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101 Amazing Things to Do in Ireland: Ireland Travel Guide (Dublin Travel Guide, Cork Travel, Kerry Travel, Belfast Travel)

by 101 Amazing Things

Hey there! Congrats on finding the ultimate guide to Ireland!

This Ireland Guide is now available on all digital devices – So what are you waiting for?!

We think you’re hella lucky to be going to Ireland and this guide will let you in on all of the country’s travel secrets so you can have the best possible trip in places like Dublin, Kerry, Belfast, Cork, Galway, and more.

Why You Need 101 Amazing Things to Do in Ireland

This Ireland guide is here to give you the inside track on:

  • the most delicious things to eat and drink, whether that happens to be a pint of Guinness from the original brewery or a traditional Irish stew
  • the coolest festivals, from the smooth sounds of the Cork Jazz Festival to some incredible shows at the Dublin Fringe
  • jaw dropping historical and cultural sights you won’t want to miss like historic castles and world class art museums
  • outdoor adventures you won’t forget in a hurry, whether you fancy having a fishing experience on a local river or a spot of hiking in Connemara National Park
  • where to shop for authentic souvenirs so that you can remember your trip to Ireland forever
  • the best places to catch a show, some live music, and make local friends
  • and so much more awesomeness besides!

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The Culture Code:A Museum That Takes You Around The World 2: Around The World


The Culture Code:A Museum That Takes You Around The World

Every Young Artists and Traveler:A Museum That Takes You Around The World

1. Acropolis Museum, which houses the source of Western civilization
2. The sinister situation of female artists in the 19th century
3. For those who abstain from the future, walk into the museum
4. Guggenheim, the building itself has to be exhibits
5. The chaotic life of the artists at the beginning of the last century
6. When art becomes a shaking machine
7. Crossing history at MoMA
8. How dinosaurs have been violent, how to be germinated step by step
9. Animals frozen in time
10. Real local tyrants play this collection

Thailand â?? 31 Things you should know as a Backpacker on a Budget before you travel to Thailand the first time in Your Life: Backpacking Thailand for Beginners

by Backpacking Thailand

General Things you should know before travelling to Thailand!

Thailand is a truly magical place; a cultural wonderland seemingly built purely for backpackers. There’s plenty to see, friendly people to meet and some unique foods and cultural traditions to experience. But while Thailand is known as “the Land of Smiles” and generally perfectly safe for tourists, it’s always important to prepare yourself fully and be aware of the cultural traditions you’ll be immersing yourself in, the scams to look out for and etiquette expected of you. Here are 31 things you need to know before you plan your Backpacking Trip to Thailand:

Guide Recommendation:2018 Brand New-Beijing Travel Guide: Sharing Beijing’s food, Culture and Art: Travel Guide

by Qian Xi

Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, is one of China’s long-established cities and ancient capitals and a world famous historical and cultural city.
Beijing built a city more than 3,000 years ago, the ancient name of the è??, the Spring and Autumn and Warring States when the Yan Guodu, Liao Shi is the accompanying capital, called Yanjing, Jin Dynasty called Zhongdu. Since then, the dynasties have built capitals here. The Yuan Dynasty called it the capital, and the Ming Dynasty (1403) officially renamed the capital to Beijing. On October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was established. Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and is the center of China’s political, economic, scientific and cultural.
There are many places of interest in Beijing, including Tiananmen Square, the largest square in the world. There is the longest and oldest city wall in the world, the Great Wall, a grand palace, the Forbidden City, and the beautiful royal garden, the Summer Palace.
China’s largest royal temple, the Temple of Heaven, has a well-prepared emperor’s mausoleum – the Ming Tombs, and a long history, including Beijing Hutong and Siheyuan, which are rich in national cultural connotations.

Martinique Instamagic: Travel Guide Martinique – Discover the genuine Martinique Island

by Sylvie Regina


We are Sylvie and Satyam, two islanders from Martinique, in love with photography and travel. We receive a lot of travelers in our Airbnb, in Trois-Ilets. They ask us a lot for tips, addresses, and things to do and see in Martinique. We have put all of this, in Martinique Instamagic, this travel guide.

Martinique Instamagic is :

  • Visual : We get to the point, straight. Travels are made to live magic moments, in exotic places You will discover twenty of them. We have select them for their photogenic, authentic and experiential character. We showcase them to you with large photos and practical informations. Those spots have all been tested and approved by our hosts.
  • Complete : In our yellow book, you will find more than seventy addresses for eating, sleeping, and doing things. No bullshit, short descriptions, complete indications for not making mistakes.
  • Authentic : Out of the beaten path spots, curated by local people and approved by travelers. All the spots, are our habits, our favorites and those we already shared with our guests. Its because they like them, that we have curated them.
  • Social : As our guests, we want to create a deep and meaningful relation with you and the community of instamagicians. You can find all the instamagicians photos on instagram with our hashtags, talk with us by email, if you get stuck in the destination, or not finding a spot.
  • Fun and useful : Paper maps are toooo 1976. So, we have included a GPS map that you can download for free with your travel guide. You will use it on your phone, even offline, with no data plan needed on destination. You will have a HowTo inside the guide. You will get instant directions of the twenty spots + the seventy addresses, two taps away, on your mobile phone.

