Free horror Kindle books for 12 Oct 18

Brian Barr’s Brutal Bazaar

by Brian Barr

Enter Brian Barr’s Brutal Bazaar, a collection of horror stories compiled by the author for your reading pleasure. Grotesque and macabre, these tales will take you from an old country house with dark secrets in Lexington, SC, to a bloodthirsty maenad cult in Ancient Greece. A decapitated talking head, mad magicians, chaotic clowns, and a murderous guitar grimoire are just some of the abhorrent monstrosities you’ll find in these gruesome pages.

Brian Barr’s Brutal Bazaar features the 3 H’s Trilogy (The Head, The House, and The Hell), a Carolina Daemonic short story, and Dark Ripple: When Lovecraft Met Crowley. Beautiful illustrations by Sullivan Suad, Zilson Costa, and Marcelo Salaza are also in this book!

Soul Addictions (Of Evil And Innocence Book 2)

by Amy Raines

After attempting to close the gate to The Dead Cell, Melody finds out they were unsuccessful. Melissa Clavice wants to move forward with the bridge project in the woods, in hopes that the construction will destroy the gate and stop the dead inhabitants from claiming all of Heart Line.
Sidetracked by catastrophe after tragedy, the entire crew from Jack Preston’s construction company decides to help, regardless of the risks involved.
More death and destruction sends some of the group back into town where they discover that the gates are not their biggest problem. Adele Cole, the new Overseer of The Dead Cell has set an army of her own to start a war against Baal himself. Baal, has been sentenced to rule over everything and everyone in The Dead Cell since he and his people of Balial were cast out, deemed not fit for Heaven nor for Hell. Adele’s manipulations could kill everyone in Heart Line, possibly destroy the entire existence of mankind in the process.
The people of Heart Line must race to figure out all the meanings of the new notes, letters and gifts to unravel the deeper mysteries that have been laying dormant in Raven Lake Woods before the damage has gone too far beyond repair.

The Story of Ed

by Ethan J. Longoria

Ed goes into town to buy whiskey and comes across an old friend who wishes to reconnect. Upon meeting, the two share their last experience together.

Horror by Cathbad: Novellas & Shorts

by Cathbad Maponus

A collection of recent horror stories by Cathbad Maponus. 3 Novellas,1 Short Story, and 7 Flash Fiction Stories! Just in time for Halloween, Cathbad brings you bloody murderers, monsters, dream invaders and more. Get ready for some ghoulish reading – and don’t forget to leave the light on!

CarnEVIL: A Novel of Terror

by Arika Wolly

It is 1961 in the town of Maplewood and the people are anxiously awaiting for the opening day of the traveling carnival that had arrived earlier in the week. During the evening of the opening night, the town of Maplewood is left devastated after a brutal massacre.

It’s now present day and seven childhood friends are getting ready for their 10th annual vacation. Nick, their Hollywood friend, is in charge of planning this year’s festivities. Keeping the entire weekend a secret, Nick later reveals that he has brought them to the property of an abandoned carnival with a gruesome history but the land as more in store for them than they bargained for.

Will they make it out alive or fall victim like so many others have at the hands of the crazed clown, ReLLiK?

Chapters of Horror: A collection of Horror stories

by Rhonda Bilson

A collection of horror short stories…
Two Goth teenage girls develop a popular Youtube channel where they talk about make-up… proving that the existence of vampires are real. But when they go to investigate an abandoned house where an unsolved “vampire” killing took place, they find out first hand how real vampires really are…
Allison is part of a team of female volleyball players whose bus takes a detour through an old ghost town, a place that was the site of a series of murders by a carnival clown. When their bus breaks down, they begin to be stalked one by one by someone in a creepy clown costume.

Maria’s Walk

by Devon De’Ath

Jack Foreman, a young ex-minister returns home following the sudden death of his parents, grappling with questions and uncertainty. He catches up with Gaby Wagstaff, the kid sister of his childhood best friend. A woman fleeing an executive career in the city, after her inconvenient, long-suppressed psychic abilities begin to intensify.

In the woods behind their provincial little English town, a legendary apparition lurks. Every Ardenham child grows up with tales of â??Maria’s Walk,’ the route which the terrifying spectre of a murdered teenage girl from long ago is said to traverse.

When Gaby is plagued by a series of visions from Regency Ardenham and heart-stopping, violent manifestations in the present, her growing bond with Jack leads them to try and finally unearth any truth behind the folklore.

The reality of their connection to the haunting, proves more than either could have imagined.

The Haunted Staircase

by sachin saparia

It’s a horror story of Haunted dark Staircase, just read and enjoy i am sure you will like it….

The Book of Lilith: (Hell High #3)

by John Raptor

WARNING: Not for the easily offended. Controversial content.

Laura Janzer is running for president of Hell Highâ??and she will destroy anyone who gets in her way. Whether it be framing a teacher for viewing illegal pornography or causing her opponent to leap to her death from the top of the school building. Laura is ruthless, vileâ?¦maybe the devil herself. But her friend Ashley is slowly becoming aware of her best friend’s psychosis, and in the end, Karma will be a BITCH.

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