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Fishtown Blood Bath: Lampreyhead Book One

by Tim Burke

Being an immortal blood-sucking ghoul has its perks. After five hundred years, Ned’s business as a gigolo in Philadelphia is booming: his clients get three-day orgasms and he gets enough food and cash to keep him safe and solvent. And since he transforms into a seven-foot lampreyâ??he’s still in the dark as to why that little inconvenience keeps happeningâ??he’s learned to keep a tub of water handy. He’s smart like that.

In fact, his utter lack of knowledge of his past and what his true nature is drives Ned to search out the most despicable undead horrors of the world’s criminal paranormal underbelly. Armed only with the knowledge that he and his vicious family of bloodsuckers were created by a supremely evil creature in Austria, Ned comes to meet the corrupt necromancer Visconti and his ridiculous werewolf patient Raimond.

In this Clive Barker meets Stephen King style black comedy mash-up, Ned must defeat the stooge-like lethal villain, learn the true nature of the magic that fuels his undead life, save humanity from a cataclysmic convergence of a comet and arcane spells andâ??some howâ??get the girl. Will the undead gigolo reject triumph, or will he just suck?

The Christian’s Guide to True Financial Freedom

by Jane A Lucio

This is a guide to living in God’s financial kingdom. This book is not about managing your money. It’s about freedom and prosperity without seeking to earn, save or invest another dollar. It’s about learning to live in the Kingdom instead of being stuck in the world. Based on the New Testament scripture – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 – Jane will teach you practical steps to:
-Overcoming worry
-Taking your thoughts captive
-How the Kingdom operates
-Know if you are serving God or money?
-Tithing & Giving
This is a must read for all those who desire to “…Walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

A Dozen Reasons: Romantic Military Suspense (D.E.V.I.N. Book 4)

by Katina Gavin

A secret assignment brought them together. Will a shared heartache make them a family?

Dominic is ready to put down roots. After years of dispatching explosives, the Navy SEAL takes on a top-secret assignment to watch over Devin, a genetically modified man with a dangerous intellect. As he settles into Devin’s secluded ranch, he realizes the Old West-style town is the perfect place to raise a big family. And Dominic already knows who he’d like to be the motherâ?¦

When Olivia left her home of Ireland for the American West, she took comfort in the children she nannied. Now the children are gone and she longs for another kind of companionship. A local rugged veteran could be the one to provide itâ?¦

As Dominic and Olivia try to get on the same page about their dream of a big family, life takes an unexpected turn. Can their love survive a tragic twist and the opportunity of a lifetime?

A Dozen Reasons is the fourth book in the D.E.V.I.N. series of military romantic suspense novels. If you like explosive chemistry, complex characters who want more than just passion, and the power of family ties, then you’ll love Katina Gavin’s captivating series.

Buy A Dozen Reasons to join the family today!

Falling Over You

by Isadora Brown

True love is complicated

She wasn’t supposed to see him, hear him, or feel him because he was dead – a ghost. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him because she was engaged.

Lara Darling is not a fan of New York. She only moved out to the big city because her fiance works on Wall Street and she’s a romantic at heart. Plus, with dreams of working for a big-time book publisher as an editor, she wants to take advantage of her new residence.

It all goes awry when she sees a ghost during a job interview.

Well, she doesn’t know he’s a ghost at the time.

Mike Langdon looks, sounds, and feels like a typical thirty-something male. He’s cute, too. Really cute.

It doesn’t help that Lara finds out that she and her fiance are living in Mike’s house and that Mike can pop up whenever he wants. It also doesn’t help that Lara is the ONLY person who knows Mike still exists. And worst of all, Mike’s mere presence is making Lara question everything – her sanity, her decisions, her feelings…

With these new doubts, Lara must decide if getting married is what she truly wants and if loving a dead man is even possible.

Nimissuts: Thunderspirit of the Iroquois

by A. A. G. Whitehead

Two brothers are sired by one nobleman and two mothers – a deadly rivalry is born.

Edmund, son of William Fitzhugh, Lord of Teesdale, is born at Castle Teesdale early one grey morning.

He is two months younger than the old lord’s bastard son Nathaniel, born to the young daughter of one of his tenant farmers.

