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Daisy and Bernard (The Daisy Hayes Mysteries Book 3)

by Nick Aaron

In the summer of 1989 the Iron Curtain was unravelling, and Daisy Hayes had just become a pensioner who liked to do her ironing while listening to the latest news on the radio.

The doorbell chimed. A police officer handed over a summonsâ??printed in Braille. Daisy was being asked to testify about a baffling and gruesome murder, and had to follow the policeman at once. During the ride to New Scotland Yard, even before the first interview took place, the blind lady reflected that, though she knew nothing about this case, she would not be able to prove her innocence without revealing the two murders she actually had committedâ??many years ago.

In an original twist to the “good cop-bad cop” routine, the older police investigator in charge of this strange case seemed to be very much in love with the blind suspect, and encouraged her to come clean and find redemption at long last.

“As we have almost come to expect from this author, Nick Aaron playfully tweaks and mixes the conventions of different genres, offering us a compelling murder mystery that is at the same time a heart-rending romance.” – The Weekly Banner

This is the third volume of The Daisy Hayes Trilogy:

I D for Daisy

II Blind Angel of Wrath

III Daisy and Bernard

Warning: a trilogy always has the disadvantage (?) that you have to read three books in the right order. On the other hand, each of these has a beginning, a middle and an end, and could be read on its own if you’re willing to miss out on the dramatic arc of the whole.

This trilogy as a whole is a story of crime, punishment, and redemption, and at the same time a portrait of the twentieth century as witnessed by one remarkable blind woman.

In the first volume Daisy Hayes is between 16 and 27, and she takes us along with her through World War II. The second volume brings us to the Swinging Sixties, Daisy is then 44. And finally in the third book she’s 66 and it is 1989, the year the Berlin wall came down.

Dear Daisy would have been born in 1922 and would probably be dead by now, or alternatively, still alive and kicking in her 90s.

The Pursuit of Lies, Mystery with a Romantic Twist (Paradise Valley Mystery Series Book 4)

by Debra Burroughs

From New York Times bestselling author Debra Burroughs comes Book 4…  Sassy private-eye Emily Parker races to solve a scandalous murder. Her world is ripped apart when the man she loves, the town’s hunky police detective, is arrested, accused of murdering a female Assistant District Attorney with whom the police believe he was having an affair. The D.A. is pushing for the death penalty. With the help of her close circle of friends, Emily is in for the fight of her life!   
    ***Books available in The Paradise Valley Mysteries***
The Scent of Lies: Book 1
The Heart of Lies: Book 2
The Chain of Lies: Book 3
The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4 
The Betrayal of Lies: Book 5
The Harbor of Lies: Book 6
The House of Lies: Book 7(*Most enjoyable if these books are read in order.)   
OTHER BOOKS by Debra Burroughs
  The Lake House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 1, With her life going from bad to worse, reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to her small hometown by a homicide investigation that ends up pointing the finger at someone she loves. Can she uncover the truth before it destroys her family and any chance she has for a happy life?
   The Stone House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 2, Reporter Jenessa Jones is knee deep in a scandalous murder investigation when her police detective boyfriend’s ex-wife comes back to town and throws a monkey wrench into their budding romance.  The Boat House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 3, Caught between her old flame and her new love, reporter Jenessa Jones must do some fancy footwork to stop a murderer who is set on killing her to kill the story she’s chasing.  The Gate House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 4, Jenessa must fight her nemesis to stop a long-buried secret from destroying her life.
  Three Days in Seattle, A vengeful murder plot — and a simmering love affair….  (A light Romantic Suspense in the Emerald City)  The Scent of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery -Book 1, When Emily Parker digs into her late husband’s murder, she discovers he may not have been who he claimed. Can she uncover the truth with the help of her best friends and the handsome new detective in town? (think “Stephanie Plum” meets “Nancy Drew”)

Pansy Cottage (Mister Darcy Series Book 4)

by Barbara Silkstone

~ A Light Jane Austen Comedy ~
Lizzie plots a secret garden wedding for her sister, Jane and Charles Bingley. Can she outsmart Mother Bennet or will the gorgon prevail? With her nerves in high gear, Mrs. Bennet plans the marriage of her eldest daughter. Behind the scenes, Lizzie races against the clock to design a small garden wedding ahead of her mother’s over-the-top ball. Can Darcy cart the unsuspecting Mrs. Bennet to the garden ceremony? Will Mr. Bennet cooperate with Lizzie’s plans, or does Pansy Cottage still cast a long shadow in his memories?

Mister Darcy’s Dogs ~ Book One
Mister Darcy’s Christmas ~ Book Two
Mister Darcy’s Secret ~ Book Three
Pansy Cottage ~ Book Four
Mister Darcy’s Templars ~ Book Five
Mister Darcy’s Honeymoon ~ Book Six
Happy Christmas from the Darcy’s ~ Book Seven
Mister Darcy’s Maltese Falcon ~ Book Eight
Darcy Down the Rabbit Hole ~ Book Nine
Barbara Silkstone’s Amazon Author’s page

“Barbara Silkstone is beyond clever. She’s an engaging writer who, with great skill, manages to make her skewed world ring true. The best thing about her characters is that they are not caricatures; they are real with all their dimensions intact. The best thing about Silkstone is that she manages to exhibit equal measures of talent and imagination.”