    Because there is nothing more annoying that finding a close door in a place recommended by a travel guide, we have created the Change Email Alert. Once you buy the book, you can signup to the list in our website, we will inform you of all past changes and you will receive notifications for new ones. This travel guide never self-destructs !

    We have also included a spotify playlist of local music, to feel the vibe of the destination, even in the plane.

  • There are some other surprises in this travel guide, as you will see very soon. We deeply want to engage with you, so don’t hesitate to drop us an email with suggestions, questions, advices as soon as you get your copy. We want to make this travel guide a long-lasting one for you, be with you before, during and after your trip and make you feel definitively as a guest and not just a reader.

    The Geisha: An Ennin Mystery #66

    by Ben Stevens

    A wealthy merchant is found murdered…

    Strangled to death, within a well-to-do geisha house…

    The assassin is assumed to be a ninja…

    But as usual, nothing is ever what it seems…


    (45 stories available at just $8.99.)

    Amazon Reviews for ENNIN

    ‘Highly enjoyable… Stories are tight, punchy and uncluttered… Bravo, Mr. Stevens!’ Damien Omen III

    ‘This Japanese detective is a fine addition to the burgeoning field of Asian historical detectives which began with Judge Dee (China) and runs through I.P. Parker’s Akitada…’

    ‘The greatest of Japan’s detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted servant and chronicler Kukai… Full of intrigue, action and excitement… Great escapism…’ M. Dowden (UK), HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER

    ‘The Ennin Mysteries are an absolute delight…’ sshap

    ‘Stevens keeps on delivering… This is a great series…’ Abby Normal

    ‘Love it! Simply amazed by how good these short stories are!’ Edwina Callan

    ‘Intriguing and good to read… Set out in a very eastern myth fashion… Recommend them to all and sundry….’ Chris

    ‘I confess to being addicted to them for the depiction of medieval Japan, the characters and the enjoyable stories. I treasure each Ennin mystery that I have…’ Postscripter

    ‘Five stars…’ Daphne Frampton

    ‘I especially like the sort of quiet and abiding love that exists between Ennin and Kukai, master and scribe. Also, there’s a kind of sweeping majesty in the description of Japan…’ Lisa

    ‘Another good short story by Ben Stevens. Keep getting them can’t seem to help myself. Try them yourself…’ Tigger

    ‘Atmospheric, intriguing and entertaining… A rare achievement…’ Kenny51

    ‘Entertaining read with Holmesian overtones… Interesting to read about imperial Japan…’ AC

    ‘Thank you Ben Stevens for writing the Ennin Mysteries… I love the characters… My only complaint? I have read all the Ennin Mysteries – I want more…’ Momma Dahama

    ‘Amazing… An inspiration…’ Valentine Williams

    ‘Well-written… I’ve enjoyed many Ennin mysteries… Satisfying as always…’ S. Pearson

    ‘A FUN READ!’ Cowboy-not Wyoming

    ‘I love the different stories Ben Stevens comes up with… There is always a twist, and the solutions are imaginative…’ Jay Gold

    ‘I like the writer, I like the mysteries…’ Amazon Customer

    ‘Really enjoyable…’ Menarue

    ‘This excellent rendition of mystery, suspense and intrigue! I’m surprised these adventures haven’t been made into movies or a TV series! They are that good!’ Arnold Mount

    ‘I was completely hooked by the Ennin series from the first story… Ben Stevens’s writing style is somewhat like a Japanese room arrangement…’ AcerAcer

    ‘Mystery from historic Japan… Like Holmes and Watson, but in an Asian setting…’ Nysa

    ‘How refreshing… Really delightful…’ Leyla

    ‘I can’t get enough of “The Ennin Mysteries”! Every story I read is so entertaining, I hate for it to end. I recommend this author to anyone who likes “whodunnit” stories!’ Ruth Casey May

    ‘These stories are always so amazing… Look forward to more…’ Eileen Sedgwick

    ‘A great read…’ Carter

    ‘Ennin does it again… Well written, evocative of the era, and suitably mysterious…’ KD

    Cover image: Kambara no zu Series: Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō / Public Domain

    Costa Blanca: Albir (100 images) (1)


    Oasis of peace in the crystal clear waters of the Albir Beach and in the Serra Gelada Natural Park that contemplates them with its lighthouse, presiding over such a beautiful environment.
    Album of 100 pictures.
    [L’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain]
    © JMP

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