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How To Draw Fortnite For Kids: Learn To Draw 10 Defenders, And 10 Lead Survivors (Unofficial)

by Andrew Howell

The First How to Draw Fornite Book For Kids On The Market!

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Does your child love Fortnite? Do they also love to draw? And are you trying to make them happy, while trying to get them off of Fortnite?

This book contains 10 Defenders, and 10 Survivors to draw for hours of fun. 

You may think you can find other “How To Draw” books elsewhere, but no other guide will you find that has children in mind when creating the book.

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How to Draw Fortnite: Learn to Draw Items, Weapons, Bags, Tools (Volume 2) (Unofficial Book)

by Osie Publishing

Limited Time Discount! (Regular $ 9.99 )

The #2 Unofficial How to Draw Fortnite: Learn to Draw Items, Weapons, Bags, Tools (Volume 2) and Color! Fun by learning via 20 Fortnite Drawings for Kids is a great way to spend your free time. This book will keep children entertained for hours. It also serves as a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Inside you will find:

    Drawings of your favorite Fortnite items:


    Golf Kart

    Bitemark Pickaxe

    Treasure Chest

    Tomato Head

    … and much, much more!

    Make these drawings come to life using your imagination, pencils and markers!


Beauty’s Quest: A Historical Fantasy Fairy Tale Retelling of Sleeping Beauty (Once Upon a Princess Book 2)

by C. S. Johnson

“You want to be free,” Theo told her. “But you don’t even allow yourself to dream of it, even with small things, like singing a song.”
A new wave of anger, both at him and at herself, washed over her. “If I am free, I am free to refuse,” she muttered.
“It’s not a matter of freedom, but fear.”
“I am not afraid!”
“Aren’t you?” Theo asked quietly.
Rose waited to hear Theo argue with her. But he said nothing.

In order to defeat the sorceress Magdalina, and free herself from her curse, Rose, the Princess of Rhone, has set out to find dragon’s blood. As she travels toward the Romani territory, where the Serpent’s Garden resides, she is accompanied by her faithful group of friends, including their newest member, Prince Philip of Einish.

But when the group ends up shipwrecked on the small island of Maltia, they find themselves trapped without supplies and a way off the island. With time, money, and new enemies working against them, Rose remains determined despite her despair to rise to each challenge. But can she face the growing fearâ??and longingâ??inside herself?

Sweet, suspenseful, and full of surprises, Beauty’s Quest is the second book in the Once Upon a Princess saga from C. S. Johnson. Enjoy Part II of this historical fantasy retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale!

Algebra, Statistics and Probability: A Mathematics Book for High Schools and Colleges

by Kingsley Augustine

This book, Algebra, Statistics and Probability, has been carefully written to teach you some topics in mathematics by explaining them with a mindset to fully equip you in the topics. Whether you want this book for general studies of mathematics, or you want this book to study for an exam, you will find it a very useful companion.
This eBook is a mathematics teacher which is suitable for students in high schools or secondary schools and students in colleges. It will also serve as a useful tool for students who are preparing for entrance examinations into colleges and universities. Students in the higher institutions taking courses in mathematics will also find this maths book useful, especially when there is need for improved mathematical foundation for such students.
The step by step explanations presented in the worked examples are easy to study since care was taken to sufficiently explain salient points and mathematical ideas. Efforts have been made to achieve a complete and simplified explanation of every example given in this textbook. Many worked examples have been included in each topic in order to fully cover every complexity the topic might contain. This book will boost your level of understanding of algebra, statistics and probability.
Numerous exercises at the end of each chapter are intended to test students’ understanding of the topic. Therefore students are thus presented with an effective means of self-assessment whereby they can determine their individual strengths and revision needs.
The topics covered in this eBook include many areas under linear algebra, statistics, probability and even numbers and numerations. The topics include:


Readers with mathematical mindsets will find these topics well simplified, thereby making mathematics more interesting.
A constructive review of this mathematics textbook will be highly appreciated from buyers so as to give an overview to others who intend to purchase a copy of it, and also to be a form of advice for the author when revising the book.

The Rich Green Monster’s Gold: Bedtime Stories for Kids

by Vynere Lebreau

Bedtime Stories for Kids was written to allow kids to read a variety of interesting yet educational stories. Filled with pictures and easy to read writing, each story also has a specific lesson at the end to be learnt.

