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One Hope at a Time: The Prisoner of Hope Letters, Book One

by Robyn Franceen Evans

In 2010, Robyn Franceen Evans began writing letters to encourage herself in a particularly tough season. When God laid it on her heart to share those letters, the Prisoner of Hope email ministry was born. Starting with 12 people, now more than 120 subscribers in the Monarch Club receive reminders of hope every week in their email inboxes. Determined to share these letters with a larger audience, Robyn has compiled the first two years of Prisoner of Hope letters in this book, along with thought-provoking questions and scriptures.

At any given moment we may face a circumstance that challenges our hope, Therefore, we must be diligent to continuously sow God’s words into our minds. In doing so, our hope harvest becomes infinite. The absence of hope is like the end of light. This book will help you to remember that there is always hope – even if you must squint to see and strain to hear with spiritual eyes and ears. One hope at a time is how we navigate this journey; one hope at a time is how we conquer everything that threatens the light Jesus died to give. Just as the resurrected Christ stands today at the right hand of Father God, know that you can stand strong in His power to face every enemy of hope. Use this book whenever you need a dose of encouragement and share it with others who need a good word.

Christmas Reunion Boxed Set

by Morris Fenris

A clean wholesome romance collection that’s touching and tender.

6 Sweet Christmas Romance novels in this gripping box set from Amazon’s No. 1 Best Selling author, Morris Fenris.

Do you love stories that touch your heart? Then you will love all six romance novels in this box set. All novels are readers’ favorites with over 300 5-Star reviews. These have been put together for a short time only for your reading pleasure.

6 Novels, over quarter million words of touching and tender romance.

Enjoy these clean and wholesome love stories with enough twists to keep you turning the pages. An inspiring Christian romance collection that will warm your heart and your soul at Christmas and all year long.

If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out other books and Boxed Set Book Bundle Collections by Morris Fenris.

Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange â??Buy now with 1-Click’ button to grab the box set and get 6 novels you won’t want to put down!

How to Preach the Gospel with Power: Practical and Spiritual Step by Step Guidance from initial Prayer to the Pulpit

by Jonathan Anthony

As Preachers It is our responsibility, if we love God, to feed His sheep to the best of our ability.

Preaching the Gospel is truly a privileged calling. If you are looking to be more effective as a Preacher both practically and spiritually this book is for you. It takes preachers from all backgrounds through a proven process that will help them be everything God has called them to be.

This book will:
-Show you how to compile an anointed sermon, feeling God as you prepare
-Help you enter the different realms of prayer
-Compare preaching styles and their effects on God’s church
-Address why God still calls you to preach in this generation
-Teach you how to hear the voice of God throughout the whole process
-Explain the importance of â??Hints of the Spirit’ used by internationally acclaimed speakers
-Provide you with what you need to preach at a different level, bringing a breakthrough to those that you minister to.
Based on over two decades of preaching and pastoral ministry, Jonathan Anthony shares wisdom in the key areas most important for an effective preaching ministry, one that is followed by dynamic moves of the Holy Spirit.

The gospel must be preached with power once more and God wants to use you to do it. We encourage you to invest in this book not only for yourself but for the sake those that will listen to you!

Second Chance Love

by Pamela S. Meyers

Chicago lawyer Sydney Knight and Texas bull rider Jace McGowan have nothing in common but everything to lose when they are thrust together during a weekend rodeo in rural Illinois. Neither one of them would have imagined two years ago that the deep attraction they sensed during a day-long outing would resurface when Sydney’s boss assigns her to Jace’s legal case.

Sydney has been through a world of hurt since losing her dad when she was sixteen, then being dumped the morning of her wedding. She’s sworn off romance and instead devotes her time toward a partnership in her father’s law office.

Jace has found faith in God and wants out of his sponsor contract with a risqué restaurant chain that requires him to pose with scantily-clad women. He’s about to bail on the contract and pay steep penaltiesâ??something he can ill afford, given that his deceased father left the family with unpaid taxes.

Sydney is determined she’ll get Jace out of his contract and return to Chicago with her heart intact, but Jace is just as determined to help her see they’re meant to be together. Can a city girl with roots deep in Chicago and a bull-riding rancher with roots deep in Texas give themselves a second chance at love?

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar romance novels in this genre may be categorized as: christian romance, inspirational romance, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome romance.

