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Dead Jokes: Put the Fun Back in Funeral

by Jim Reaper

Put the fun back in funeral with DEAD JOKES. A collection of tasteless jokes about death. Nothing is off limits.

Most of these joke are crude and If you are easily offended then maybe you should check out DAD JOKES which are typically far less shocking.

These jokes are not politically correct and will offend some people.

Not suitable for children. Not suitable for adults who are not morally corrupt.

The Journal of Tom Whills: A Time Travel Fantasy for STAR WARS fans

by Richard Gleaves

“They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they fucked it all up.”
–Princess Vespa of Aquilae, senator

TOM WHILLS is a first generation STAR WARS fan and proud of it.
So when he and his best friend Danny build a time machine,
their one wish is for a glimpse of the original production.

But in 1975, Tom’s infiltration of an early ILM production meeting
sets the entire history of STAR WARS on a disastrous course.

In five episodes, the Journal of Tom Whills tells the story of
a STAR WARS production gone off the rails as time traveling fans
try desperately to get their beloved film back on track.

Will they succeed in saving the production? Or will STAR WARS
go down as the legendary flop that ruined George Lucas’ career?

Episode One of a 5-episode series

ப�ி: நாவல் (Tamil Edition)

by Knut Hamsun ந�் ஹாம்�ன்

ந�பல் பரி�ு ப�ற்ற �ழுத்தாளர் ந�் ஹாம்�னின் நாவல், ப�ி. �.நா. �ுப்ரமண்யம் ம�ழிப�யர்ப்பில்.

Rich, Famous, And Ass-Less: Your Frown Looks Like A Hairy Dick

by Dr. Fu LoveShit

There is something wrong with this relationship. Is it the fact that he abuses her? Is it the fact that she likes it? Maybe it’s the fact that she wants to get her glass cracked. Wait. . . she wants what? If you’re confused then you must read this story to make sense of it all. And remember to wipe the frown off your face because it looks like a hairy dick.

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