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Dead Men Naked

by Dario Cannizzaro

Are you ready to meet Death? Lou wasn’t, and he really didn’t want to, but when the Grim Reaper becomes your road trip buddy on a mission to save your lover’s soul, there’s not much choice.

An urban fantasy debut novel sprinkled with humour and philosophy, which will redefine how you think of death.

“Better than Neil Gaiman” – Sean Barrs, Fantasy Book Review UK
“Like Terry Pratchett and David Lynch together” – Jay , Examining the Odd

DEAD MEN NAKED is Dario Cannizzaro’s debut novel. His short stories have appeared in many Literary Magazines, online and in print, such as The Galway Review, Trigger Warning Short Fiction, Two Thousand Words, and Chantwood Magazine – and have been most recently collected in the anthology “Of Life, Death, Aliens, and Zombies”.


by Melique Vample

A sorceress reincarnated into the body of a clone stands alongside a bipedal horse, a prince, and an emperor to keep a psychotic apex genius from spreading cataclysm across the galaxy.

Blood and Fire (The Vampires of Shadow Hills Book 2)

by Willow Rose

“I wish my parents were immortal bloodsucking vampires,” said no one. Ever.

Especially not Robyn who is struggling being the only human in a house filled with vampires. Can she keep it a secret that she knows what they are? Meanwhile Jayden’s family is revealing secrets of their own and nothing is as it seems in Shadow Hills anymore. .

Who can they trust?

Blood and Fire is the second book in a fun and frightening series of romantic paranormal mysteries. If you like terrifying thrills, flesh and blood characters, and hot vampires, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s spine-chilling tale of this intense love triangle.

Buy Blood and Fire to discover a dynamic series with heart-stopping suspense, fierce romances, and jaw-dropping surprises.

Emerge: The Scholar: A Fully Illustrated Character Journal

by Melissa A. Craven

Delve into the secrets of Emerge with this illustrated journal, straight from the hand of the Scholar. Chock full of series teasers and everything you need to know about the Immortal world, Emerge fans will not want to miss The Scholar.

For over eight thousand years, the Scholar has wandered the earth. The oldest living Immortal, he is from a time long before the power was corrupted. He has ruled kingdoms, dined with emperors and led armies into battle, yet history does not remember him.

The Scholar has proudly witnessed the most astonishing achievements of humankind, and sadly watched their worst moments of destruction. He has seen the world evolve to greatness and crumble to ruin, time and again as the natural cycle of life and death churns in an endless march through time.

Many have known him for a time, but he is a ghost. A witness. Forgotten as soon as he’s gone. He is the first Scholar, father to all scholarly Immortals who have come after him. His life is dedicated to recording the details of the events he has witnessed. His journals are highly guarded, containing the wealth of the world’s history and knowledge. But this journal concerns the future. A future he is anxiously anticipating. The Immortals and mortals found within these pages will play an important role in shaping the uncertain future of all humankind.

Part journal, part history, and part prophecyâ??complete with dossiers on those Immortals who have seen it allâ??this illustrated guide is the perfect complement to Melissa A. Craven’s debut Urban Fantasy and Paranormal series.

Wizard: Deceased

by D. J. Natelson

Edward Castell is dead. The official verdict is heart failure.

The official verdict is wrong.

Within two weeks, Edward’s granddaughter Acacia and her parents move into 11 Whispering Pines Road. Acacia soon meets Quietus, a young necromancer who struggles with his inability to kill animals, and his sister Yvonne, who likes to kill animals rather too much. Together, they investigate Edward’s death.

It has something to do with the shadow haunting the wizard’s house. And the people who keep disappearing on Whispering Pines Road. And the room behind the hidden door in Acacia’s bedroom.

Healer’s Magic (The Kala Trilogy Book 1)

by Teagan Kearney

A powerful healer. A treacherous enemy. A deadly conflict.
Tatya’s world slides into chaos when a demon consumed with the desire to control her power attacks those she loves. She refuses the local master vampire’s offer of aid, as he’s just turned her best friend into one of the undead. She needs allies, but who can she trust in the battle to destroy this dangerous enemy?
If you like urban fantasy laced with mysticism, fast-paced action, and stubborn independent heroines, you’ll love this fresh innovative take on the vampire/demon myth.
‘Healer’s Magic’ is Book One in the ‘Kala Trilogy’.
Click ‘Buy Now’ to get this epic paranormal thriller today!

“An intoxicating work of creativity, passion, imagination and danger…stretches the boundaries for this type of fiction in new ways…fresh and original.” Gillian Hancock, Indie Book Reviewer.

“An interesting concept … great energy that whisks us along…genuine and authentic.” Laura Clarke, Indie Book Reviewer.