Always Faithful: Clean Amish and Military Romance

by Alexis Fernando

Always Faithful is a clean, Amish, romance set in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A modern love story where 300-years of religious and old world European tradition clash with the 21st Century when an Iraq and Afghanistan, battle hardened, young, handsome marine comes to town looking to find a new normal for his life.

Always Faithful tackles some of the same difficult decisions as many people in the new global economy face where people of different cultures and religions come into closer contact, fall in love and try to blend two worlds. It also touches on the challenges of living in a closed society where genetically similar people marry and have children.

As the pool of genetic combinations becomes smaller and smaller, the prevalence of recessive genetic disease becomes greater. Find out if love will overcome or if genetics or religion will stop it before it has a chance to bloom.

Love between Amish and non-Amish people is rarely permitted and can cause a young Amish person to have to give up everything to follow their heart. Always Faithful will make your heart beat quicker with the turn of every page as we watch the lives of people with so much on the line pursue this forbidden love.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Hearts on Fire: Amish and Firefighter Romance

by Miranda Stewart

This heartbreaking story begins with danger and suspense but ends with compassion, romance, and true love. The plight of the Amish Johannsen family follows a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but love wins out in the end. The story covers interesting societal issues that anyone can relate to. Follow the trajectory of these young people’s lives as they make their way through loss, growing up, and reaching adulthood. A cast of interesting characters come in and out of the Johannsens’ lives as romantic love grows alongside great friendships.

Hearts on Fire has dynamic relationships at many different ages, from siblings and peers, children and adults, and adults of varying age. Get caught up in a mystery with a surprising twist on who the guilty parties are and the motive for the crime. Our firefighter hero is young, handsome, and Amish! He finds himself entangled in an unfolding drama with the woman that he loves but she doesn’t know he’s alive.

Can he save the lovely young woman before it’s too late, or will her drama bring an end to his life as he knows it? This great story with a happy ending will make you want to fall in love with our hero, too.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Question-based Bible Study Guide — How to Pray: Good Questions Have Groups Talking

by Josh Hunt

7 ready-to-use lessons on the topic: How to Pray.

Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking. Answers are provided in the form of quotes from respected authors such as John Piper, Max Lucado and Beth Moore.

These lessons will save you time as well as provide deep insights from some of the great writers and thinkers from today and generations past. I also include quotes from the same commentaries that your pastor uses in sermon preparation.

Ultimately, the goal is to create conversations that change lives.

What God Says About Gaining Deliverance via Biblical Meditation: Learn Precisely How to Defeat the Enemy in Your Life, via Biblical Meditation

by What God Says Ministries

The mind needs to be brought into subjection of the Word of God every day, as it faces a bombardment of contradictions to the Word of God influences every day, which serve as worldly contaminants / pollutants for the mind. If the renewing of the mind is not done on a daily basis, the mind will become polluted / contaminated with contradictions to the Word of God, that will influence, and govern the life, that a born again Christian lives (Romans 8:5). As a result, the key thing, is for the born again Christian to daily renew the mind with the Word of God, as the Word of God is the power of God (Hebrews 1:3), and it is only the power of God that can renew a mind (clean it out) into where it needs to be.

Please check out the following e-books by What God Says Ministries (also available on Amazon):

What God Says About Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage
What God Says About the Mighty Blood of Jesus
What God Says About Praise & Thanksgiving Being a Supernatural Weapon
What God Says About Your Supernatural Weaponâ?¦Faith
What God Says About His Mighty Word
What God Says About Your Spirit, Soul, and Body
What God Says About His Righteousness
What God Says About Temptation & the Fear of the Lord
What God Says About the Mighty Holy Spirit
What God Says About the Angels of God
What God Says About the Armor of God
What God Says About the Kingdom of God
What God Says About Apostasy & Hope
What God Says About His Grace
What God Says About How You Defeat Strongholds in Your Life
What God Says About How You Win the Battle in Your Mind
What God Says About Jesus & the Cross
What God Says About Repentance & Condemnation
What God Says About Salvation

Define Your Path

by Latrice Smith

Define Your Path is a workbook about a self-journey to finding out who you are, self-healing and a journey to finding your own relationship with God. A spiritual guide to finding yourself.

Daily Pulse: the rhythm of the Tao

by Debra Ford

Starting and ending each day with deliberate choices creates ritual in life in sync with the essential rhythm of nature. The Daily Pulse is a ritual that helps you to look past distress and confusion, to bring habits into everyday life that help you find peace and calm. The Daily Pulse is a daily ritual, small steps towards life transformation and happiness.