But Nate is the gifted one, outshining his brother in every way. And Edmund is tainted with an evil streak that will see him plot the death of his own father. And orchestrate a distressing end to Nate’s mother in gaol.

For Edmund there is only hatred. For Nate there is only revenge.

And so begins a battle between the two that not even an ocean can separate.

But as Nate tries to start his life again in the New World, with the native peoples and colonists alike, he finds he possesses powers even he did not dream of.

The Iriqouis see him as one pre-figured in myths – a Thunder Being – to deliver them from blood-thirsty rival tribes. The European traders see him as a natural leader and pioneer.

But Edmund is everywhere his shadow, spreading his evil. Can Nate escape the fate that his new native friends believe awaits him? What new evil can Edmund devise that will unleash Nate’s new-found powers in devastating fashion? Will Nate finally secure the revenge that is haunting his every moment?

Mixing historical fact with tribal folklore, AAG Whitehead’s Nimisutts is an intriguing romance and adventure with a clash of cultures as its backdrop. If you enjoyed films like The New World and The Mission, this is a book for you.

About the Author:

Andy Whitehead was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire and originally trained in engineering, then spent many years in the fire service. He has written several novels, largely on historical themes, including the Pals War series and Passchendaele Calling, all of which are set during Word War I.

Shadow Hills: Gripping Crime Thriller

by Ryan Kane

Author Ryan Kane brings his second gripping crime thriller “Shadow Hills” to the attention of all fast-paced crime fiction fans. This gripping, darkly compelling tense mystery thriller will leave readers turning the pages at pace desperate for answers

It was dark outside. So dark and so cold. And even more evil. It seemed that Lillian could feel the evil sinking right into her very bones. She crept through the darkened alleys. There was no one in sight and yet it felt like eyes were watching her from every direction��..

With endless nightmares about a dead child in addition to a marriage that is falling apart, Lillian Johnson is done with detective work. But, when a desperate man calls her husband, Phil, and asks them to solve two disturbing murders at the motel he owns, Lillian and Phil decide to take on one last case.

When they arrive at the small, ghost-like town called “Shadow Hills”, Lillian and Phil begin to wonder if they have taken on more than they can handle. From mysterious spectrums to noises that come from under the floorboards in her room, Lillian realizes that the Shadow Hills Motel may take away not only her sanity but also her life as she faces not only her worst fears but also the ghosts from her past.

With each mystery that they uncover, more danger seems to make itself known. Soon, it becomes a race against time as the two detectives realize that what they fear may be lurking within the motel itself and those they trust may not be what they seem.

Will they manage to get out of Shadow Hills alive? Or will Phil and Lillian become the victims of a town that seems to swallow up visitors and never let them go?

Bliss Dealer

by Nedelcho Dimitrov

There is nothing in life that you can take and not pay for it. You pay for every bite with your labor; for every step forward, you pay with your energy; and for every feeling, you pay with a piece of your soul. Somewhere in the world there is a dealer. Once you meet him, he will offer to sell you a little happiness and in return he will ask for your most intimate feelings and your deepest secrets. People say that some of his methods are painful, while others are captivated. That’s why you can easily hate him or fall in love with him. But one thing is certain, once you’ve met him, your heart will hope to see him again -The Bliss Dealer. Because who wouldn’t want perfect happiness and great joy in their lives!

Monster Love: A Second Chance Romance

by Jeana E. Mann

“â?¦that emotional realism, that authenticity, is what shines through every page of this five-star second-chance romance. Don’t miss this one!” â??Amazon reviewer

How far would you go for love?

Owen is sexy, dangerous, and filled with demons. One look into his turbulent eyes and I’m sucked back into my high school obsession. I want him, but I can’t risk my future over a convicted murderer. If I do, everything we’ve sacrificed will be for nothing.

The thing is, I know he’s not the monster they say he is. But telling the truth about our past will unravel our carefully fabricated web of deceit.

When a journalist, the sheriff, and my district attorney boyfriend begin digging into our history, I’ll have to choose between continuing the lie and living without Owen or unveiling the truth and risking the consequences.

If you like a dark and twisty romance with all the feels, you’ll devour Jeana E. Mann’s hot, complex standalone novel.

Buy Monster Love today and delve into the dark side of attraction.

