died to give you!

    In Relax Be Free Enjoy God, M. Allen Thompson will empower you and equip you to live in the abundance and freedom of sonship. Aren’t you tired of feeling that your Christian experience is one of striving, struggling, and failing? Relax Be Free Enjoy God will launch you into the depths of intimacy with God and free you from all striving and struggling! This book was designed to lead you chapter to chapter into deeper and deeper encounters with God, while equiping you to walk in true freedom and wholness.

    Illumin8 – Straight Talk for Teens

    by Rob Cook

    Today’s teens move at a fast pace. Their music is extreme, entertainment edgy. They embrace tomorrow, and reject last year’s fads. They RESON8 with the real world around them. But can they cope with what’s to come?

    Readers of REGENER8 asked hard questions about life, lust, drugs, and drinking. Packed with life-changing truth, no preservatives, no sugar coating, just 100% of your daily allowance of in-your-face Gospel truth, ILLUMIN8 answers those questions with a message that challenges today’s youth.

    ILLUMIN8 shows how to build spiritual muscle through effective Bible study and prayer. As readers turn from their old life they will learn to develop habits that will carry them on a life long journey of following Christ.

    ILLUMIN8 rips down the curtain, throws open the window, and sheds light in the dark places where we hide. Don’t wander in the dark. ILLUMIN8!

    Law of Attraction: How to Manifest Anything You Desire with the Law of Attraction, Manifest Real Results and Positive Power in Your Life

    by Alex King

    Discover EXACTLY how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest real results and positive power in your life! This book contains the biggest secret kept by entrepreneurs and celebrities!

    – Why negative thoughts mean negative results in your life.
    – The undeniable proof of the Law of Attraction.
    – How to attract eternal youth.
    – How to apply attraction for a major boost in your love life.

    Negative Thoughts, Positive Thoughts
    Gratitude Gives Back!
    The Science Behind the Magic Method of Attraction
    Affirming a Positive Mindset
    Applying Attraction in Just Three Steps
    The Frequency Formula
    Attracting Your Ideal Body
    Attracting Eternal Youth: How Old Do You Feel?
    From Self-Love to Your Soul Mate
    Your Dreams and Goals Are Waiting
    Intuitive Decision Making
    BONUS CHAPTER: The Five-Minute Money Magnet Trick

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    by J.I.D.

    In the pages of this Self-responsibility Guidebook you will be introduced to a philosophy of COMPLETE WELLNESS that covers every aspect of your being. This philosophy is not hard to understand or apply, it is based entirely on NATURAL LAW and provides an in-depth knowledge of YOU, as a physical, mental, and emotional being.

    This Guidebook is specifically designed to help guide you to an optimal level of well-being, it is then your job to maintain it utilizing what you have learned and applied throughout the process. The path to good health starts with YOU, and there is no better time than now to start making the right choices today that will have a positive effect on your health and happiness in the future!

    Throughout this Guidebook you will…
    -Learn about the power of self-responsibility and how to take more control of your words and actionsâ?¦
    -Learn how to perform 6 different forms of Mind-body exercise…
    -Learn about specific powers of your mind that can be used to help shape your destiny…
    -Learn how to better manage your emotions by building emotional awareness and intelligence…
    -Learn about Mental Transmutation and how to shift your thoughts from negative to positive…
    -Learn how to perform Mindful Walking / Jogging.
    -Learn how to maintain complete self-awareness while performing any form of fitness! (Meditational Fitness)
    -Learn wellness tips that will help you find balance, relaxation, and self-motivation…
    -Learn how to create personal and professional goals, aims, and objectives…
    -Learn how to manage and structure your diet…
    -Learn how to find harmful and dangerous excesses and deficiencies in your diet before they cause disease…
    and more…

    Each one of us is an amazing being with tremendous potential and capabilities. Everything we need to manage our health, shape our own destiny, and attain an optimal level of well-being is already within our grasp. It all depends upon your individual level of will-power which includes: the want to know, the need to understand, and the discipline to apply!

    Astral Projection: The Complete Guide for Beginners on Astral Projection, and How to Travel the Astral Plane (The Expanding Mind Book 3)

    by Tabitha Zalot


    The BEST Book on Astral Projection

    A complete and AMAZING GUIDE for beginners on Astral Projection and how to easily travel the astral Plane.

    Buy this book now before the price goes up.

    Have you ever dreamt about leaving your body and having an OBE, Out-of-Body-Experience, a.k.a. Astral Projection? Or do you sometimes think about the afterlife or incarnation? (They are both actually connected with Astral Projection!) Or perhaps you are just up for an exciting journey?