My First Day of School

by Joshua Worstell

A young turtle is about to embark on a journey that he is not very enthused about… His first day of school. Well he has an idea of his own. How will it work out for him?

The Universes Inside the Lighthouse: Balky Point Adventure #1 (Balky Point Adventures)

by Pam Stucky

An ordinary lighthouse on the outside.
A portal to all of space and time on the inside.

“Aliens, infinite universes, ghosts AND time travel … a winning literary combination if ever there was one.” â?? Just One More Chapter reviews

When Emma notices something unusual in the lighthouse lobby, she has no idea that unraveling this mystery will be just the beginning of an adventure that will take her and her friends to distant planets, throughout time and the multiverse, and to a place where everything is possible.

Together with her twin brother Charlie, an identical Charlie from a parallel Earth, mysterious Eve, enchanting Ben, and unconventional but endearing scientist Dr. Waldo, can Emma chase down Vik, a man under the influence of an entity called The Void, before he destroys all the universes?

Inspired by the timeless wonder and fantasy of A Wrinkle in Time, with just a dash of Doctor Who, Pam Stucky has created a smart and unforgettable story of adventure, curiosity, and the humanity of all beingsâ??even aliens.

Exciting and imaginative, courageous and thought-provoking, this novel commends the strength of compassion, and the inherent power within each person to change the world … or the universe.

“Reminded me of Christopher Pike’s wonderful series Spooksville (one of my all time favourites growing up) …. The plot was full of twists and turns … it was suspenseful and exciting, a perfect children’s adventure story and a compelling read. I would recommend this to anyone with teenagers that enjoy adventure stories of any kind, and I can’t wait for the second in the series.” â?? Alison, Chapter One Reviews

“I never grew tired of seeing what [the author] might come up with next…. What would it be like to visit other planets? As someone who has often wondered about this, I was intrigued by all of the places that these characters see. Earth is unique in many different ways. It was nice to see this subtly acknowledged before the author went on to show the amazing range of possibilities. I would have liked to visit (almost) all of them.” â?? Astilbe, Long and Short Reviews”

“I recommend this book to fans of Doctor Who, and anyone who loves to read Sci-Fi novels.” â?? Rachel, Rachel’s Really Random Reviews

Pam Stucky is also the author of:
The Wishing Rock series (adult contemporary fiction)
The Pam on the Map series (travelogues)

Jaw-Jaw the Donkey

by K Corner

What does a braying donkey really sound like? Only the wise old scarecrow has heard the sound. The colorful straw man encourages his curious friend, Jaw-Jaw the donkey, to laugh – long and loud and lofty! This delightful tale with creative
illustrations, from spring until fall harvest, will capture the childhood imagination of many young readers.

The second edition contains upgraded fonts that are easier for youngsters to read.

Grandfather to eight children, K. K. Corner enjoys
writing stories for young readers and has a keen interest in children’s literature and education. He and his wife reside in a suburb of Seattle, Washington.

Sharon L. Richert was an accomplished artist and
children’s book illustrator. Her versatility in both media and style lends itself beautifully to the world of imagination and magic.

This second edition is produced by Renroc Publishing. This new Kindle version provides a reading experience similar to the print version of the book.

Superheroes’ Kids: When Dad is Deployed

by Heather Carson

Our military men and women are real-life superheroes, especially to their families. However, being a superhero’s kid comes with unique challenges.

Meet Piper, a military child with a big secret on how to cope with a parent’s deployment. Join her as she introduces other military kids and invites your child to be a part of an extraordinary club. A fun story and an excellent resource for any child dealing with a parent deployment or separation.

Grimaldi The Discontented Fairy

by Nathaniel Holland

‘Grimaldi – The Discontented Fairy’ is a story for children young and old.
Written to celebrate fairytales long since penned and perhaps gathering dust, the story is a little dark but not without hope. I am a great admirer of Hans Christian Andersen; this story is my attempt to capture some of his magic in storytelling.
Grimaldi is angry; he hates being in Fairydom and begs to be sent to the Grey Haven. Mother sends him there on a mission to save fairy wisdom in exchange for her crown.
Grimaldi’s hubris leads him to abandon his fairy family, allowing a fairy – poor Orion – to be left to the worse possible Fate at the hands of the Lord of the Fire Kingdom.
A cautionary tale about getting exactly what you wished for.
This edition also contains the prologue for the next story in the collection – ‘Bluebell-Blue & The Oak Sprites’.

