Free politics and current events Kindle books for 13 Oct 18

The Failure of Oral Tradition: A case of African beliefs and customs

by Divine Verkijika

In this publication, Verkijika explores the role of oral tradition in the evolution of Africa, it’s merits and demerits, and how such information could be useful towards forging a better future for Africa. He also uses this theory to clarify a few Traditional African customs and beliefs who’s misinterpretations had been a root cause for several debates about the philosophy of the true traditional African man.

A Happy And Eternal Life Thanks To A Good Governance

by Anonimo

The ideal state. Who hasn’t dreamt of it, at least once? It’s a fleeting thought drowning in the swamp of politics, in that turbid water, unable to be something more than a longing sigh. Anonimo manages to create that kind of thought, to give it shape, content, significance, reality. This book, set in a not-too-far future, deals with the nascence of the Demotelematocracy, an innovative form of government based on the active participation of the citizens-voters through polls, referendums, popular-initiative laws, elections and protests. It’s a kind of democracy, “strengthened” and guaranteed by technology, by the new means of communication and, above all, by the “Eye,” a revolutionary audio and video surveillance system. All of this, however, rests on the Shared Common Sense, namely the deep and universal sharing of the same values and morals. Superficial? Demagogic? Utopian? Maybe, but this book provides some interesting starting points to hope concretely in a different and better future. The dialogues help the reader familiarise with the text, allowing him or her to ask and to answer questions. Finally a constructive and useful read. An interesting voice in an ocean of empty words.

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