Free war Kindle books for 11 Oct 18

The Untimely Death of Lynette Dubois

by Pete Harrison

The First World War hung like an evil black cloud over Europe, there is carnage in the trenches and the death of innocence amongst a generation. Lynette Dubois, a young French girl is found dead in a peaceful clearing near a stream in northern France. Were Royal Flying Corps pilots stationed nearby involved in her death and would anybody care?

TALIBAN TROUBLE: (Short story)

by Alan Davies

SAS man Brian Bradshaw and his two buddies fight the Taliban.

Bound To Escape: The Houdini Files

by R D Luthor

Their mission was to ‘Set Europe Ablaze…”
It is 1941 and the world is at war. With his call to arms, Winston Churchill forms the Special Operations Executive. Their aim: to operate behind enemy lines and organise the Resistance against the German war machine.
Yet lives begin to be lost as the Nazi grip on Occupied France tightens. SOE agents are betrayed, tortured and killed. Collaborators disappear. An experimental RAF plane crashes in Northern France, her crew lost and valuable secrets now in German hands. The outlook is bleak for the Allies.
With time running out, SOE turns to one man whose life once consisted of danger, escapes, subterfuge and deception. A man the world thought had died long ago.
The Handcuff King. Harry Houdini.
A thrilling mixture of fact and fiction, magic and mystery as some of World War II’s greatest secrets are revealed for the first time in the Houdini Files.

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