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Shaken Path of Sanity (Shaken Series Book 2)

by Jason Gray

A book of poems that express the deep shakes from within that the world can give, and the changing of one’s self. The journey of what was, and now is.. and the steps between.

Surfing the Seconds

by Vincent Lowry

From the author of Dreams Reign Supreme and Constellation Chronicles, comes a collection of poems to delight readers worldwide. Surfing the Seconds has Vincent Lowry’s finest poetry on nature, love, forgiveness, and mortality.
Fans of Surfing the Seconds have described it as “beautifully written,” “wonderful,” and “evocative.”
Read the book and be carried away by Vincent’s prose.

The Book of Savior Beloved: Part 3

by Forester De Santos

The grandiose title truly says all, but The Book of Savior Beloved Part 3 really is a book about the true meaning of the true salvation of God the living Creator. And the true salvation of God the living Creator has to do everything with life alive and life alive or the true salvation of God the living Creator has to do with true gladness and true joy. The true salvation of God has nothing to do with blood sacrifice or with death, because he who comes to die thus he has also lost real life or true salvation. True salvation has everything to do with requesting real life or with requesting true salvation to continue with real life. Tags: Savior, salvation, request, grant, savior beloved of God, son of God, God, beloved of God, joy, life, acknowledgement, gladness, Issachar, chosen, nine, anointed.

Cuando las tardes se tiñen de aburrimiento (Spanish Edition)

by Diego Fortunato

“â?¦ Al abordar el poemario, uno entra al mundo de la consagración y vive el instante privilegiado. Sus palabras son reflejos del reflejo que se convierte en una posibilidad que purifica el origen. El poeta se desliga de sí mismo, del ilusorio ego que obstaculiza el transporte para vivir, palpar el mundo con plena presencia y con sonora transparencia. La imaginación se hace irresistible, las circunstancias hacen que uno encuentre el espíritu del niño que regresa, el adolescente que vive y el hombre que sueña”.
“â?¦Fortunato es el amante sin amor, es el enamorado que conoce la expiación y los sacrificios y esto hace que erija su propio oráculo y que formule su propio destino, no importa que el mundo se esfume, que pierda su color y su encanto, él lo cubre, recorre sus largos caminos, se siente dichoso, aunque sea de Horizontes perdidos, como el título de una de sus poesías. Es la belleza de saber apreciar la desgracia en toda su magnitud, en su fuerza primigenia aunque represente un peligro, una debilidad, así sea una acusadora manifestación de la absurda vaciedad de todas las formas que hacen perder la creciente falta de libertad”.

Extracts From: To Stefano

by Carlo Bay

Stefano M. has been my best friend for ten years, between 14 and 24. This book is dedicated to him. Stefano M. died in Rome on December 16, 2004. This books talks about him. I’ve written To Stefano for the same reason I’ve written To Manlio, because I always think of them. I miss them. I feel nostalgia for them. Stefano M. has been the first person I’ve ever learnt something from. He was very different from me, but he was the first one who made me see the outside world. If I hadn’t met Stefano, probably I would have never gone out of my house. My friendship with Stefano has been a shared friendship. Until the last day, there’s always been the three of us: Stefano, his cousin Carlo P. and me. My friendship with Stefano has not been a democratic friendship. He was clearly better than me. No doubt about that. To Stefano has come out naturally; it was actually already written inside my head, but I didn’t know that. My memory has shown me the way and the steps. It had already selected the archive material, and I wasn’t aware of that. It had already decided what was important and what wasn’t. I’ve just added the words. To Stefano is different from how I expected it to be. I didn’t think there was so much to tell. I didn’t think I would write an action story. There are no pauses. The story goes on straight to the end. Mindset and psyche are never explained, never displayed. They are incorporated in the action. The narration contains them. They are always inside. Never outside. Never elsewhere. After all, that’s how Stefano was. He called himself a simple person, even though he knew he wasn’t. “I don’t have a subconscious,” he used to say. His problematic and complicated life proved him wrong on a daily basis. However, here’s the surprising thing. To Stefano bursts the banks. I can’t tell when, but it’s a sure thing. It slipped away from me due to its overwhelming energy. It’s not my book. It’s yours as well. It doesn’t deal only with Stefano and the two Carlos. It deals with all of us. It’s a great compliment. I know. I hope it deserves it. I hope you will agree with me. Thank you. Carlo Bay.

Love is…

by Bria Price

Through unique, beautiful verses and imagery, Bria Price shares a new perception on what love is…
Bria Price fosters a warm, vivid feeling of what love is through friendship, motherhood, family and self-exploration. Following the notion that love is what we choose to see, it’s an open invitation to shift the perspective on how to journey throughout life in love to her readers.

love in the time of longing.

by meg gonzales

‘love in the time of longing.’ features poems that bloomed out of love and longing.

this exquisite collection of love poems captures the nuances of love and longing, the various emotions that love evokes in us, and how love can touch even the mundane and give it new meaning.

Emily Dickinson: Beyond the Myth

by Patricia Sierra

Forget what you’ve been taught about Emily Dickinson, discard the myth that has been passed down through the years, and step into Emily’s real life. Although this is a work of fiction, it is told in the first-person as if it were an autobiography and contains a mix of both known facts and informed speculation. The story begins on Emily’s death bed as she looks back on her life. You will not find here that fictional phantom-in-white slipping around corners and hiding behind screens, avoiding the world. The Emily Dickinson you’ll meet in these pages is the woman revealed in her letters and in the comments of her contemporaries. She was a strong woman faced with more losses than anyone should have to bear, and her everyday life had more to do with the tasks of maintaining a home than with crafting the perfect poem. She forged lasting friendships, forming deep attachments to those most integral to her happiness. Emily’s one well-documented love affair (not with a married minister, despite what you’ve heard elsewhere) is explored, along with another possible love story that may have fueled her most productive years and produced her most-admired poems.

Patricia Sierra is an award-winning author whose work has been published by Random House and Avon Books, as well by small literary magazines. In the Kindle Store, you can find other novels, short stories, and poems written under under her own name and under the pen name Sierra Philpin (books written with co-author John Philpin).

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