    Inside this book you will learn how you too can travel through the Astral World and perform an Astral Projection. When you read this book you will be guided, step-by-step, through the process of Astral Projection, and I will help you create the best possible circumstances for achieveing your goal of an Astral Travel today.

    In this book I will show you:

    â?? Top 10 most common and effective methods for Astral Projection

    â?? Top 10 greatest benefits for traveling in the Astral Planeâ?? How and why Astral Travel was used already from ancient times

    â?? If Astral Projection is a supernatural affair, transcendent liberation or an afterlife forecast!

    â?? What are the signs for Astral Projection and how it actually happens

    â?? How to best prepare physically and mentally for an Astral Voyage

    â?? And a lot more!

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    The Gospel of Truth: The Mystical Gospel

    by Mark Mattison

    As they began to organize their communities of faith, early followers of Jesus struggled to understand and preserve his legacy. They wrote various Gospels, and debated which ones should guide their lives and spiritual practices.

    Late in the second century, one bishop sharply criticized the poetic Gospel of Truth, which was subsequently lost to history. However, two fourth-century Egyptian translations were discovered in 1945. This sublime Gospel describes a loving and merciful God who calls us all to return through “the Way” and find joyful rest in paradise.

    Was this Gospel written by the eloquent teacher Valentinus? Were Valentinus and his followers really “heretics,” as some charged, or rather faithful mystics who were simply misunderstood? Explore these questions and more in the pages of this new, contemporary translation of the mystical Gospel of Truth.

    The Atonement

    by Gary J. Hall

    What is the atonement all about? Why is it so important to our Christian faith? What are the blessings of the atonement? These and other questions will be answered as we progress through our study.

    This book was originally a series taught at Living Word Bible Church as a part of our mid-week Bible Study. Those wanting to teach on the subject will find that the information will assist in the creation of a basic outline.

    This study on The Atonement is by no means exhaustive, but it does provide the student of God’s Word the means to come to a clearer and deeper understanding of what the doctrine is all about. It is suggested that you read this book with an open Bible, preferably the King James Version. There are many verses to look up, which will prove the points made in the study. The Atonement is eternal in nature – “Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot: Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you” (1 Peter 1:18-20) – therefore it is vital that we take the time to study, meditate and teach upon the subject.

    How To Get High and Free Your Mind: Part 1

    by Ben Hills

    Do any of us really know what’s going on?

    We live in extremely strange times.The world seems like it’s some kind of surreal movie playing out before us in a pantomime of calamity, of disagreements, division, unrest, and concern about the future. Brexit,Trump, Right vs Left. But is it really as bad as it looks? In â??How To Get High and Free Your Mind’ I explore my theory on consciousness through the eyes of a professional actor and creative artist, and offer insight on how I’ve cultivated self belief enough to achieve things I never thought possible. Discussing topics such as The Law of Attraction, Mindfulness,Yoga, Psychedelics, UFO’s and of course the popular plant
    that is taking the world by storm, Cannabis.

    Written in 4 parts, How to Get High and Free Your Mind is a revolutionary guide to living your best life through following your creative passions, and understanding just how deep the rabbit hole of the mystery of existence really is.

    This is the ultimate guide for the millennial seeking answers to the toughest questions, including who is God? What is consciousness? How do I get the most out of my life? Is this really all there is?

    Ben Hills is a BA Hons Professional Acting graduate and self taught singer songwriter from Dorset, UK. In 2018 he auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, securing 4 yes votes for his original spoken word pop folk song Without Question, written as a message for the world about the state of humanity. His subsequent axing from the show due to the controversial nature of his lyrics gained him publicity from OK! Online Magazine and The Metro.

    Can I trust you God?: Stop meddling, wait on God and receive His perfect blessing

    by Nancy Wanjiku

    We have a lot of teaching in church today about the blessings of God, but perhaps not enough teaching on the process we have to go through before we receive the blessing. Have you ever been tempted to ask as Gideon asked, Lord where are my blessings? Because of the hardships we encounter in this time between the promise and the blessing there is a danger of falling away from the faith.
    We especially need to be on our guard against falling into ‘works of the flesh’ (aka meddling) when the wait has been too long and we get desperate. We should avoid creating our own Ishmaels and patiently wait for the promise which is Isaac, God’s perfect blessing.
    This book highlights the principles of waiting on God and wrestling with our faith using bible personalities such as Abraham and Jacob, and also real life examples including the author’s own life. It encourages us to press through the valleys of life with the assurance that at the end we will receive God’s perfect blessing.

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