The Daily Pulse is for you if you are going through change; if you are feeling stuck and helpless; if your life feels as though it has no meaning; if you are experiencing any of life’s challenges including divorce, a difficult medical diagnosis or grief.

I Won’t Marry You: When Did Friendship Turn to Love?

by Susah Leigh Carlton

Rebecca has loved Thaddeus since she was fifteen. Her father’s shocking schemes have made her feel tarnished and unworthy. As much as she loves Thaddeus, why would he marry her when he finds out what happened?
A gunsmith, Thaddeus considers himself to be too far beneath her station to be her husband and moves with his family to Montana Territory.
How can they find each other when they’re so far apart? Will they even see each other again? Will he even want her? Can she marry a man who is just a gunsmith?

“I Won’t Marry You” has one scene with sexual activity that occurs on Rebecca and Thaddeus’s wedding night. There are no explicit descriptions of the act or the participants. There is no profanity.

Make Your Love Lastï¼?How to Make a Love relationship Lastâ??mature and free: mature and free (Romantic Erotica Book 3)


Make Your Love Lastï¼?How to Make a Love relationship Lastâ??mature and free

Part 2 mature and free

2.1 Full “adult”

2.2 Do whatever you choose, not freedom.

2.3 different, not necessarily true freedom

2.4 Why freedom?

2.5 The maturity of the spirit

2.6 What is a “master”?

2.7 The Great Mind

2.8 Intellectuals

2.9 Historical Origins of “monseigneur”

2.10 Useful and useless

Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone: A Memoir for My Mother

by Sean Murphy

Question: How do you get over it?
Answer: You don’t. You don’t want to. It makes you who you are.

Sean Murphy lost his mother days after her fifty-ninth birthday, following a five-year battle with cancer. In this eloquent memoir, he explores his family history through the context of grief, compassion, faith, and the cultivation of an artistic sensibility. Unfolding in a range of voices, brutal and tender in its portrayal of terminal illness, Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone is an unyielding love story, in which devotion and memory are capable of transcending death.

Transform stress to self care: The 8 approaches you need

by Kathleen Robb

Have you noticed how when you’re stressed, the only solution out there seems to be meditation? Don’t get me wrong, I love meditation as much as the next turmeric latte lover… but sometimes we need strategies to sort the causes of stress out. For every person I know who finds meditation enough, there’s another who says “I meditate but I’m still so stressed” or “I just can’t bring myself to meditate – what else can I do?” It’s ok – I’ve got your back! I believe that the key to stress management is to live as though you meditate – whether you do or not.

Trouble is, most of us don’t know quite where to begin with that. We hear things like “Look after yourself”, or “let it go” or “you have to love your self first”. But how the heck do we actually DO these things?

If stress is a struggle for you, you may relate to some of these:
– Some of your relationships are caught in an unhealthy loop, with toxic dynamics or feeling triggered
– When things go wrong, your mind and emotions quickly spiral into full-blown stress, making the problem feel overwhelming
– Sometimes overwhelming emotions come up, and you don’t have a way to process them, instead trying to push them away by distracting yourself
– You want to build a happy life but your day to day habits don’t support that, and neither does your environment

If this sounds like your life, you can still create a way of living that feels as peaceful and flowing as a meditation practice. Transformation of your current experience from stress to self care is just a few clicks away.

So what does it mean to approach life as a meditation? Imagine the following –

– You feel at peace within your relationships and interactions. They don’t drain you, you remain calm even when an old relationship trigger occurs, and you no longer participate in drama, manipulation or other forms of relationship stress
– Whatever is happening around you, your thoughts are constructive and clear
– When the difficult emotions come up, you process them and let them go
– Your habits and environment all support your happiness and peace
– You feel positivity and gratitude towards your body, no matter your health status or appearance
– Your spiritual practice supports your continued growth and happiness

The strategies in this workbook are incredibly practical tools picked up from a wealth of study and experience. Why would you trust me? I guess I’d better introduce myself!

I’m Kathleen Robb. I trained as an Occupational Therapist and worked for years in the public mental health system. I loved helping people in all different situations – mental illness, homelessness, chronic illnesses – deal with the stress in their lives in the most effective and constructive ways possible. Later I did further studies in Solution – Focused Therapy which suit my “show me the results” brain. I also draw from my woo woo side as a Reiki practitioner, natural medicine student, seeker of spiritual wisdom from across cultures and advocate of simplicity and mindfulness; and share my own experiences of dealing with my stress too.