“Addicting, multi-layered story.” Layla Messing, Indie Book Reviewer

“An emotionally seductive and satisfying escape that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a great paranormal novel with a unique take on the vampire/demon myth. Tabitha Parks, Indie Book Reviewer.

“Impossible to put down… fantastical, yet believable story line that leaves you wanting more.” Kaylee Stevens, Indie Book Reviewer.

Terra! Tara! Terror! (Third Flatiron Anthologies Book 24)

by Juliana Rew

Whether the setting is a cabin in the woods, Fae, or a tomb by the sounding sea, Third Flatiron’s new anthology, “Terra! Tara! Terror!” takes you on an atmospheric journey through the realms of speculative fiction. We invite you to savor its mixture of dark and playful themes, fantastical elements, and mystery. A flash humor section, “Grins and Gurgles,” is also featured.

“Terra! Tara! Terror!” is an original and varied collection of science fiction/fantasy, humor, and horror from an international group of contributors. Writers include Salinda Tyson, Marie Vibbert, Jen Downes, Evelyn Deshane, John Paul Davies, Steven Mathes, Diane Morrison, E.M. Sheehan, Michele Baron, Liam Hogan, Stefon Mears, K. G. Anderson, Kelly A. Harmon, Matthew Reardon, Samuel Chapman, Emmett Schlenz, Gustavo Bondoni, Melanie Rees, Kiki Gonglewski, Caroline Sciriha, Wulf Moon, Dan Micklethwaite, Rhonda Eikamp, Blake Jessop, Elizabeth Twist, and Josh Taylor. Special reprint by Robert Silverberg. Edited by Juliana Rew.

Frozen Heart (Burning Love Book 1)

by Richard Lucian

Richard and Laura are on their honeymoon as they pass through London and enjoy visiting their friend Arthur;
But no one would have imagined that the best New York police detectives would be there to help solve the problem.
With the blessing of your majesty granted they leave to discover the motive and who has been causing the murders…


by Cheree Alsop

“I love this book! This book will take your heart, make it a little bit bigger, then fill it with love. I would recommend this book to anyone from 10-100. To put this book in words is like trying to describe love. I had just gotten it and I finished it the next day because I couldn’t put it down. If you like action, thrilling fights, and/or romance, then this is the perfect book for you.” Steven L. Jagerhorn- Amazon Reviewer

“I enjoyed this book it was exciting and kept you interested. The characters were believable. And the teen romance was cute.” Book Haven- Amazon Reviewer

“This book written by Cheree Alsop was written very well. It is set in the future and what it would be like for government control. The drama was great and the story was very well put together. If you want something different, then this is the book to get and it is a page turner for sure. You will love the main characters as well, and the events that unfold during the story. It will leave you hanging and wanting more.” Kathy Hallettsville, TX- Amazon Reviewer

“I really liked this book . . . I was pleasantly surprised to discover this well-written book. . .I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.” Julie M. Peterson- Amazon Reviewer

“Great book! I enjoyed this book very much it keeps you wanting to know more! I couldn’t put it down! Great read!” Meghan- Amazon Reviewer

“A great read with believable characters that hook you instantly. . . I was left wanting to read more when the book was finished.” Katie- Goodreads Reviewer

When Kyla March finds a wounded young man hiding in her father’s clinic, it doesn’t take her long to realize that Marek is more than he seems. Their lives become entangled in a world of kidnapped children, renegade Shifters, and the men who will stop at nothing to erase their existence.

In a world governed by winged Falconan soldiers that rule the streets, Kyla and Marek have to decide who they can trust, and how they can make a difference, when the fate of Kyla’s family and the love that has grown between them hangs in the balance.

Ink: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Tribe Book 1)

by Jobie Baldwin

“This is a fast-moving, high action story with insights into real world problems, the first of what promises to be a compelling series.”â?? New York Times bestselling fantasy author Piers Anthony

Gaining their ink was just the first step. Now they have to earn it.

Christian Blake, an unruly English teenager, finds himself in a mysterious tattoo parlour in Connaught Square where he is possessed by a Rune God, Hagalaz. Now immortal, Christian is gifted with superpowers that allow him to harness the forces of nature.

Only problem? Hagalaz is the God of Disruption, and he is intent on making Christian’s life a living hell.

Christian’s mentor, Raven, takes him on a wild adventure across the world to join his Tribe, a group of four unlikely teenagers with their own newly-gifted magical powers. They must take on the forces of evil brewing across the globe – The Settlers, a mysterious group who have slowly integrated themselves into positions of power worldwide.

They have a dark secret, and it is the Tribe’s mission to discover what that is and put a stop to it. But nothing is what it seems, for it will take much more than the powers of a few long-forgotten gods to put an end to the impending global disaster that threatens to destroy everything and anyone in its path.

“A thrilling ride, with twists and turns that even the most experienced reader will never forget!”
– Dustin Bilyk, Author of The Tournament of Hearts

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