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Finding My Way Back Home: My Journey from a Rock ‘N’ Roll Bar to the Rock of Ages

by Stephen Kaempf

Read the amazing story of an ordinary man who turns towards the God that had been looking for Him all along. Join the author as he goes from the soccer field, to a bar where evil manifests to an old friend who points him towards God. Upon finding God, Steve embarks on a journey where God puts the Super into his natural. This read will inspire you towards deeper friendship with your Creator.

Saint Patrick: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Saint Patrick

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Just who was Saint Patrick? Many know him as the figure behind the huge festival of fun and drinking that takes place every on March 17. But look a little more closely and see that there is more to the patron saint of Ireland than meets the eye.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From Slave to Bishop
â?? The Feast at Tara
â?? Ireland’s First Martyr
â?? Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus
â?? Confessio: A Brief Look
â?? The Death of Saint Patrick
And much more!

Saint Patrick will amaze as readers embark on a journey of tough beginnings, holy power, and a story of overcoming adversity to change a nation. Take a look at the saint that devoted his life to bringing Christianity to an entire nationâ??and succeeded after much difficulty. The saint we know as the reason for a holiday is much more significant than readers know.

FOREVER BLUE: Adventures, Lessons, and Purpose – True Stories of My Life as a Police Officer

by Carl Ross

Carl Ross has spent over four decades inside the world of police work. His memoir takes the reader on patrol, into investigations, on SWAT calls, and inside the chief’s office, all the while explaining what officers do and why. Forever Blue has more than 225 true stories taken from the author’s files and unforgettable encounters.

The following samples of the book’s stories give a glimpse of the variety of experiences in store for the reader: the best way to have a wreck in a police car; the murderer and the band saw; suicides in progress; one nightstick too many; all knives look sharp when pointed at your stomach; on scene during the UT Tower massacre; a cop killer’s parole hearing – 30 years later; a Texas Ranger’s story; 3 weeks at Ground Zero; the Green Goo case; SWAT saves a family; when the dog barks – pay attention; a killer in the bushes; the captain’s foot chase; why the fire department called the police; terrible collisions; when bad cops cross the line; heroes who gave it all; SWAT and “knock-knock” come calling; count the police cars before a burglary, and “Noâ?¦no, don’t shoot.”

Ride along with Carl Ross as he meets honest citizens, drunks, thieves, drug dealers, murderers, and even politicians.  Learn why police work is not for everyone and how it can become the ultimate life choice for others.  

My Time with Meta Given Biography: Herstory Author, Journalist, Editor, Home Economist, Photographer, Consultant, Syndicated Columnist, Teacher, Scientist

by Danette Bishop Mondou

An historical biography about Meta Given(1888-1981) who was born in the Ozarks of Missouri. She had a wildly successful home economics career for 70 years. Meta wrote two very important books – “Modern Family Cook Book” (1942), and “Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking” (1947). Meta Given wrote a syndicated column for 10 plus years and had her own business from 1933-1949. So many women worked in the home economics field which began in the late 1800s and can still be found under the title of Family and Consumer Science. Harriet Beecher Stowe and her sister Catherine were early pioneers of the home economics movement in the 1800s, which was made official with the work and efforts of the chemist Ellen Swallow Richards. Meta Given is one of the many forgotten women who taught, experimented, studied, photographed, and wrote about home economics in books, magazine articles, newspaper columns and gave demonstrations. She was just about forgotten until Danette Bishop Mondou became curious like so many other baby boomers. Curious as to who was Meta Given, what were all of her accomplishments and why did history ignore her existence when she died in 1981 until today. Only one newspaper marked her passing in 1981. Danette Mondou would like to correct this wrong for her if possible. Mondou has honored Meta Given’s work, life and times with this very important biography about Given’s many accomplishments. Meta Given feed a nation during WWII at an economical price – read all about it.

American Voortrekker: an autobiography

by Rhett Vorster

If you have read Rhett Vorster’s other books, perhaps you have wondered about why he wrote them. This memoir shows how he turned into a writer. He reveals his origins, early childhood, life in a boarding school, and service in the army. He came out of military service with a better understanding of what it means to love God. He shares with the reader his long-awaited reunion with his Dad; travel writing; discovering and hitchhiking all across America. These experiences were his way of dealing with unemployment and became the Holy One’s tool of disillusionment to bring him to a place of inner peace. This memoir is sure to be an antidote to the world’s poison, as he also covers his homelessness; international travels; getting married and divorced; rejoining the army. Not to be outdone by his own tragedies, he concludes with the success of connecting with his aunt’s university thesis, which led him back to his former wife and out of the depths of recycled sadness. This is a tale of how Jesus’ power is made perfect in our weakness.

APOLLO 13: Houston We Have A Problem: The True Story of the Apollo 13 Disaster

by Phil Coleman

APOLLO 13: Houston We Have A Problem – The True Story of the Apollo 13 Disaster

Those that are familiar with Apollo 13 know that it was the seventh installment of the Apollo space program. It was classified as a manned mission by NASA as well as the third mission with the intention of landing on the moon, though it never actually succeeded in the lunar landing as it was aborted due to an oxygen tank explosion.

On April 11th of 1970, the Apollo 13 craft was sent to launch at 13:13 CST, or 19:13 UTC. It originated from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The incident that caused its mission to fail happened two days into the endeavor, and it crippled the Service Module. This was vitally important for the proper functioning of the Command Module.