Running from Love

by J. Nichole

“But does he bang your back out?” Well no, no he doesn’t. And that’s why he’s now the ex. Jennifer broke up with her ex who seemed to have it all. He was attractive, a hard-worker, and trustworthy. She thought he was everything she needed, till she realized the passion was missing.

Aiden was what she was missing. The way her body responded to his touch, his kisses, it was exactly what she wanted. It helped that he was attractive, a hard-worker, and trustworthy too. Or so she thought.

Aiden is willing to give Jennifer whatever she wants, and everything she needs. Except, he has one secret he’s keeping to himself.

Does Aiden’s secret betray Jennifer’s trust? Or protect his heart?

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Almost Never

by Amy Lamont

An emotion-packed standalone college romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Lamont…she wants to keep hating him, but his relentless drive to protect her might leave her with no option but to fall in love…

Son of an aging rock star, Declan Cooper is considered royalty on the Warren College campus. When he meets petite freshman Harper Warden, he dismisses her as just another groupie. He realizes his mistake pretty quickly, but despite his near-obsession with the premed student, he keeps his distance. The last thing she needs is the notoriety that comes along with being connected to his infamous family.

Getting blown off by the sexy and popular King of Campus is the kiss of death for the new life Harper hoped to make for herself at college. Her only goal now is to get into medical school so she can leave her past, and Declan Cooper, far behind. But when the plans Harper made are threatened, Declan might be the only person who can help. All she has to do is trust him with a few small thingsâ??like her heart and her future.

CLEAN KILL (A Trask Brothers Murder Mystery)

by C.E. Nelson

Spring is in the air in Minnesota and someone has decided it’s time to do some serious spring cleaning. Bodies are turning up in Minneapolis and on the north shore of Lake Superior with a similar characteristic, they are very clean. Now it’s up to Special Agent Don Trask of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and his twin brother Dave, sheriff of Lake County, to figure out if they have a serial killer on their hands – and how to stop him before he kills again.

God Doesnâ??t Make Mistakes: Confessions of a Transgender Christian

by Laurie Suzanne Scott

What do you do if you are an evangelical Christian, politically conservative AND transgender?

Evangelical Christians are often attacked by the Left. People who are transgender are often attacked by the Right. It’s human nature to align with those who share our world view, and dismiss those who don’t.

There is a struggle going on in our culture that produces more victims than championsâ??we all seem to agree on that. The growing divide between the political, ideological Left vs Right and Religious vs Secularist is so sharp that even attempting to bridge the gap is a perilous endeavor.

But what happens to the people who are scorned by both sides? Shut out by the Left for their conservative views. Rejected by Christians for being transgender.

Meet Laurie Suzanne Scott. She is, indeed, both an evangelical Christian and transgender. Raised in a devoutly Christian home, she endured the unbelievably difficult and complicated odyssey of finding her identity as a woman â?¦without losing her identity in Christ. A journey she barely survived.

In “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes: Confessions of a Transgender Christian” Laurie tells her story of growing up playing a role as unnatural to her as the body she was born with. She was a living, breathing dichotomyâ?¦ and there was no one who could understand. She had no choice but to keep up the pretense and keep it a secret.

She became a good son. A good Christian. And eventually even a good husband. She knew if her true identity became known, she would lose everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. So, she kept her secret from everyone. But she knew there was no keeping it from God.

Raised with a doctrine she believed condemned her, she decided the only way out of her constant misery was to end her life.

“Who would even want to stop me?” “Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone this way?” It was at that desperate crossroad she heard the voice of God simply say, “You’re okay.”

Since that day, God has led her on a path to heal her deep wounds of rejection by family as well as other Christians, and make peace with the way she was created.

“I thought God would be the first to reject me. But, in fact, He was the first to accept me.”

Now Laurie reaches out to Christians who are transgender, who are still struggling to believe God loves them for who they areâ?¦ just as they are. It’s a difficult and often emotionally exhausting ministry. Equally important are the efforts to help the Church see their Christian brothers and sisters who are transgender as simply, their Christian brothers and sisters. Nothing more, and nothing less.

And finally, she shares the much needed message that God doesn’t make mistakes, and it IS possible to be a conservative, a Christian, and transgender.

The Single Dad Club Boxed Set

by Emma Nichols

Enjoy the entire Single Dad Club series in one boxed set!

Sports & The Single Dad

One football player. One personal assistant turned nanny. Too much tension to mention.