I am so excited to share this simple and practical workbook with you. It is my passionate belief that the amazing tools for developing a peaceful and joyful way of life needn’t be available just to the research nerds like me. We can all benefit! My heartfelt wish is that you snap up this book with all its strategies and apply them with transformative effect today.

Don’t postpone your peace. Think of what you can gain with a peaceful approach to your life. There’s no time like the present!

That’s A Lie Deliverance Is For You!: You Can Be Free

by Deborah Ramos

What is warfare? It is the permanent destruction of the demonic powers and their life support system that gives them strength in our lives. It is closing that door that gave them access into our lives. The kingdom of darkness has a system that is in operation. To be free it is necessary to eliminate the life support systems that strength these spirits.
This what Jesus Christ came to do.
Jesus stated “The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight of the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; Luke 4:18
I want to address the lie that has been running rampant in the church. Why is it hard to believe that a person can be influence by evil? It’s been going on since the begin of time. We see the first person being influence by evil in beginning in the Book of Genesis 3 The serpent lied to Eve when he said, â??You shall not surely die.

The Power of Meditation: Essential strategies to deep relaxation, positive thinking, self-discipline, and inspiration

by Sasha Ferrera

The power of meditation will provide you with the knowledge that will give you life-long positive thinking, inspiration, self-control, relaxation, and happiness.
This book will guide you through meditation to live in a wholehearted way.
This book is centred on meditation practices. While reading, you will find detailed meditation practices that will assist you in establishing an entire life, from the basic setup to the most advanced practice.
You will learn:
-Some Key Points About Meditation
-What is the Power of Meditation
-Strategies To Build a Meditation Practice
-Meditation Essential Strategies to Deep Relaxation
-Meditation Essential Strategies to Positive Thinking
-Meditation Essential Strategies to Self-Discipline
-Meditation Essential Strategies to Inspiration
I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this book.

Beyond God – Why Religions are False, Outdated and Dangerous

by Peter Klein

Religious beliefs and institutions continue to be the cause of many problems around the world. Over the last 100,000+ years humankind has gone through three different phases in trying to understand and explain how things came to be: The Magical, The Religious and now The Scientific.
Is it now time to dispense with mythology and superstitions as a way to live our lives and fully embrace the scientific method?

How To Feel Godâ??s Love And Be Happy: Strengthen Your Relationships, Your Faith, and Your Health – Gain the power to improve your life

by Rev J Martin

It’s so easy to let the stresses and worries of life get you down. Before long you can feel tired, depressed, or even angry that your life didn’t turn out the way you planned.

Negativity can blind you from opportunities that lie ahead.

Stress and worry can spill into your relationships causing arguments and tension, which can be hard to resolve. You can become judgemental, critical, and condescending of others and yourself. You want things to change but are unsure what to do.

In a world of information often we don’t have the information that we need.

Although most people want to feel God’s love and be happy; they are pushing it away. Going around in circles confused and dismayed.

In this book, I would like to help you build a solid foundation. A foundation of peace. A foundation of love. A foundation of happiness. So no matter what happens, you will not stumble or fall. Life changing. Through story and scripture, I will equip you with ways to see and feel the love of God in your life. Empowering.

Remove the unnecessary stress and watch your destiny unfold.

Make Your Love Lastï¼?How to Make a Love relationship Lastâ??Realization of Self: Realization of Self (Romantic Erotica Book 5)

by WU YI

Make Your Love Lastï¼?How to Make a Love relationship Lastâ??Realization of Self

Part 4 Realization of Self-life

4.1 Life’s four choices

4.2 Nietzsche and Van Gogh

4.3 Confidant is your tree

4.4 Meditation and exploration

4.5 Try to be philosophical and keep the Middle road

4.6 Awareness

4.7 Out of the Self-view

4.8 Enlightenment

4.9 Levels of self-awareness

4.10 nobles, Always Spiritual.

4.11 sanity, Four Selves

Part 4 The reality of Self-life

Make Your Love Lastï¼?How to Make a Love relationship Lastâ??What is love: What is love (Romantic Erotica Book 2)

by SI BA

Make Your Love Lastï¼?How to Make a Love relationship Lastâ??What is love

Part 1 About Love

1.1 Feelings and Love

1.2 Heart difficult to violate

1.3 Find Your “god”

1.4 Three elements of love

1.5 The birth of “we”

1.6 form scattered and God gathered

1.7 Love is what it is

1.8 Deep Love does not change

1.9 Friendship How Pure

1.10 How can love last forever

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