Other hardships that had to be battled during flight included loss of cabin heat, a limited supply of power, a critical need for makeshift repairs to the system that removed carbon dioxide from the craft, and a shortage of potable water. Despite all of these things, the crew was able to safely return to Earth six days after they launched, on the 17th of April.

This is the incredible story of the Apollo 13 disaster, and the breathtaking, miraculous turnaround that saw the entire crew return safe and well.

ELVIS: Going to Graceland: A Biography of Elvis Presley

by Ziggy Watson

ELVIS: Going to Graceland – A Biography of Elvis Presley

â??I’m going to Graceland,
In Memphis Tennessee’

Paul Simon’s title track to his 1986 hit album records a pilgrimage with his young son to the home of Elvis Presley.
It is a journey still made by hordes of disciples; fans – some of whom never saw their hero alive, let alone at his peak, and others fascinated by a phenomenon that seems to grow in stature with every passing year.

Summer 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the great performer’s death. Those years appear to have passed in a flash.
Visitors to Graceland today are greeted with something that has grown into a mega-attraction. Around two thousand visitors pass through the gates daily, and during special events, the figures rise significantly.

This is the story of the life and times of the King, Elvis Presley – one of the most significant contributors to music and culture of the 20th century. Many years after his untimely passing, his legacy continues to shine bright. Not free from controversy, this book looks at Elvis the man, his life, his career, and his impact on the world.

OSKAR SCHINDLER: The True Story of Schindler’s List

by Anna Revell

OSKAR SCHINDLER: The True Story of Schindler’s List

The true story of Oskar Schindler, the man who inspired ‘Schindler’s List’.

A harrowing look at his life, his career, and the heroic judgements he made to stand against tyranny and evil, at great personal risk. Responsible for saving some 15,000 Jews from the worst excesses of Nazi evil, Oskar Schindler will forever be remembered for his good deeds in the face of the world’s worst depravity.

The Unsolved Murder of Sister Cathy & Other Stories

by Larry Maravich

Accounts of an abusive Catholic priest, a nun questioning her vows, a missing girl reported to the Church rather than the police. A body chewed to nothing by wildlife. A second murder, with links to the first. Nearly forty years after her death, police in Baltimore are no closer to finding the culprit in the disturbing case of Catherine Cesnik than they were back in 1969.
Was she simply the victim of a robbery gone wrong? Had she been sexually assaulted, then killed, her body left to rot on the wastelands of the most run-down part of the city? Or was the case connected with a priest, later accused of crimes against the young, whose actions were about to be revealed?
Gwen Hendricks was a seemingly normal Colorado housewife who began hearing voices telling her to kill her husband.

With a childhood steeped in religious teaching, Gwen began keeping a journal of her daily conversations with God who she claims told her that she needed to kill her husband in order to obtain proceeds from his life insurance.
With childhoods steeped in the teachings of the Mormon religion, both Israel Keyes and Arthur Gary Bishop would become some of the sickest serial killers in American history. Keyes criss-crossed the country during his reign of terror, killing both men and women. His true death count is unknown as he committed suicide before revealing any further information. Bishop was the archetypal child molester, luring young boys with promises of candy and toys. Like Keyes, his true victim count is unknown.

BRITISH SERIAL KILLERS VOLUME 2: Yorkshire Ripper and Harold Shipman – 2 Books in 1

by Roger Harrington

BRITISH SERIAL KILLERS VOLUME 2: Yorkshire Ripper and Harold Shipman – 2 Books in 1

*Yorkshire Ripper
*Harold Shipman

2 Great Books in 1!

Yorkshire Ripper
June 2nd, 1946. Peter William Sutcliffe was born to parents Kathleen and John Sutcliffe in the working class area of Bingley, Yorkshire. Considered by both of his parents to be a perfect baby, both his mother and father had their own expectations for what their first-born son was to become in later life. John, his father, wanted Peter to grow up to become a real man’s man. A working class; local lad who would enjoy beer, football, weightlifting and an all-round extroverted lifestyle. His mother, Kathleen, had expectations of her son becoming a gentleman. A respectable boy who treated people properly and always made time for others. To the shock of both of his parents, Peter grew to be neither of these things. As a youngster, he was a quiet, introverted boy. He rarely associated with other children during his primary school years, and instead opted for a more indoor lifestyle. He wasn’t like the rest of the children who played sports together or chased after girls. He was considered to be something else entirely. To everyone else, he was an everyday, working class gentleman who could do no harm to anyone. Peter Sutcliffe would later come to be known as the Yorkshire Ripper; the man who terrorized the north of England in a series of vicious killings spanned six years.

Harold Shipman
As a society, we are conditioned to believe that doctors will do their utmost to nurture our well-being, and protect our lives. We implicitly trust that people only go into such professions to care for their patients in a loving and attentive manner. Very few of us would suspect that someone claiming to promote our health would not do everything in their power to ensure our survival; and even fewer of us would suspect that someone whose job it is to keep us safe, would actively want to harm us. That blind trust is exactly the mentality that led to over 200 people being murdered at the hands of Britain’s most prolific serial killer, Doctor Harold Fredrick Shipman. Shipman used the trust of his patients as a weapon against them.
He managed to avoid detection as a murderer for almost 30 years by putting on a convincing performance as a conscientious caregiver. The depth and breadth of the Shipman case was so great that it didn’t even seem real. His activities led to unnerving questions of whether we ever really know someone, whether we can really trust those we are told we should trust, and whether we are ever really safe from harm.

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