Free fiction Kindle books for 12 Oct 18

He Can’t Fit! Explicit Adult Stories Collection

by Lisa Shaft

Forbidden cravings that can’t be ignored any longer…

Bundle of ten filthy stories!

A Degrading Treatment: A Taboo BDSM Story (Weekend Excitement Book 1)

by Olivia R. Gasm

Bratty princess Tracy gets what’s coming to her after teasing tall and strong Jonah one time too many. Fed up with her attitude, he ties her down and gives her a hard, fast and unprotected punishment.

Carnivalita Nights Volume 1

by Victoria Bedford

Monica is an ordinary college student looking for adventure. She leaves behind her life, including her dream boyfriend, to find it. Little does she know, she gets more than she bargained for with her Argentinian college professor. Seduced by the exotic and sophisticated instructor, Monica struggles to keep her feelings for her boyfriend. But when an international crime syndicate gets involved, she must choose to trust this mysterious stranger. Can love conquer all? Find out in Carnivalita Nights.

Victoria Bedford started writing unpublished novels in earlier years. She finds erotic novels a healthy compliment to real life romance. Inspired by the works of novelists such as Laurelin Paige and Sylvia Day, she decides to write the “Carnivalita Nights” trilogy. On her spare time, she enjoys hiking in Yosemite, baking and traveling across the globe. She resides in Southern California

Her Master’s Wedding: A BDSM Ménage Romance and Thriller (Charlotte’s Search Book 1)

by Simone Leigh

Here Comes the Bride

As Charlotte’s wedding day approaches, will her marriage to one of her Masters, affect her relationship with the other?

Has an old enemy forgotten her?

And will the past return to reveal its secrets?

A BDSM Ménage Romance and Thriller

Explicit Adult Content: For Mature Readers Only

Approx 30,000 Words

Roman Canary’s Romantic Weakness: A Family and Romantic Mystery

by Jennifer Ray

Roman has chosen the man she wants. She will do anything to have him, even if he’s dangerous…dangerously sexy. But what will she do, when this dangerous man decides he wants her too? Innocence lost has never been more intriguing than Roman’s.

Sea Level

by Nancy Kilgore

“vibrant…evocative…Kilgore treads the same territory as Alice Munro.”
– Seven Days: Vermont’s Independent Voice

In 1980, Brigid Peterson becomes the first woman minister of a church in an isolated town on the coast of Virginia. But this is a time of upheaval around the roles of women, and soon some of her parishioners become hostile toward her. When Mary Bradley, an artist who believes in the goddess, returns to her hometown and falls in love with an elusive carpenter, Brigid finds in her a kindred spirit. But when the church divides into bitter conflict over Brigid and Mary is confronted with a bitter truth about her lover, they are both knocked off balance and have to dive deeper into their own spiritual lives to find a way through.

Sea Level, set in the mystical landscape of the Delmarva Peninsula, is a story about small town life and the passions that erupt when differing beliefs collide.

Texas Ranger Creek in Full Circle: Western Adventure (Sundog Series Book 10)

by Ash Lingam

This is the tenth and last book of the Sundog Series and the life and times of Texas Ranger Captain Ridge Creek. Señor Pedro Mendez is one of the biggest cattle rustlers in all of Texas. A man with a foot in each country, stealing Texan cattle and selling them right back to the men he rustled them from. As Captain Ridge Creek’s attention is turned from the Bogardus clan and towards the Mendez outlaw gang, a personal conflict forms between the two men. Meanwhile, Ridge Creek is smitten by one Lola Zapata and considers a new life away from the violence. And Sergeant Bill Vents ponders his age and all his years as a Texas Ranger. Last but not least Captain Creek has sent the word to the Outlaw Lopez that he is on the hunt to kill him. An action-packed final installment of the Sundog Series will keep you entertained from cover to cover.

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