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Pray for Darkness

by James Michael Rice

Early explorers called it the Green Hell, and for good reason. Consisting of more than a billion acres of untamed wilderness, the Amazon jungle is a place of fragile beautyâ?¦ and unspeakable danger.

When Ben Sawyer and his friends embark on an adventure tour in a remote section of the jungle, they plan on having the trip of a lifetime. But when their riverboat captain is murdered, leaving them stranded, their dream vacation rapidly tailspins into a nightmarish battle for survival.

Something sinister has been watching them, stalking them under cover of darkness.
Something that will not allow them to leave the jungle aliveâ?¦

The Kales Report: Apocalypse of the Undead

by Joseph Kales

An Epistolary novel; a collection of journal entries that Joseph Kales wrote before and during the zombie apocalypse. Joseph goes about his ordinary life when suddenly the infection hits. His ultimate goal is to reunite with his girlfriend, Stacy. As the story progresses, he begins to unveil as conspiracy that he is somehow connected to. The book includes maps, pictures, letters, and a binary code message, which the reader will need to figure out how to decode to read.

Anthesteria (A Death Omen Novel Book 1)

by K.A. Banks

What would you do if you were a Homicide Detective, and a Death Omen who was chosen by Hades himself? Paxton Collins a Seattle Homicide Detective has this exact misfortune, she’d probably do something about it except she doesn’t know yet.
Plagued by death and loss since childhood it was nothing new when Paxton and her partner Leeland were killed in a mass shooting. Until she saw a black smoke demon suck out his soul, and she was brought back from the dead. For Paxton her near-death experience started out as a run of the mill psychic thing, you know seeing the dead, PTSD, alcoholism, and an accidental one night stand with her new partner David Boone.
As a result of her new abilities, she resigns her position, to go in search of the demon that sucked out her partner’s soul. In her last week of work, she’s called to assist in the investigation of a serial killer nicknamed â??The Blood Reaper’ that’s stalking Washington State. Each victim of the madman calls to her for help from the Underworld, pulling her toward something greater, something she has no way of knowing. Who her real father is.
Not long after beginning the case Paxton discovers Leeland’s only unsolved case is linked to the serial killings. Now determined to solve the case Paxton puts herself in harm’s way against monsters she has no knowledge of. Paxton’s best friend and co-worker Cole Westwood does his best to keep her grounded, he’s there for her and she trusts him. Which is rare. Except, Cole is hiding dark secrets from Paxton, ones that could get her killed. Then, as if things weren’t complicated enough after a visit with a mysterious local psychic, she learns that Cole’s dead wife is one of her past lives.
Diving further into the supernatural realm Paxton comes face to face with the creature that had sucked out her partner’s soul, it attacks her and infects her with a supernatural strain of the black plague that threatens to kill millions upon her death. Because she’s being tracked by Hellhounds who have rebelled against Hades and want to kill her this poses a tremendous problem. Unraveling her own hidden past to find the answers, Paxton races against time to save the next victim from a demented killer. While trying to stay alive.

Conspiracy (The Fourth Age: Shadow Wars Book 2)

by David N. Pauly

Bruno the Dwarf and Lithir the Elf are sent to find out who plotted to kill Prince Alfrahil. Centuries of distrust between their races must be overcome if they are to be successful in their mission.

As the unlikely duo enters the Dwarven mines of Nerea, they are confronted by a maniacal religious sect. The Flame Priests’ lust for power threatens to consume all Dwarves with their hatred towards Elves and Men, and they vow to stop Bruno and Lithir at any price.

Some time later, the North Forest Elves seem inviting at first, but Bruno and Lithir soon learn that it is an elaborate ruse, and treachery stalks them at every turn. Desperate to learn the secrets of an ancient seer, the duo travels deep into the wild forest, where they face their most dire challenges yet.

In the realms of both dwarves and elves, Bruno and Lithir must rely on each other to survive if they wish to have any hope of fulfilling their mission. But can they escape the traps set for them by their very own people?

