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The Earth in 100 years: What will happen to the planet earth in 100 years?

by Alae Oundir

My name is Alae Oundir, currently a physics student at the University of Pennsylvania State, USA. In this little ebook I’m going to make a compilation of the possible changes that may happen on our planet.

Planet earth is constantly changing whether we notice it or not. Both small and massive transformations take place on our planet every day. Whether it’s a falling tree or a tectonic shift something somewhere changes irreversibly. It’s not uncommon to ask ourselves, what will these evolutions look like at the end of the century? It’s fair to guess our world will look different than it does in present day.

And who knows? Maybe it will be more than physical change, but also a shift in how we live our daily lives. Even if it’s only theories, there are facts and scientific predictions to back up our imaginations.

So, from a shrinking animal kingdom to a telescope that will expand our known universe, here are a few predictions made under own research that will happen to earth in the next 100 years.

Sit back and enjoy.



Are you constrain by space of your garden or backyard and compromise on eating unhealthy vegetables and fruits that have been hosed down with toxic chemicals by industrial farmers? If your answer is yes, then this is the right book for you.

Vertical gardening enables harvesting of your produce easily and can be practiced in spaces as small as a container. You do not require expertise or prior experience to practice vertical gardening. Vertical gardening requires no special tools or equipment. Everything you need you either had, or can easily be made, or purchase cheaply at local nursery.

Vertical cultivation has been implemented for quite some years now, popularizing as “urban gardening”. Something that has become a very attractive current trend, as it offers us an effective and economic option to have fresh and organic fruit and vegetables within our reach. Meanwhile, providing us with that contact with nature that refreshes our spirit and motivates us to live our lives to coalesce our most productive initiatives.

Extracts From: Moralba The White Mulberry Diet

by giuliano da villa

White Mulberry diet – How to Lose Weight and Age in Good Health, written by the famous endocrinologist and dietary researcher Professor Giuliano Da Villa, has been available since September in many book stores around the world.
The book contains advice on how to lose weight or improve one’s health by following a specific diet based on vegetables, fruit and proteins, and by limiting the amount of foods containing fattening carbohydrates (i.e. pasta, rice, potatoes, desserts, ice cream etc.).
What is innovative about this diet is that it makes it possible to eat foods containing such fattening carbohydrates with the aid of a natural extract of White Mulberry, which prevents the intestine from absorbing sugar. 
The guidelines for the White Mulberry diet are based on this principle and are divided into 4 easy-to-follow dietary steps – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th phase – which have been successfully tested on obese people.

God I Am So Far From Perfect:How To Embrace Your Imperfections Love Thy Body: Embrace Your Imperfections (2018psychology)


Thank you for your imperfections, embrace yourself
Youth growth
Cure classic psychology
Heart chicken soup philosophy of life

This book is about negative energy more valuable than positive energy. When we actively pursue the so-called positive energy, it actually splits the connection with the so-called negative energy, which is a major loss. Sadness, anger, fear, guilt, embarrassment and shame, we have to open the channels of these feelings. When we open these pipes, vitality will flow on us.
Bad habits are not your enemy
Don’t compete with bad habits, because bad habits represent your inner needs, you can only understand it and accept it.
Sadness is the power to end the tragedy
Whether it’s sadness, anger, anxiety, jealousy, etc., if you learn to capture and accept them, then you can achieve incredible growth.
Anger is the protection of angry people
You must know your anger clearly and know why you are so angry and then handle it with wisdom.
Don’t be guilty, this world has no innocence
Guilt is a gift from nature, it reminds us that one of your relationships needs to be adjusted.

Fear tells you what is more important to you
Fear has a unique value, because in many cases, only fear can strongly remind you of what is important.
Only in the crowd can you know yourself
Any relationship you care about is actually a mirror of the soul that can reveal the secrets of your heart.
Say “I accept” and let the mind return to freedom
The so-called acceptance, that is, to face all the truths in our lives, deeply understands that once anything happens, it cannot be changed, and no matter how close people are, we cannot expect them to change for themselves.
Give yourself a ritual and start a journey
The growth of the mind is not an abstract process. We need some specific rituals to echo the rhythm of spiritual growth.
A person’s mental health is directly proportional to the degree of pain of acceptance, embracing your pain, this is the only way to become your own.

Einstein had it… Part LVIII: The Most Simple Nature of this Funny Phenomenon Called â??Spinâ?

by Norbert Schwarzer

It will be shown that classical Quantum Theory has obviously overseen an alternative way of treating the central force or central field problem. Making up leeway, we obtained a solution sporting all the necessary properties of a phenomenon known as spin.

We found extremely simple metric solutions to the various states of the hydrogen atom including spin states. Thereby, our metric hydrogen solution correctly solves the Einstein-Field-Equations EFE and is based on the Schwarzschild metric. But we also found other correct EFE solutions which also sport the right central field symmetry but provide different solutions also for the quantum theoretical field. The results of these other central field solutions lead to the suspicion that we have found an extremely simple explanation for the nature of spin. As all solutions can be superposed without compromising the solution to the governing Einstein-Field-Equations, we assume to have found a very flexible and fundamental construction model for the investigation of any atom, including those with many particles.

Evaporative Cooling: The Science of Beating the Heat

by D. James Benton

Evaporative cooling is vital for life and industry. Benefiting from this essential process is as natural as sweating. It’s the most efficient means of rejecting unwanted heat. The economy of evaporative cooling has made it the first choice of manufacturing and power production. There is rarely time to adequately address this important topic in a course on heat transfer. Many articles and books present the mechanical and even economic aspects of evaporative cooling. This book presents the computational (i.e., mathematical) aspects. All of the software discussed in this book is available free on-line, including considerable source code.

Stressed at work. The 4 Step procedure to Fix work related stress Forever.

by Paul Weber

Stressed at work.
The Four Step Procedure to fix work related Stress Forever.
The book contains proven steps and strategies on how to Remove stress
Follow these Four Steps Daily and see the stress fade away Forever.
As a Full time FireFighter, and after a 10 year period of dealing with some tough situations, I suffered, my work life was extremely stressful, I knew I had to fix it fast, I Discovered these techniques and used them on myself to completely remove the stress from my life, I still use them to this day.
A few years ago I also qualified as a NLP practitioner, ,
(Nuero-Linguistic Programming) and since qualifying I have successfully Treated
people over and over again With the Techniques in this book.
Stress is a learned Behaviour, I will Quickly teach you how to unlearn
the stress in your life and create amazing New thoughts and Feelings that WILL drive you forward to a great future.

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