I was used to women coming and going in my life, but when a baby I never knew existed landed in my lap, I turned to the one woman I could always count on. For more than a year, Avery has run every aspect of my life seamlessly, with a poise and grace I’d never truly appreciated until I saw her holding my child. Before my eyes, she morphed from personal assistant extraordinaire to hot mama material and I needed her like never before.

Law & The Single Dad

Two lawyers. One divorce. And a past to overcome.

Leo Ward

Born a billionaire and employed as a corporate lawyer, I was driven, determined and obviously easily distracted by a nice ass. How else could I explain marrying a gold digger? In my defense, Sable was sneakier than most. And one fateful night, she tricked me and changed the course of my life.

Now, we’re in the middle of a heated divorce, fighting for custody of our son and my money. I’ve always prided myself on being prepared and thinking three steps ahead, but Liz suddenly reappearing in my life was completely unexpected. We’d been friends in law school, and nearly more. Back then, I’d been forced to let her go. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

Sex & The Single Dad

One secret baby. One single dad. One shot at redemption.


They called me a rock god, but from where I stood, I looked like a huge loser. My career had always meant everything to me. Music was my life, until I met Lauryn. Though I never planned to get serious, I fell hard, and for no good reason, she suddenly disappeared. Somehow, she had become the music in my life and without her, everything was meaningless. Then I spotted Lauryn at a wedding, and three things happened. I sang her our song to show I loved her still, I learned we had a son, and through some terrible divine intervention, I had one more chance to make everything right.

The X-Club: A Krinar Exposé Prologue

by Anna Zaires

A young journalist. An alien sex club. A Krinar who won’t take no for an answer.

Amy Myers is tired of writing fluff. She wants to work on serious assignmentsâ??and what better way to prove herself than to uncover something new about the mysterious Krinar, the aliens who took over the Earth just two years earlier? But when she meets Vair, the dark and sexy owner of a Manhattan x-club, she may get more than she bargained for…

Red Flags how to know when to Dump your Man

by Ethan Walker

This is a great book if you are a Christian woman dating, with marriage in mind. This book should help you decide whether you are compromising your Christian values, to make your relationship work. Or if you are truly in Gods will. This book is short and to the point. Very Biblical based and to the point.


by Amelia Longhart

This outstanding guide to cool and collected decision-making on the job consists of several powerful core principles that anyone can comprehend and apply.

How to Change Your Mind like a Boss distills the essential concepts of Dialectic Behavioral Therapy into an easy-to-understand framework, applying them specifically to the professional sphere. The author explains the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence and offers concrete suggestions on how to use this understanding to your career advantage. The “mindset” model is articulated and extended, with advice on how to transition from a fixed concept of self to one that accommodates potential for growth and change via learning. The basic neuroscience that underlies our responses is also divulged, empowering you to transform yourself and your career potential via self-knowledge.

Imagine yourself in this scenario: you’ve put in months of hard work at the office, gradually building your confidence, the occasional mistake notwithstanding. You’ve worked long and hard to forgive yourself for your own errors, revolving each time to learn from what went wrong. You’re feeling pretty good, but now it’s time for your performance review. Next thing you know, one harsh sentence from the manager has toppled your self-esteem.

How would you feel if you found a book that would enable you to rise to the occasion and shock your boss with the level of emotional maturity and dignity in your response? What if the harsh words rolled right off your back, leaving you totally unscathed emotionally? What if you could look your manager in the eye with a smile and sincerely promise to improve, with the full confidence of one who knows that positive change is not only possible, it is inevitable? How might the outcome differ for you if there were zero traces of resentment, fear, or insecurity in your response to the critique?

You happen to be holding that book in your hands right now.

Other publications cover similar topics, but How to Change Your Mind like a Boss selects and synthesizes several of the most helpful conceptual frameworks into an easy-to-apply package. What differentiates this volume is the actionable insight it presents. It’s not enough to simply learn about your brain; getting from insight to action is the key. Inside this book, you will uncover the secret to finding the motivation to put into motion the principles that you are about to learn.

Whether you’re the CEO or an intern, everyone in the office is prone to the same types of inconsistencies and irrationalities that make us human. This guide is appropriate for any level. It addresses universal emotions and common scenarios that are easily applied to your own life and journey. If you’re ready to transform yourself professionally, let’s get started!

