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Of Guardians and Angels

by Thomas Oliver

John Sexton IV’s retired parents spend two years assembling a book of John’s genealogy and present it to him on his fortieth birthday. But strangely missing from the old letters, official documents, and newspaper clippings, is information about John’s namesake, the first John Sexton.
A family legend does tell a vague story of John’s great-great-grandfather having married an unnamed Choctaw Indian woman, but there are no records of the marriage, only proof that they bore a son. In an attempt to complete his family tree, John begins a search for his mysterious ancestors.
Months of research eventually lead him from his home in Washington to a restored plantation mansion in Mississippi. There, the current resident takes John on a journey back in time and reveals an extraordinary truth that will change the Sexton family name forever.
Of Guardians and Angels is a story of humanity in a time of war. It is a story of great courage, love, and faith, and how, even in the darkest days of our nation’s history, dignity and compassion prevailed.

By The Sword’s Edge (Medieval Action & Adventure) (Stonehearted Book 1)

by Mark Lord

When the cut from the blade runs deep – You need a heart of Stone

In 1370 two families are thrust together by the harsh realities of war. Lady d’Aubray holds Sarbrook castle, but has sold nearly everything to pay the ransom of her husband, who was captured in France over a decade ago. Eolande d’Aubray, the missing lord’s daughter, is desperate for her father to return. She remembers little of him, but she does know that he is the only man who can rescue her from an unwanted marriage.

William Stone has bought much of the d’Aubray estate having made a fortune as a cloth merchant, and is looking forward to seeing his two sons move up in the world. For his eldest, Richard, he hopes to make squire to Sir Robert Knolles, commander of the English army set to invade France this summer, as long as he can pay the consideration demanded by Knolles. But when Knolles and his ambitious captain, Minsterworth, visit the Stone’s to agree their terms, a tragic series of events destroys the Stone’s world forever.

For Richard Stone there is only one place to find peace.

In war.

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By The Sword’s Edge is the first volume of Stonehearted, a serialized novel.

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