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Wolf Road Success : Sharing love marriage successful ideas (Success Quotes Book 1)

by Creek Shallow

Sharing love, marriage, successful ideas

Design to Win Road Map: Your Winning Life and Career Compass

by C. Ruth Taylor


“The world is astonished when it meets someone who knows where they are going with their life; that is such a rare kind of strength” -Richard Bolles, world-renowned career expert

Sadly, too many high school and university students graduate without a proper plan for their next steps in life. Even sadder, are young people in the workforce who hate their jobs and are stuck in survival mode. If that’s you or someone you know, this book is for you. Design to Win Road Map will teach you how to effectively design the life and career you love for greater freedom, flexibility and fulfillment. In this book, C. Ruth Taylor references her mid-life regrets and lessons learnt to inspire youths and Millennials to get it right early, and astonish the world with their progress.

Imprensa e instrução na Parahyba do norte (1858-1889) (Portuguese Edition)

by Rose Mary Souza de Araújo

A Sociedade Brasileira de História da Educação, desde a sua fundação em 1999, vem mantendo o compromisso com a publicação da série Documentos da Educação Brasileira. Inaugurou a coleção em 2000 e, desde então, segue com regularidade na publicação de conjuntos de fontes, de tipologias variadas, que permitem o estudo da história da educação e da cultura no Brasil. A publicização desses documentos tem como objetivo principal o estimulo à pesquisa histórica, favorecendo o acesso às fontes, apresentadas de forma organizada para a comunidade de historiadores da educação. Nessa oportunidade, apresentamos o trabalho realizado pelos pesquisadores sediados na Universidade Federal da Paraíba como parte das atividades do IX Congresso Brasileiro de História da Educação (CBHE), realizado em João Pessoa, em agosto de 2017. Este corpus documental, vultuoso e complexo, foi organizado em dois volumes: Fontes para a História da Educação da Paraíba Imperial: Documentos diversos (Parte II – 1861-1889) e Imprensa e Instrução na Parahyba do Norte (1858-1889). Carlos Eduardo Vieira: Presidente da Sociedade Brasileira de História da Educação

Islam or worse, what is worse ? worse is eternal punishment for the non-muslim according to the Quran (Having said that ! Allah knows best). (6212)


Islam or worse, what is worse ? worse is eternal punishment for the non-muslim according to the Quran (Having said that ! Allah knows best). (6212)

A super intelligent robot cannot eat, cannot kiss and cannot have sex, therefore it is not a human.

by Mohammed Muslim Abdullah

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.

You see, an advance super intelligent robot cannot eat, cannot kiss and have sex, therefore it is not a human. The real you will be dead for sure and the fake you, your copy of your consciousness such as your memories of your childhood and teenage years and adulthood and marital life or single life etc. the robot
(ASI) with your uploaded copied consiousness) will be mimicking and or impersonating your characteristics and personalities, that’s all.
Don’t let the computer scientist such as Ray Kurzwell (and others like him)
fool you.

The Little Pink Pig Learning Series

by C Ingram ECE

Three Books in One. Adding, Subtraction and Word Recognition for Preschool and Kindergarten. Math and Farm Animals. Preschool Game and Learning Tool.

Book I – Addition How to Add
Book II – Subtraction How to Subtract
Book III – Word Recognition Surrounding Farm Animals and Farm Life

Books introduce children to adding and subtraction using questions and answers. Children build cognitive skills and learn about the farm and farm animals. Colorful, exciting learning series with three books in one. Bonus includes the entire lesson in video format, which can be viewed using a secure online video channel. An Early Childhood Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Experience.

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