Barbara Silkstone is the author of the best selling Mister Darcy series of comedic mysteries ~ 9 Book series and 10 Regency novels and novellas. She is also the author of the Wendy Darlin Comedy Mysteries Р5 Cozy Romantic Adventures. Check out her Amazon Author page or visit her at the Second Act Caf̩.com

Deeply Cuts the Rose of Murder (Folly Beach Florist Murder Mystery Series Book 2)

by Phoebe T. Eggli

Book 2 of the Folly Beach Florist Murder Mystery Series

Florist Kayla Ballantyne worked countless hours to prepare hundreds of floral arrangements for the Folly Beach High School prom. Little did she know that the prom would provide more than just the usual teenage angst and antics. The night would uproot her entire world, as her surrogate son, Alex Ward finds himself as the focus of a murder investigation after his beautiful date is found face down in the school pool, surrounded by the special roses Kayla fixed just for her. The investigation would test relationships, including her own with the town’s handsome lead detective, Billy Randall. Old friends pull together to uncover the truth to exonerate Alex, and in the process discover the horrifying truths within the school itself that led to the murder of an aspiring investigative journalist and Alex’s best friend.

Miss Turquoise (David Grant Book 2)

by George B. Mair

Why did President Kennedy invite Soviet co-operation in project Moon-landing during September 1963?

And why did Russia lose interest in the race to be first on the Moon?

David Grant’s mission to seize the tiny source of a rare mineral could be the answer.

But only death could offer cover deep enough for him to outwit SATANâ??the international Society for the Activation of Terror, Anarchy and Nihilismâ??which operates as much against Moscow and Pekin as against the Free World.

A split-second escape from attempted assassination then gave NATO’s top security ace the chance he needed, and transportation from Paris to London inside a coffin whilst under the influence of a paralysing drug was his terrifying start to a fantastic series of adventures.

George Brown Mair was born at Troon in Scotland in May, 1914 and was educated at Kilmarnock Academy and Glasgow University, where he qualified as a doctor. He visited most European countries, Asia from Japan to Turkey, South America, the West Indies, Canada, the United States, and parts of Africa. With his Dutch wife Trudie, he visited nearly all the Communist countries in Europe, during the course of which they were the first to photograph the interior of the Kremlin palaces and met many Soviet leaders.

The Elephant Bowl: A Detective Series of Crime and Suspense Thrillers (A Detective August Miller Series – Short Stories)

by Charles Prandy

The new Detective August Miller series includes three suspenseful short stories with gripping twists and unexpected outcomes.

The Elephant Bowl, Detective August Miller finds herself in a heart stopping moment from an investigation that was closed over a decade ago.

The Endearment Diary, A hidden diary helps Detective Miller unravel the mystery of a missing teenager who disappeared years earlier.

Between the Trees, A psychopath with a taste for young women tries his best to taunt Detective Miller.

Undertow: A Romantic Thriller

by Anne Baines

Sharks aren’t the only predators hunting beneath Kauai’s waves…

NCIS Special Agent Maia Lamb has fallen in love with the island life on Kauai but when a Navy officer turns up mutilated on a beach, she’s plunged into the darker side of paradise. A serial killer lurks in the crystalline waters and Maia will need all the help she can get to catch a murderer.

With his local connections, handsome surf instructor Kaiko Akoni could be exactly the help she needsâ?¦ or he could be more dangerous than he appears. But as more bodies wash ashore, Maia must decide who to trust before she loses everything.

A new beachy, romantic thriller from the author of Hunting Delilah, perfect for your summer vacation binge read!

Conjuring Quantico (The Federal Witch Book 1)

by T S Paul

How do you cope with magic that goes its own way?

As a second year FBI academy witch, Agatha Blackmore has a certain reputation. After nearly blowing up the school, an untended mid-air incident involving the FBI Director, and declaring war with the US Marines, she has to wonder if she will even see graduation.

But when a rash of mysterious disappearances catches the attention of local authorities Agatha finds herself asked to lend a hand to the investigation. Determined to offer protection where it is needed the most, Agatha and her quirky roommate Cat along with her mini- unicorn familiar Fergus, attempt to unravel the mysteries of the four distinctly magical disappearances before time runs out.

Does Agatha have what it takes to be an agent? Or will everyone that crosses her end up eating chicken feed for the rest of their lives?

Conjuring Quantico is the first book in a brand new Urban Fantasy by T. S. Paul.
As a direct sequel to Born a Witch… Drafted by the FBI, T. S. Paul returns with the first book of the Federal Witch Series!

Slaughter: Origin Story (DJ Slaughter Book 1)

by James Beltz

“DJ Slaughter is my new favorite hero! I could NOT put this book downâ?¦”

If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp, you’re going to love this book. DJ Slaughter is no hero. But make no mistake, he’s tired of being pushed around. Life ambushed him years ago and left him bitter and broken. Now, when the same type of evil threatens him once more, it finds him more prepared. This time, he is just as lethal as the enemy that pursues him.

Prepare yourself for a thriller that will forbid you to put it down. It is an Action / Thriller / Adventure novel that comes complete with heroic deeds, a bit of humor, a dash of romance, a few very unexpected twists, and an ending that may make you hurl something violently across the room.

“The best new Action, the best new Thriller, the best new Suspense book out there. Couldn’t put it downâ?¦”

“Suspense, nonstop action, a huge twist, and a frustrating cliffhanger at the end. This book has it all…”

“Unlike anything I’ve read in a while. A Crime Drama that will leave you breathless with its pace…”

“If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Tom Clancy, or John Wick you’re going to love this bookâ?¦”


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