The Workers of Iniquity: A C.T. Ferguson Private Investigator Mystery (The C.T. Ferguson Mystery Novels Book 3)

by Tom Fowler

A bankrupt client. A missing husband.

One cyber sleuth will follow the money trail to the root of all evil.

Private investigator C.T. Ferguson believes justice shouldn’t come with a price tag. As a trust fund baby and former hacker, he uses his resources to track down criminals who prey on society’s most vulnerable members.

When an old acquaintance falls on hard times, he vows to solve the mystery of her missing husband and empty bank account. Following the digital trail, he uncovers a grisly hotel room crime scene.

But the husband’s ruthless loan shark won’t draw the line at one dead body. When the clues take an unexpected turn, C.T. realizes he’s stumbled onto a sinister black market where humanity’s worst sins are sold to the highest bidder.

The people who run the criminal syndicate don’t care about dead private investigators.

You’ll love this mystery novel because of its fast-paced action, cyber-savvy sleuth, and spine-tingling suspense.

Get it today.

Easy Going (a Boys of the Big Easy novella)

by Erin Nicholas

A sexy, New Orleans bartender with a panty-melting grin and a panty-dropping drawl.

A little jazz.

A few beignets.

And ONE hot weekend…

Yep, just one.


This is a novella and is a prequel to book one of the series, Going Down Easy. Lots of steamy fun set in New Orleans! If you don’t like hot, dirty-talking bartenders, open door sexy times (okay, and on-a-balcony sexy times), or beignets and jazz, this is not the book for you. If you do like all of those things…you definitely need to be meet Gabe Trahan!

Dragon’s Successor: A BBW/Billionaire Dragon Shifter Romance (Lords of the Dragon Islands Book 3)

by Isadora Montrose

Words every virgin is panting to hear from her first and only lover:
A.I love you.
B.I can’t live without you.
C.You’re mine by right of capture.

Billionaire Dragon Lord Roland Voros went with C. BBW Kayla Cooper blew him off. When a guy has screwed up this badly how does he win himself a second chance?

Curvy Kayla was a shy and retiring geek before her transformation into a dragoness, but now this woman is blazing with confidence.

High-handed Roland has spent years brooding since luscious, passionate Kayla refused his hand. But now his enemies have discovered that his fated mate is a dragoness and her child is his fireling. Suddenly both Kayla and his son are in danger and Roland needs to act.

The easiest way for this dragon lord to protect his fated mate is to marry her and take her to his private island. But fiery Kayla is still furious about her transformation and Roland’s arrogant proposal. Only the danger to her precious son would make her contemplate giving this player a second chance.

Alpha male Roland has met his match and she’s not quite what he remembers. BBW Kayla will meet his desires as often as he wants. And does he want.

How can Roland convince shapely Kayla to forgive him? Once they are forced into close quarters, how will she deal with the uncontrollable passion that flares up between them?

Is this cocky, high-handed tycoon too much for even this fiery dragoness to swallow?

Spice alert: This novel contains smouldering scenes of sensual lovemaking between a virile dragon shifter and his passionate virgin mate.

Dragon’s Successor is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and an HEA.

This 62k novel also contains bonus preview chapters from Dragon’s Pleasure, and Dragon’s Possession.

Perfect for You (A Laurel Heights Novel Book 1)

by Kate Perry

* * * Includes an extended preview of CLOSE TO YOU, Laurel Heights Book 2. * * *

“Perry is a storyteller, weaving magic wherever she goes, much to the delight of her millions of fans.” – The Literary Shed

Freya Godwin’s muse has gone MIA.

With Freya just hired to redesign the top adult website company in the country, her creativity couldn’t have chosen a worse time to disappear. Determined to get her sexy back, Freya puts an ad online, hoping to find the right man to inspire her.

Unfortunately, all roads point back to her upstairs neighbor Greg Cavanaugh. He’s everything she doesn’t want: a playboy and scumbag lawyer. Except if he’s so wrong for her, why does being with him make her believe anything is possible?

Fall in love with the Laurel Heights series:

Writing as Kate Perry, Kathia Zolfaghari tells stories about hope, and dreams, and the bonds of friendship and family. Her acclaimed novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world, and her books have been translated into several languages. All her stories feature sassy, independent women who just want love and earthy men full of heart who are more than able to rise to the occasion.

