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Credit Repair Made Simple: The Complete Guide To Repairing Your Own Credit

by Isaca Tracy

Finally, a credit repair book with easy to use, step-by-step strategies to repair your own credit without all of the fluff! With the tools in this book you will learn how to remove negative items from your credit report including student loans and repossessions. This book contains all the secrets and tools your need to successfully repair your own credit. Remove late payments for student loans, repossessions, public records, and learn more about bankruptcies. This book has over 20 sample dispute letters along with the most coveted secrets and strategies to successfully repair your credit.

Scrutiny of News Life Hacks: How I got 20 million readers!: How to do a free world-wide press release – reaching thousands of newspapers, TV and radio stations! Maximum coverage

by Christine djerf

I will give you a recipe, not “The” recipe because I don’t think such exist. -“The” recipe would demand the exact timing and copy of actions and events each time!

List with links to thousands of newspapers, TV and radio stations FREE
Possibility to fetch more than 500.000 email addresses to journalists FREE
Software to send your press release FREE
Show how to fix Your own press release email account FREE
List with Free press release services
How to send your press release to AP (Associated Press) FREE
Press release examples FREE
How to get attention the “Trump way” FREE
How to build your own news outlet/website or webstore FREE
Legal policy for your website FREE
How to increase the amount of visitors up to millions FREE
Tutorial “how to build an online newspaper”
Which plugins to use
Where and why to submit your links and your websites
Why you should build a network of news webites
Article Spinner problems
Journalist Ethics
Fresh rss content sources FREE

If you buy the paperback version, remember that there are a lot of links that need the ebook version to work!
Any of the suggested links can change over time, since they belong other people and those may decide to change their information. Hopefully this book will leave you with the skill of a marketing expert and a problem solver – you will learn to find your way!

In this book I will give you a link list with thousands of newspapers from around the world, and I will tell you how to get all journalists, reporters, newspapers and radio stations email addresses – for free!

I will also tell you how to send your press release to each one of them, in a wink of an eye.
I will tell you how to get more readers, in fact up to 20 million readers each month to your news blog or blog.

How you can use this book:
You can use it to increase the number of readers to your newspaper or blog dramatically!
You can tell the world about your country
You can sell expensive press release packages!
You can start a newspaper for free!
You can use it for your own major press release (which usually cost $200-3000 a month)!
You can promote your music, your product, your service or yourself

I managed to do something most news agencies have not yet succeeded! I managed to get my articles read 75.000 times each day! This without a entire news agency behind me. The little cookie in each article tell me how many times it is being sent to a web browser.

In January 2017, I was happy to reach 300 new readers a day. In April 2018, I was recovering from a total wipeout of my news outlets. In May, I started to do things differently and a steady increasing stream of readers appeared in my statistics reports. I was now experiencing up to 5000 visitors every day.

In the beginning of June 2018, I made a drastic change to my concept and it ended up in my articles being read 20 million times a month!

Simplified Arithmetic, Statistics and Probability: A Mathematics Book for High Schools and Colleges

by Kingsley Augustine

This is a mathematics book which is suitable for students in high schools or secondary schools and students in colleges. It will also serve as a useful tool for students who are preparing for entrance examinations into colleges and universities. Students in the higher institutions taking courses in mathematics and statistics will also find this maths book useful, especially when there is need for improved mathematical, statistical and probability foundations for such students.
The step by step explanations presented in the worked examples are easy to study since care was taken to sufficiently explain salient points and mathematical ideas. Efforts have been made to achieve a complete and simplified explanation of every example given in this textbook. Many worked examples have been included in each topic in order to fully cover every complexity the topic might contain. Note that the beginning of this book covers arithmetic which is the basic foundation of mathematics, and is needed to excel in mathematics. The very beginning of arithmetic was covered.
Numerous exercises at the end of each chapter are intended to test students’ understanding of the topic. Therefore students are thus presented with an effective means of self-assessment whereby they can determine their individual strengths and revision needs.
The topics covered in this eBook include many areas under arithmetic, statistics and probability. The topics include:


Readers with mathematical mindsets will find these topics well simplified, thereby making mathematics more interesting.
A constructive review of this mathematics eBook will be highly appreciated from buyers so as to give an overview to others who intend to purchase a copy of this book, and also to be a form of advice for the author to use when revising the book.

