Free poetry Kindle books for 13 Oct 18

Women, Man.

by Marizza Mitchell

I’ve been asked a million times if it is difficult to be a woman interested in women. To answer your question, I’ve written a collection of poems about the women in my life. So welcome to my collection of women. You tell me, does it sound easy?

Journey of a Bedroom Poet

by Catherine Napalai Faulder

This is a book of growth, spoken through poetry, that will help you awaken to the fact that you were born a creator.

Do you sit and watch the world go by while the gift you were born with lies locked deep inside of you? Are you hiding who you really are? Are you living in a pond… when you know the ocean is your world? Are you a closet singer? A bathroom dancer? A night-time painter? A part-time DJ? A secret success story forever waiting to happen? Are you dying inside not showing the world what you are really made of – that is, what you were born to do? Read Journey of a Bedroom Poet if your soul answered yes.

Solitude & the Sea: A collection of poetry

by Megan Grant

Solitude & the Sea is a collection of poetry centred around feeling misplaced and purposeless during youth. It has themes of depression, love, faith and self-discovery woven into the narrative.


by Michelle Carter-Douglass

Behind every true story, there is a true person. Behind this smile ~, I endured a great war. After the blazing smoke, my body laid broken upon the earth. Mended by The Grace of God ~ I will share my story; behind closed doors.

Confessions Of A Boring White Guy

by Thomas Washburn Jr

Confessions Of A Boring White Guy was written over a three month period. It’s poignant, analitical, funny and at times thought provoking.
Included Within are poems, lyrics, random musings about ninja squirrels, and life observations. Told from the perspective of an average guy trying to figure things out.

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