Free sports Kindle books for 12 Oct 18

The Beginners Guide to the Tai Chi Form: Learn the Basics of the Tai Chi Form in 10 Easy Steps

by Paul Read

The majority of people learning Tai Chi Forms never finish them. Some are too long, others are just too complex. Fortunately, there are a series of postures that are common to all Tai Chi Schools, and these can be learned quickly and easily in this introductory book.
This book takes you through the footwork, the arm positions and then introduces each posture, linking them slowly into a flowing and beautiful short sequence that will serve as a daily practice to work on at home or supplement your existing training.
Find inside sections on:
*History of the Tai Chi Form
*Advice from the classic Tai Chi Writings
*How to learn the stepping patterns
*How to learn the arm patterns
*Step-by-step the 10 Postures
*How to expand the Form from 10 to 30 or more steps
*How to Mirror the Form
*How to add repetitions
*How to add transition moves

Including inline references, video links and over a 100 step-by-step photos this simple guide provides all you need to learn the basic moves of Tai Chi.

Reigi: Código de conduta de um dojo (Portuguese Edition)

by Deyvison Souza

Você sabe o que é reigi? De que maneira um praticante de artes marciais deve se comportar em um dojo? Este ebook traz alguns conceitos e dicas importantes para a etiqueta dentro de um dojo ou academia. Indicado para qualquer modalidade de artes marciais.

The Art of Hitting Home Runs

by Tyler Cook

The simple alternative approach for how to hit home runs consistently from the perspective of a former prolific home run hitter. Gain valuable insight into the intricacies of effectively going deep on the regular. Consider the psychology and the inner workings of a home run hitter’s mind, spirit and lifestyle. Take into account the vibration and consciousness of a high level home run hitting athlete over the frequently more accepted traditional lifestyles with the effect of achieving beautiful higher conditions of awareness.

The majority of the substance contained in this book is an enlightening vision of the art of hitting home runs. It is provocative. Adhering to standard guidance will create average outcomes in many aspects of life. So to constantly knock on the sky by launching bombs, use discernment and don’t have an ordinary everyday practice to doing it. Establish an original method.

This manifesto is a direct confirmation for amping the deep fly game of those who commit to applying this recipe for power hitting. Homers can certainly be hit without participating in all lifestyle proposals mentioned in here. However, learn the specifics that has worked for the author. It will make it simpler for a great many people to build a long term relationship with the long ball.

We all have the chance to embody a legendary hitter who plays from the majesty and supreme assurance of true personal nature. Great home run hitters ascribe intent and confidently choose about where and how to focus their attention. They live from the internal to the external, establishing high value as their hallmark.

Profound hitters realize their illumination must be sustainable while embarking on the voyage of long term success with the four-bagger. The great power hitters produce from the fire of the will. At the point when the home run hitter efficiently utilizes energy, emotional transmutation, masculinity-femininity and love, a ground-breaking power for stellar on-field play is embodied allowing progressive change on the planet to occur as a byproduct of this individual elevation of resonance.

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