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Lampshades: Memoirs of a Moth

by Jeff David

Stories from first-time author Jeff David about
his journey through life and the lights he found
along the way.

ROBIN WILLIAMS: A Biography of Robin Williams

by Ziggy Watson

ROBIN WILLIAMS: A Biography of Robin Williams

Anyone who has had more than a passing interest in comedy or acting has, at one point or another, been blown away by the genius of Robin Williams. It feels strange to call what he did “genius”, but this biography would be very far from the first.

The truth is, anyone that worked with him came away with the same feelingâ??”this guy is different.”

And so, he was. His life was a charmed one, starting as a standup entertainer on the mean streets of San Francisco in the 70’s,to becoming one of the world’s premier actors and starring in award-winning films. Even the way in which he got his big break was atypical, taking a bit role in a failing TV show and creating a brand and a future for himself nearly overnight.

But, the root of all his genius and fame is his standup career. Williams was a master of the stage and had crowds reeling in delight for decades after he started. His frenetically paced monologues were completely unique and thoroughly entertaining. Williams could switch from character to character with startling ease and always seemed to be one step ahead of the audience’s expectations. Still, it is completely impossible to copy him.

This biography charts his life story.

The Reformer: A screenplay based on the life of Martin Luther

by Maysam Yabandeh

What Nazi Germany did to the Jews did not happen over night. The foundation for it was built in German culture over the centuries, arguably started by the writings and deeds of perhaps the most influential reformer of the millennium, Martin Luther.
This screenplay is a journey through his life to give us insights of how a movement, no matter how pure in its intention, could go terribly wrong. The monologues are verbatim copies from Luther’s books, articles, and sermons. Preserving historical accuracy has been the chief goal in formulating conversations missing from recorded history.

Unintended Consequences: A True Texas Tale of Innocence Lost

by Greg Brown

This is the unusual true story of two people in Texas who are separated by both time and space until they have an unlikely meeting which evolves into an extraordinary tale of love and dysfunction.

Greg Brown was born in 1969 and knew that he was different from an early age. By 1977 he was humorously (and frightfully) able to identify the condition as being gay. The adventures and situations which follow due to his homosexuality are both dramatic and funny. But just as important are the situations he’s introduced to regardless of his emerging sexuality. He was introduced to alcohol at age eleven by an older wealthy relative (which would influence him for years); is accidentally introduced to pornography by thirteen; is sent to Europe basically unsupervised at age fourteen and starts experiencing feelings of love for other men even though he can’t tell anyone.

This is a snapshot of a seemingly ordinary upper-middle-class American family of it’s time. But it’s not a frivolous story of coming out or of having privilege. It’s a story of a boy hiding a secret and a family thinking they’re doing everything right. Events that occur are Unintended Consequences of actions and inactions.

Eventually, Greg’s parents move to Taiwan for a job opportunity when Greg is eighteen and just entering Texas Tech in Lubbock. It’s decided that he will come home after the first semester to take care of the family home near Dallas when his parents leave. What ensues for the next several years is a series of events, including a trip around the world, which leads him to meet Priscilla Davis, a highly dysfunctional lady thirty years his senior who has become known as one of the most infamous (and beautiful) women in Texas history.

Priscilla Davis was the 36-year-old estranged wife of Cullen Davis in 1977 when the most famous murder case in Texas history against her husband was commencing. She accused her husband of being the shooter in their 19,000 square foot mansion in Ft. Worth in the summer of 1976 in which her boyfriend and daughter were murdered and Priscilla herself was shot. The subsequent trials lasted until 1979 and Cullen was acquitted of multiple charges, including murder. A movie title Texas Justice with Heather Locklear in 1995 told the story up until 1979.

Priscilla moved to Dallas in 1981 with 3.5 million dollars to start a new life. Just at that time, Greg was entering his teenage years in Grand Prairie, a city five miles from Dallas.

This book chronicles the parallel paths of Greg and Priscilla’s lives before they meet. Priscilla’s struggles are increasing as the years are going by and so are Greg’s; but for different reasons. When the two do meet, even 28 years of time and space can’t keep them apart.

This story has many layers and dynamics. It’s a story of drama and humor which most people and families experience at one time or another. But it also speaks to the human capacity to forgive and forge forward.

EL PACTO (1) (Spanish Edition)

by luis elias longa urrutia

la historia trata de un hombre llamado Frank que tiene su familia, que se pone a buscar tesoros a falta de dinero, para mantener a su familia, hasta que un dia en su busqueda, se le pesenta un hombre y le ofrece riquezas, el mundo entero a sus pies a cambio de un pacto con su sangre.

Killer Cop : The True Story of Antoinette Frank: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Pete Dove

A collection of True Crime stories on the most unlikely of serial killers…even police officers are included here with the likes of Antoinette Frank…
Who do you trust? A doctor. A teacher. A police officer? There is something bizarrely discomforting about crime committed by those in authority. It should not really be so surprising, though, that even those in positions of power still err; after all, behind the suit, or the white coat or the badge is a human being. One with the same passions, strengths and weaknesses as anybody else.
But, somehow, we expect more from these people. And so, we feel a greater let down when they act in ways that disappoint. Add to that, when one of their victims is little more than a child, and the other a cop, any lingering sympathy that might exist for the culprit is swept away as was the case with Antoinette Frank.

Dear Luke: An introspect on the fallacies of adulthood. [Part 1 of a 3 part serial nonfiction novella]

by Robert Duran

Note this is a short serial-format nonfiction piece and is part 1 in a 3 part series on the topic of adulthood. Part 2 and 3 will be released in 2019.

First time author Robert Duran delivers a short, poignant and thoughtful introspect on the fallacies of adulthood. His experiences and tidbits of information are pointed at his first born, in the hopes that the failures and triumphs of the father, resonate as a learning tool for the son. Dear Luke is part 1 of a 3 part serial nonfiction novella.

Deadly Housewife Joyce Cohen: A Collection of True Crime

by Larry Maravich

A Collection of True Crime Stories
Joyce Cohen thought she hit the jackpot when she married construction mogul Stan Cohen. The young Joyce was finally able to live the life of entitlement she thought she deserved while partying it up in Cohen’s mansion, ranches, and night clubs. But her party would come to an end five years later when she would claim that three burglars invaded her home and killed Stan. The authorities believed her at first until a felon disclosed to police that they were hired by Joyce to kill Stan. Prosecutors then took the bait, painting Joyce as a gold digging murderer who plotted Stan’s killing when he threatened divorce. But did she do it? This True Crime anthology examines the who’s and why’s of the Stan Cohen murder.

â?«Ø­Ù?اة Ù?Ù?Ù?â?¬ (Arabic Edition)

by عباس Ù?Ø­Ù?Ù?د اÙ?عÙ?اد

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