Patty the Purple Dragon is too Scared to go to Sleep

by Joshua Worstell

Patty is a young dragon who is terrified that she has a monster under her bed. This book has a scary plot, maybe a villain, and an eventual hero who has a practical solution to a problem most kids face at night from time to time.

My Crazy Pet Frog: A Novelette

by Scott Gordon

The name’s Gus, and I have a super-sized problem. There’s this crazy frog, you see, living in my bathroom. I can’t seem to get rid of him. A golf superstar, celebrity chef and professional boxer are just a few of the things that he claims to be. One thing is for certain, though: If he doesn’t stop eating, he’ll eventually eat us out of the house.

So what do you say, kid? Can you help a friend out?

Approximately 11,700 words.

WARNING: Contains sizzling bacon, frog legs and a New Kids on the Block joke. (Yikes!)

Get Unstuck for Kids!: A Fun, Interactive Guide to Empower Your Child for Life

by John Seeley

A Fun, Interactive Guide to Empower Your Child for Life. Stories and lessons offer life lessons for both kids and adults. Each chapter has room for notes and questions for the adults and children to answer and bond over. Simple, yet powerful information and tools to meet life’s challenges.

In The Beginning

by Judy Billing

In the Beginning is a faith-based book written in verse for young children. Taken from Genesis 1 and 2, it shares with children the Creation story. Complete with engaging illustrations, this book recounts in simple, child-like language where we came from and how our world began. In the Beginning is a perfect book for parents and grandparents alike to read to their little ones.

The Ant Friendship: Bedtime Stories for Kids

by Vynere Lebreau

Bedtime Stories for Kids was written to allow kids to read a variety of interesting yet educational stories. Filled with pictures and easy to read writing, each story also has a specific lesson at the end to be learnt.

When Two Become One (When Two Become One and When One Becomes Two Book 1)

by Steve Wilson

Newborn twins are smuggled to safety from an oppressive regime, as an ancient prophecy foretells that only when their magic is combined on their sixteenth nameday will the evil be overcome. Until then, they have to be kept safe from both the regime’s killer squads and the harsh realities of the everyday battle to stay alive.

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Capricious Shadows (Orville Wellington Mouse Adventures Book 3)

by Tom Hoffman

Publishers Weekly (BookLife) says: “Adorable is one word to describe both the characters and plot of this novel… The writing will spark the imaginations of young readers.”
Award winning finalist in Young Adult Fiction * 2017 International Book Awards
“…a novel you will not forget any time soon…” -Rabia Tanveer * 5 stars

“A romping tale of adventure, science and magic for all ages!”

When Orville Mouse rescues an errant windblown hat on his way to work, he soon discovers the hat’s shadow is not behaving as it should be. While attempting to discover the cause of this curious phenomenon, Orville and his best friend Sophia Mouse uncover a terrifying secret, soon finding themselves in a desperate race to prevent the imminent destruction of uncountable parallel worlds. With help from their old friend Proto the Rabbiton, mysterious Madam Molly, a wistful robotic curator named Copo, a pair of gigantic vacationing insects, a ghostly engineer, the vaporous Others, and the simmering Forest of Thorns, the two stalwart adventurers must retrace the journey of a centuries old explorer named Haukesworth Mouse to the lost world of Tectar and a terrifying confrontation with Mendacium the Dark Wizard in the dank and dismal dungeons of infamous Castle Caligari.

Cool Math Games for Kids (Kids Books Ages 9-12 Book 2)

by Eric Z

Q: Can you really combine math with FUN? A: A resounding YES!

This book includes easy math games for kids ages 4 to 12, and also PRINTABLES!

Oversized Printables to help your kid with the pencil work and erasing.

Dice games Couple FUN with LEARNING – the most Effective way to learn math.


  • Big oversize templates of the number and dice for kids 4 to 6
  • “EASY YATZEE” for kids 5 to 9
  • Yatzee for kids 9 and up (adults love this game too!)
  • Mountain: for kids 4 to 9
  • Easy Sudokus for Kids: Lots of them! 

AND…All downloadable printables are free 🙂

Scroll up and grab a copy today! Help your kid couple Learning Math with FUN!

Snail’s Ark

by Joshua Worstell

We all know that the snails made it to Noah’s Ark, but what possibly did they go through to get there. This is a fun story about adversity, overcoming obstacles, friendship, and a love that never failed.
The profits the author makes from this publication will be donated to bring clean drinking water to places where there is none.

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