Time Lost

by Peter C. Foster

He hasn’t seen her in over forty years, not since she dumped him and married his nemesis. Now she’s asking for his help to find the man who murdered her daughter. He loved her then; despite everything, he loves her still. Against his better judgement, he is drawn into the homicide investigation.

At the same time, he must deal with the ghosts of the past, and the events which bound them together and tore them apart in the days which followed the Summer of Love.

TIME LOST is a fast-paced mystery and a love story. It is also a look back at the Sixties and the passions of a generation searching for truth and justice amid the turmoil of racism and war.

A Ratchet City Tale 2: Dee’s Story

by Rashima Wilson

Dee, the hardscrabble hood rat from Ratchet City #1, is back with her own story…

Dee has always been a girl who knows how to hustle. From the time she could walk, she knew the value of a dollar – and how to work for it. You have to, growing up on the streets of Ratchet City.

A natural beauty, Dee’s childhood in the ghetto and a slew of foster homes has given her a hard edge that belies her appearance. Tough as nails and unwilling to take smack from anybody, she’s built to survive in a world where you’re either the player or getting played.

Still, even she may not be ready for what’s ahead when she hooks up with Dre, a much older man who knows how to get into a young girl’s head (among other things). But Dre’s not the kind of guy you bring home to meet Momma; he’s a man that trouble – dangerous trouble – follows around like it’s attached with a chain. And despite her ability to navigate treacherous waters, Dee may be getting in over her head.

Survive! Raising Backyard Chickens: A Prepper’s Guide

by Lorayne Miller

Keeping chickens means more than just a wonderful hobby! If you are a prepper or a survivalist having chickens means fresh eggs and meat! It is not as hard to raise chickens than you might think and this book will show you everything you need to know! From Newborn chick to adult!

The Shocking Truth About Ramsey: A Romantic Family Mystery

by Jennifer L. Ray

Ramsey has a secret, but the neighborhood boy she used to love is now a man and he’s the key to the truth. Will the truth bring them together again or will it destroy two families? Her secret will shock you. Her truth will inspire you.

Culture Man

by Guy Cook

A tale of action, suspense and romance, set in Winchester, England’s ancient capital

Rob’s “Year of Culture” gave him purpose last year: to perform and blog about a cultural activity each week. This year he’s at a loss until a mix-up at his ex-girlfriend Marianne’s laboratory leads to limited superpowers. He resolves to win the local tennis tournament, the Hampshire Cup. His best friend, Paul, and his physio, Kateâ??who can’t resist a superhero on the booksâ??help him. Meanwhile, a supervillain stalks Winchester stealing cultural artefactsâ??all of which, oddly, have featured in Rob’s blog. Nicknamed the Velvet Vandal by the local press, the crimes become more ambitious and Rob is drawn in.

Soon he, Paul, Kate and Marianne are entangled in a summer of mystery and adventure. Who is the Velvet Vandal? What role does Marianne’s sinister professor play? And can Rob’s powers lead him to discover his true calling? Amongst the rooftop battles, daring raids on an Oxford laboratory, hopes of romance, an escaped anteater, and the morally dubious attempt to win the Hampshire Cup, a thrilling climax approaches.

Bedazzled (The Beguiling Bachelors Book 1)

by Madison Michael

A sexy twist on a cinderella story….

Keeli Larsen, a modern day Cinderella, dreams of success, jewelry designs and the out-of-her-league, gorgeous man in the penthouse office – her very own Prince Charming. Although they have never spoken, a crowded elevator, a chance encounter and a misplaced hand are about to change everything.

Millionaire and sexy hunk, Wyatt Lyons Howe is trapped by four generations of family loyalty and tradition until a brief moment with Keeli rocks his staid world. Is Keeli his ticket to freedom or Is she just an opportunist looking for a bankroll? Unsure of her motives, but unable to stay away, Wyatt is bedazzled.

Lured by Keeli’s fiery spirit, Wyatt determines to make her his own. He just needs to lose a scheming fiancé to rival any wicked stepmother, defy his family, conquer his doubts, and liberate himself from his traditional life. And, of course, he must win her heart.