Elysian Fields (The end Book 1)

by J.L Perrigo

This is the tale of survivors during the end of the world. The choices that must be made to survive the horrors unleashed after the rapture. Will they find faith during the apocalypse or be drug into the black with the rest of the damned.



A short story for bedtime reading.
Includes a preview of my debut novel Shattered. The first book in The Piper Davis Series.

Imprint: Book One: The Jade Dragon

by Elaine Sherman

When Rachel McKenna uncovers a Japanese katana her first day on the job at the Jade Dragon antique shop, she awakens an ancient spirit and two souls become oneâ?¦

Rachel McKenna is a college student flunking her pre-law courses with dreams of making it big on the local art scene. A closet bookworm with an overbearing mother and no social life, she’s just one step away from becoming a college dropout.

Atsuhiko Abe is a former samurai from the golden age of a feudal Japan turned modern day art dealer. The victim of a four centuries old curse, he is in search of his ancestral sword to atone for the sins of his past and avenge the death of his beloved wife.

When Atsuhiko answers the call of his familial sword, he is brought face to face with an ancient enemy, the spirit of his late wife Haruko, newly resurrected from the dead, and Rachel McKenna, the innocent young woman Haruko has taken as a host.

Duty bound, Atsuhiko vows to protect Rachel from the reach of their shared enemy while seeking forgiveness from the ghost of his beloved. As fate draws them closer together in heart, body, mind, and soul, Atsuhiko and Rachel must learn to live with their newfound connection and emergent love while unraveling the secrets of a long-forgotten tragedy before history repeats itself.

The Final Letters: Fiction Becomes Real

by Ivan Oconnor

A blonde and very attractive daughter of famous horror author Ivan Peterson moves back home with him while her own life begins a new turn. Cara discovers dark secrets about her father’s writing inspiration for his most popular recent book, “The Final Letters.” This book made Ivan, a fanatic of Earnest Hemingway, a large fortune.

Cara and the local sheriff, Adam begin a relationship and she reveals to him a discovery of strange hand written letters from her father’s writing room. Were people forced to write about the feeling of knowing they were about to be killed? Were these letters real?

The Great Northwestern Country of Washington State holds many surprises…


by Matt Cutugno

The never-before-told story of an ancient biography of Vlad the Impaler, written in the 15th century. The work chronicled a clash of civilizations as the Ottoman Empire ravished Europe after the Fall of Constantinople. This biography of Vlad Drakul, his times and struggles, inspired Bram Stoker’s creation of Dracula. THE DRACULA LEGEND tells of the author’s chance meetings in the autumn of 1969 with an old man who actually met with Bram Stoker on several occasions, just prior to his death in 1912. Hidden from view for almost a century, author Matt Cutugno reveals for the first time the old man’s story of Stoker’s secret trip to the land of the vampires and the source for his creation of the legendary Count Dracula.


Matt Cutugno is the author of the bestselling recollection, THE WINTER BARBEQUE.

Something Witchy This Way Comes (Being the Victorian Tales of Tellehandra Murry, Witch and Private Detective-to-be: The Victorian Witch Chronicles

by Fiola Tempest

Murder is a dish best served in a foreboding Victorian castle!
Tellehandra McMurry is a cheeky young woman with a severe governess. When her father dies, she is sent to live with her Uncle Reginald in a far off corner of County Cork. Deeply in debt, Uncle Reginald has found an interesting way to erase his gambling problems –by murdering his debtors. When his young niece Tellehandra arrives, he finds a more enterprising way to seek his fortune. If he can press his niece into marrying his son, then the family fortune will roll down to him. And if can’t press her into marriage, then there is always another way to obtain what he seeks.
But Tellehandra won’t give in so easily, she’s made of different stuff. Years earlier, Tellehandra’s mother was sent away from the family home, and Tellehandra is beginning to understand why – because her mother was a witch. Perhaps being a child of a enchantress is fortuitous, because Tellehandra will need all her wits and talents about her if she is going to escape Castle Reddrick alive.

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