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A Practical Guide to Forgiveness From an Impractical Survivor

by Christie Page

A Practical Guide to Forgiveness From an Impractical Survivor is a harrowing tale of the author’s own journey to forgiveness after surviving childhood abuse, teenage pregnancy, anorexia, bulimia, cancer, rape, depression and PTSD.

“My truth was that I was so comfortable living in my pain that I wasn’t sure who I would be if I stopped finding ways to suffer. I had to find a way to want to be enough.”

Forgiveness is essential to all healing but forgiveness is used as a blanket statement to redemption without anyone telling us how to actually get there and although it is true that the journey is different for everyone, the book promises to share with you a practicality about forgiveness that is not based on faith but on a tangible application of behavior that is the cornerstone of living in grace.

Dream Job Commercial Advertising Lintas: Worldwide 1994: Merger Chaos & Personal Crises (Pre-Internet Coming of Age Journal)

by Jack Salk

This is a true journal, with minor edits in brackets, that begins with the acceptance of a commercial advertising gig in January 1994 and follows a “rolling stone” existence through a corporate merger and unexpected fatherhood. The “lone ranger” self-romantic crosses the country from New York to California and Utah in search of happiness in this deeply affecting, candid journal.
I have thought while keeping long-term journals in hard cover, what use they could have revealing dark disclosures? Now, anyone can look over ideas, plans, and thoughts to see what one person did with his life by reading the series. it could inspire others to keep journals and learn from mistakes that were originally written with no audience. Consequently, you have a private look into an “everyman” from 1994-1995 with the jargon and parlance of the time, unedited. Only names of people and a few businesses have been changed because of the private nature of the book.

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The Diary of Mr. Mom Grad Student

by J.S. Salk

This is a true, candid, journal with only name changes that begins in 1992 with the start of grad school in New York and ends with a dream job at a worldwide, New York ad agency. The struggle of a difficult relationship is highlighted throughout the deeply affecting journal.

I have thought while keeping long-term journals in hard cover, what I may use it for. I can look over ideas, plans, and thoughts from earlier days. It would be nice to have the books available for people to see what one person did with his life and inspire others to keep journals.

messages for anthony, daniel, and leah: one of a father’s primary responsibilities is to teach values and ethics to his children (the leah books)

by sam sottile

“one of a father’s primary responsibilities is to teach values and ethics to his children”

Messages for Anthony, Daniel, and Leah tells the story of an empowering philosophy of living as explained by a father to his children through nightly discussions of quotations. Follow their journey of development – discussions with my children, making the world a better place, love and relationships, the power of the individual, live life to the fullest, the individual as an artist – as some of the more beautiful ideas that humanity has engendered are explained in the father’s own words to his children.

Surrounding this collection of quotations and discussions is the story of a non-verbal autistic young adult and her father/caregiver (the author) and how his development prepared him to provide for her unique needs.

The Leah Books

Leah’s story is quite beautiful, the ultimate paradox of a special needs person and her family. Leah is a spectacular individual just as she is, but I cannot help imagining what she might have been and how much the world is missing.

The Leah Books series tells her story wrapped around books of poems (leah is a masterpiece and love poems for leah) and quotations (messages for anthony, daniel, and leah) that shaped my development and prepared me to care for her and love her just as she is! It also includes a cookbook of the meals that I prepare for her (cooking for leah- late 2018), and a book that explains how we care for her, a non-verbal, autistic young adult (caring for leah – 2019). All proceeds from the Leah Books will go to her special needs trust fund.

HOW TO SURVIVE BREAK UP OF MARRIAGE: First two years รข?? practical guide (The story of Zak Milo Book 2)

by Drazen Milosevic

This book is for all the people in the world who are divorced, planning to divorce or they are not sure what to do. The book can help anybody, regardless of marriage situation or gender. The book covers the first two years after the break-up and how to deal with lawyers, children, education, friends, work, hobbies, the health, the positive thinking, ex partner and also new relationships in the way that everybody can understand and apply. The topic does not have any country boundaries and can be applied in any society in the world, and does not have time limit.

Technological Wizardry Out-of-Balance with Real Life: Life lessons too important to be sequestered in front of screens

by Dave Masko

Technological Wizardry Out-of-Balance with Real Life, by Dave Masko. Thanks to overdependence on technological wizardry, most tech fans find themselves out of balance with real life. By the age of 16, the average tech addicted American youth has spent nearly five of those years in front of “screens,” while information technology was always touted as giving users more time to really live. Fiercely addicted techies are mostly lost and lonely online; while committing suicide at epidemic rates. The number one killer of teens in America today is tech-induced suicide; while the World Health Organization (the WHO) recently reported that American tech addicts consume more than two thirds of the world’s production of anti-depressants. While this “new journalism” reporter has produced more than 300 Kindle e-books thus far about this “digital drug addiction,” there are others not wanting to expose the ways and means that social media platforms like Facebook manipulate and exploit young minds. The bottom line is information technology is deliberately designed to be as addictive as heron; while there is plenty of evidence that technology addictiveness is “the main cause of today’s teen suicide epidemic in fully wired America where most youth have mobile devices literally hard-wired into their hearts and minds,” said Becky Watts, the co-director of one of the many information technology addiction rehab treatment centers located along Oregon’s peaceful and not wired coast. “There is this view among most tech addict youth that simply being online 24/7 makes them believe they know everything about life,” explained Watts. “We have dozens of teens who said they learned how to drive online without ever actually getting behind the wheel? This is a metaphor about why technological wizardry is out-of-balance with real life.” Watts, 73, is a retired nurse who has plenty of medical concern about overuse of digital devices among teens because “there is lots of evidence that information technology addictiveness harms a youth all of his or her life; while never ending until they take their own life because the evil artificial intelligence (A.I.) “machine tells them to do so. Computers don’t care about human life.”

Why Does My Autistic Child…?

by Cheryl Lewis

So, your child is autistic.

This might be something that has only been confirmed recently, or perhaps it’s something that you’ve known for a long time.

Either way, you might have questions about what an autistic person can experience or what’s going on inside your child’s mind.

In this book, some of the most common questions that parents have are answered from the perspective of an autistic person. You’ll gain an easy-to-understand insight into the reasons for behaviours, and how they feel from the inside.

Relationship Survivor: Short Story

by Tara Mason

An amazing story of my relationship journey through life, good or bad. Hoping to inspire victims of domestic abuse as I tell my harrowing story.

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