Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 13 Oct 18

Christian Girl (Valley High Series Book 1)

by Trish Shaver

Paige is a conservative teenager with a plan to get through high school being unnoticed.
Rocky is the star quarterback who always gets noticed without trying.
Their paths collide and sparks ignite, but they’re both fighting silent battles and it pushes them apart.
Can Christian Girl open up her heart to love or will she let him go?

Tantric Sex: The How to Guide on Tantric Sex: Over 50 Hacks to Turn your Sex Life on its Head

by Tracy Queen

A book brimming with over 50 simple hacks and tricks on Tantric Sex. A manual With Tom and Jane in mind. A manual that makes having multiple orgasm seem like a breeze and not a dream

So far, Tantric Sex seems to be the stuff reserved for gurus, rock stars, that weird hermit down the street and the bizarre sex cultist. Oodles of books peddling the stuff like you have to be Doctor Strange. Chakras, Gods, Hindu practices, more trippie insanity than that time someone slipped you acid at a Grateful Dead concert. Well, I’m here to tell you that Tantra, once you filter it out a bit and pluck out the practical methods, is a cinch. It’s as easy as pie. Boosting up your sexual prowess shouldn’t be a daring task requiring you to get a master in eastern philosophy. This is THE go-to manual on how to do the Tantric Sex jig with over 50 valuable tips.

Jesus, please, stop, I haven’t been to work in a week. I think that’s the police knocking at the door, Please stop, I’m dehydrated, What you still have something more to show me? O.K. screw it, if the Federales burst in I’ll just tell them to snap some photos.

   Sex is an art form. One that anybody with the right guide can master.

What You Will Learn From This Book

-    How to Tantra your ass off. It’s not just for Sting, it’s for you too. How to become multi-orgasmic. How to take your lover to seven heaven. How to surf the wave of erotism. Over 50 ways to strut into the bedroom and rock their world.

-    Over 50 ways to really build up your sexual portfolio. Learn the secrets of the Yoni massage. Explore the wonders of the Venus Butterfly. Dominate foreplay once and for all.

-    A step by step guide on Chakras, religions, sex magic and all those trippy concept we can either take to heart or ignore.

-    A practical, please hold off the insane religious clap-trap and New Age spiel, manual on Tantric Love.

-    Fetishes, Fantasies, Paraphilias and all manner of depraved behavior to get your rocks off.

-    A guide that will take you from masturbation, to foreplay, to coitus, and all the way around. Yes, kids, spanking the monkey will be a requisite in this class

-    Quotes from actors, comedians, adult film stars, your neighbors and complete strangers on the streets.

-    Real life sexual interactions. An encyclopedia Tantric enthusiast confessing.

-    A checklist of why your libido or your lover’s libido decided to take a 3 year nap.

             And so much more. Pages and pages and pages filled to the rafters with filth. You’ll get strap-ons. You’ll get spunk sandwiches. You’ll get ads to stave off Mescaline. You’ll get positions. You’ll get instruction on what lube to buy. You’ll get the inside scoop on what to avoid.

            Discover the secrets of Tantric Love. Grab hold of your lover and ride them like tomorrow is the Apocalypse, ride them till’ you’re both emaciated and in need of nourishment.

            In your hand you have to Go-To manual for kicking complacency, a short fuse and your sucky love life in the testicles. A manual for driving your lover wild with lust and desire. A guide that will give all the skinny and straight inside dope on Tantric Sex. A book busting at the seams with over 50 tricks and hacks on how to become a a SEX GOD.

The English Doctor’s Love: A Clean Amish and Doctor Romance Story

by Alexis Fernando

The English Doctor’s Love is a spellbinding, clean romance where the fate of one Amish family is turned upside down and changed forever. When a tragic accident occurs, everyone involved has to make hard decisions about their future.

Thomas Hedulund must choose between the life of an adventurist and rebellious playboy, or true love. He must also choose between two women that he has grown to love. Can the English doctor overcome his past to learn to live again? Will has character flaws relegate him to a life of meaningless encounters or will his inner good nature rise to embrace love?

Only time and circumstance can save the English doctor from himself. Learn how the fate of one Amish family is touched by the English doctor’s presence and how the lives of two Amish girls become intertwined with the lives of two English doctors. Will they choose to continue living an Amish life, or will they give up family and community for the sake of love? All of these questions and more are answered in the English Doctor’s Love.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

The Accidental Mail Order Bride: A Collection of Mail Order Bride & Amish Romances

by Sarah Amberson

A collection of both Mail Order Bride and Amish Romance stories mark this anthology of new writers…Helena answers a mail order bride advertisement thinking that her betrothed is the Sheriff of a Montana town. She’s giddy about meeting her handsome new husband and his young son but is puzzled when he’s not there to meet her. To add to the confusion, when she finally meets the sheriff he has no recollection of sending for a mail order bride. But if he didn’t write those letters, who did?

Master Chef of the Mind: A Simple Law of Attraction Explanation

by Jason Graham

This book is intended for a wide range of people. You may be just getting into the Law of attraction and need a simple explanation. An addict of many different varieties that is in need of something that will get them over the next stage of life, or just someone that has stumbled here and is looking for a brand new way to approach life. It is here, simply put in these pages. A new start. Condensed into a quick small package. Read it a few times then start living a brand new way of life.

Disease and Faith

by Robert Tompkins

The author tells of his experiences with Parkinson’s and Crohn’s diseases, and the lessons he has learned through many years of suffering various ailments. There is a strong emphasis on Christian faith, hope, and endurance, and the sovereignty of a loving God.

The Amish Life of Marie Fisher: A Collection of Amish Romance Short Stories

by Erica Fanning

An anthology of Amish life and love headlined by “The Amish Life of Marie Fisher”. Marie Fisher could not be more angry when her parents try to arrange a marriage for her with Jonathan Schuster. They have both disliked each other ever since an incident in their childhood…She prays that the marriage doesn’t happen and suddenly Jonathan becomes very sick. Feeling guilty, Marie visits him every day and oddly finds herself growing closer to the man she thought she hated…

The Cult of New Canaan: An Amari Johnston Novel, Volume 2

by R.A. Williams

A UFO cult tries to steal the Shroud of Turin in a preposterous scheme to gain eternal life.

Amari Johnston is a feisty private investigator fresh out of college. In 1988, she made the national news after debunking the carbon dating performed on the Shroud of Turin. Her boyfriend, Dr. Kevin Brenner, is a brilliant young physicist with his own theories as to why the carbon dating is wrong. One year later, they find themselves in a dangerous situation, one that could land them in the headlines againâ??and the obituary section as well.

A devout Christian named Ernesto Galliano shares Amari and Kevin’s passion for proving the Shroud is the authentic burial cloth of Christ. As sole heir to his father’s vast fortune, Ernesto is determined to use his inheritance for good. He hires Amari and Kevin to join his own personal A-Team, an organization he formed to right the world’s wrongs, one mission at a time. At first reluctant to join this team, Amari’s father, veteran homicide detective, Pete Johnston, finally agrees to take the job so he can protect his daughter from harm.

Amari’s bizarre first mission comes after a UFO cult attempts to steal not only the Shroud of Turin but also the Sudarium of Oviedo. However, in a surprising twist of fate, she and Kevin find themselves captured by the very cult they pursue. Desperate to save Kevin and his daughter, Pete unravels clues previously discovered by Amari in a frantic attempt to rescue them before they fall victim to the cult leader’s suicidal vision.

Although this novel is Volume 2 in the Amari Johnston series, it can easily be read as a standalone title.

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