Soldier To Civilian: A Guide For Transitioning Service Members

by Robert Reed

There are plenty of resources about joining the military, but how do you successfully leave the military? All too often, veterans leave benefits and money on the table when exiting the military because they do not know how the system works. In this book, I share tips and suggestions that can help you make the most of your military career. I cover everything from choosing your MOS to receiving education and disability compensation.

Find Your Future: Issue-18th: Weekly Career Magazine

by Sinsera Says

This is the 18th issue of “Find Your Future” a weekly career magazine. In this issue we provide a deep information about Career in Sports along with the English Grammar Punctuation, Reasoning, Employment news etc.


by Peter Bambach


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-73 Rezepte
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Basic Docker lab practices with CLI screen output on Ubuntu 16.04: Useful for students and professionals who are attending for Docker job interviews

by Shanthi Vemulapalli

Basic Docker lab practices with CLI screen output on Ubuntu 16.04

Useful for students and professionals who are attending for Docker job interviews

By Shanthi Kumar Vemulapalli

!!Please read this and the Table of contents, before using or buying this Book!!
Please note; This is my self practiced exercise content on preparing the containers.

I have made some basic docker lab practices for students purpose with screen outputs from my Ubuntu VM.

The reason behind creating this set of exercises is;

1. I have observed in the Job Descriptions of DevOps Engineers globally, one of the mandatory point is; “the attendee need to create the containers during the interview”.
2. Many customers are asking the students or interview attended people to create some of the docker images/containers during the interviews.
3. I felt to share the below sequential lab sessions for the interested people globally. Please read the table of contents.
4. I used Ubuntu 16.04 Virtual machine to demonstrate the lab sessions. You can also use your own ubuntu machine for these commands to be played.
5. For each lab session, I have copied the screen output also to make you to be aware what kind of utilities are being configured on the machine with different docker commands.
6. So that you will be able to explain to the interviewer also very well. And these exercises are sequentially made.
7. And they are connected each of them to use the previous images/containers,etc in the next exercise. Hence they are structured to follow the practice method.
8. Many docker blogs doesn’t contain or show this kind of output or sequential order. At the same time the practitioner or student also can compare their output with this display to confirm they have done it correctly to complete a container preparation process.
9. In this book; at the end of the basic docker lab sessions, I also demonstrated the Jenkins 2.9 and Java 9 installation on windows 10.
10. Finally; I have ended this book with one small Jenkins job building exercise for you as an additional gift in this kindle book. Which is also out of scope of this book title.
11. If the student/practitioner is aware of Jenkins, he/she can try the docker exercises through Jenkins job/build also. So they can be integrated in a Jenkins pipeline jobs.
12. At the end of this book I have mentioned on how to get a ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine which was used for this sessions.

What is the current trend or need on containers need?:

1. Please note now a days; in most of the organizations they are converting their applications into Microservices.

2. When they implement them, for each service they need to build the container.

3. Hence in every Microservices projects, this activity is mandatory and there will be position for preparing docker containers and consolidating and connecting through networking.
4. In such case, obviously through all of my exercises you will be given a jump start to get into your role/activity.
Please see the Table of contents for this kindle book:
1. How to install Docker 17.03.0 community edition and start working with it on Ubuntu 16.x VM?
2. How to create and work with Docker Container?
3. How to work with Docker Images?
4. How to work with interactive Docker containers?
5. How to track changes in a container?
6. How to control and operate docker containers?
7. How to do Containers housekeeping?
8. How to Build images from docker containers?
9. How to Launch a container as a daemon?
11. How to Work with dockerfile to build apache2 container?
12. Jenkins[2.9] Installation with Java 9 on Windows 10
13. How to create and build a simple job through Jenkins[2.9]?
14. How to create Data Volumes using docker containers?

The author also wrote kindle books on different topics.
He also coached the students for different DevOps/Microservices topics online.
Visit his blog: channel:
Shanthi Kumar V

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