Follow Keeli and Wyatt on their journey in this steamy contemporary romance, Book One of the Beguiling Bachelor Series

Fiercely independent Keeli Larsen has big dreams starting her own jewelry design business and making it succeed in a competitive Chicago market. . However, a rapidly dwindling bank account is thwarting all her dreams and may send her crawling back to the family farm.

Wyatt Lyons Howe IV is the eldest son in a huge Chicago Real Estate Dynasty. He is also a patron of the arts with dreams of starting his own company. Four generations of family loyalty and tradition stand in the way of Wyatt becoming his own man.

When Keeli and Wyatt cross paths the steam between them is not from the hot Chicago summer . Can Wyatt trust that this fiery redhead wants him and not his fortune? How can Keeli rely on Chicago’s most eligible bachelor to stand by a girl from the wrong social circle when all around try to tear them apart? Is this love or is he just bedazzled?

The Black Woman’s Guide to Red Flags in Relationships: Second Edition (BWG Book 1)

by Myka Frazier

Looking for a quick laugh? How about fighting the temptation to go back to someone that you KNOW is not good for you? Not very experienced with people who play games? This book is for you! Remember that time when…? Yeah it may remind you of your EX and why you left or it may show you something you’ve been missing in your own relationship – that you should be paying attention to! The Black Woman’s Guide to Red Flags in Relationships will give you insight into that nagging little thing that’s going on between you and significant other and add a little black girl magic in the process!

White Knight

by CD Reiss

From NY Times Bestseller, CD Reiss…Catherine’s long-lost love is found.

Catherine Barrington is a rich girl. Chris Cartwright is a poor boy.
He left her to make something of himself. A man she could be proud of. A man she could bring home to her parents. A man she could marry.
On the trading floor he became the man he knew he could be. Now, it’s time to return.
Rich girl.
Poor boy.
She didn’t care about his money, but he didn’t believe her. Soon after he left, all the money was gone. 
Her life is hell.
Now he’s back, and he’s different. Pristine. Gorgeous. Rich. 
Rich boy.
Poor girl.
Money was never the barrier, until now.
White Knight is a standalone in the same world as King of Code, with its own beginning, middle, and end. You don’t need to read anything else to read White Knight.

Halloween at the Graff (Holiday at the Graff Book 1)

by Sinclair Jayne

Starting over at thirty-two is never fun, especially in a town the size of a postage stamp. Chasing that with having to beg for a job she’s wildly over-qualified for and Walker Wilder’s pride is really burned. But now that she’s the new events director for the historic Montana Graff Hotel, she’s tasked with creating buzz and traditions to fill rooms during the off-season. Halloween may not scream touristy, but hiring a spirit-hunting TV crew will definitely grab some headlines… But when the sexy spirit hunter shows up, he haunts more than her dreams.

Calum Quest is done. He’s created an entertainment empire by chasing something he’s never seen and is tired of asking questions with no answers. His life has been defined by ghosts he needs to exorcise, yet, when a red-haired, grey-eyed beauty with a body that melts his mind pours him a double shot of Laphroaig whiskey and challenges him to one more round, how can he say no?

Manhunt (A Rocky Mountain Thriller Book 1)

by Ann Voss Peterson

ROCKY MOUNTAIN THRILLERS are fast-paced novels with a dangerous edge. Each stand-alone story is set in the brutal and beautiful Rocky Mountains and contains intrigue, romance, and break-neck action. Read all three.

A Reluctant Hunter…
Desperate to provide for her young daughter, accountant Shanna Clarke accepts an invitation to go on a company hunting trip in the Wind River Mountains, even though she’s never shot anything in her life. If she can get through it without embarrassing herself, maybe that sought-after promotion will be hers.

But then her boss starts shooting… at her.

…Becomes the Prey
Dodging gunfire and struggling to survive in the Wyoming wilderness, Shanna stows away in the back of a rancher’s truck. A snowstorm, a grizzly bear, and a murder rap can’t keep Shanna and rancher Jace Lantry from discovering why she was targeted. But knowing the reason is only half the battle… the rest has a good chance of killing them both.

The first book in Ann Voss Peterson’s Rocky Mountain Thriller series, Manhunt is a fast-paced, pulse-pounding novel of suspense and romance. It is approximately 55,000 words long.

An earlier draft of this novel was previously published under the title Wyoming Manhunt.

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