Free science fiction Kindle books for 13 Oct 18

Tipping Point (Project Renova Book 1)

by Terry Tyler

‘I didn’t know danger was floating behind us on the breeze as we walked along the beach, seeping in through the windows of our picture postcard life.’

The year is 2024. A new social networking site bursts onto the scene. Private Life promises total privacy, with freebies and financial incentives for all. Across the world, a record number of users sign up.

A deadly virus is discovered in a little known African province, and it’s spreadingâ??fast. The UK announces a countrywide vaccination programme. Members of underground group Unicorn believe the disease to be man-made, and that the people are being fed lies driven by a vast conspiracy.

Vicky Keating’s boyfriend, Dex, is working for Unicorn over two hundred miles away when the first UK outbreak is detected in her home town of Shipden, on the Norfolk coast. The town is placed under military controlled quarantine and, despite official assurances that there is no need for panic, within days the virus is unstoppable.

In London, Travis begins to question the nature of the top secret data analysis project he is working on, while in Newcastle there are scores to be settled…

Thrill Kings: The Shaftway: Interdimensional Sci-Fi

by Rik Ty

Hello! Both “Thrill Kings: THE SHAFTWAY” AND “Thrill Kings: THE SIZE OF MINNEAPOLIS UPRIGHT” will be FREE every SATURDAY in October, 2018 (Pacific Daylight Time). Enjoy!
Nonstop (an interdimensional rescue worker), follows a small inter-D creature down a ruined elevator shaft, and succeeds in sending the frightened creature back to its home world, but not before the creature skunks him. Nonstop’s climb back out of the shaftway gets very strange and trippy. A short, quasi-tribute to H.P. Lovecraft that is ambitious, fun, and won’t demand too much of your time. Also includes a very brief back-story of the Thrill Kings, and an afterword about The Drabblecast!

Silent Siren (Climatic Climacteric Book 1)

by L.B. Carter

Sea level is rising. Who will float? Who will drown?

Being a freak in high school is easy if you’re smart, doubly so when you’re found on a riverbank, mute, with green-tinted hair, a locket, and amnesia. Secretly, dread that she really is a freak silences Sirena. Her lips seal in a single memory:

Rena drowned her father, saying goodbye with a life-ending kiss.

Death in his parents’ organization forces Norton on his first mission to a podunk coastal town with his brother, where their colleague last made contact. To fulfill the client’s contract:

Nor must recover the specimen fabled to adapt life to climate change.

Thanks to homeschooling, Nor is unprepared for going undercover at a high school. The protective nature his training instilled goes awry when the damsel believes she’s not the one who needs saving. As the two dive into the murky depths of the past, they unearth someoneâ??or someonesâ??willing to kill to keep the truth silent. Can they discover their answers…

Before they go under?

***This is an upper YA (some swearing and sexual references)***

Torch Song: A Kickass Heroine, A Post-Apocalyptic World: Book One Of The Blackjack Trilogy

by Shelley Singer


“Fast-paced action and a decisive, strong-minded heroine make this a good choice for fans of the postapocalyptic thrillers.” –Library Journal
Fans of Lisbeth Salander of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games will love Rica Marin, a new kickass, gunslinging heroine.
Rica Marin’s a mercenaryâ??a hired gun, soldier, and spy who answers only to whoever can keep her in the meds she and her only living relative need to survive the plagues that scourge the earth after biological warfare’s wiped out pretty much everything.

It’s a strange world that’s leftâ??composed of tiny city-states like Redwood, Sierra, and Rockyâ??run with a variety of futuristic machines and broken-down ones. Fancy new cars float as well as roll, but the Internet’s now so glitchy you can’t even blog properlyâ??newspapers have come back! So many machines are in disrepair that a fixer in this world isn’t someone who rigs elections or cleans up after murdersâ??it’s a person who can repair both an elevator and an ancient toilet. But roving bands of bandits, godders, causies, breeders, khakis, and toxies threaten to destroy what’s just been fixed.

Anywhere there are peopleâ??however fewâ??there’ll be power plays, and Rica’s current job at the Blackjack Casino is to run interference between the warring clans of Tahoe, in tiny Sierra. But then the city-state of Rocky gets ambitious. And that means war.

” …truly one of those books that the reader simply cannot set aside until completion. A story whose pace is akin to the speed of a rocket-launcher missile, Blackjack will grasp any reader by the throat and hang on till the end. What characters! What plotting! … (Torch Song) will linger in the mind for long after the completion, with the question ringing: Could a near-future like this actually occur?” â??Euro-Reviews

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of THE HUNGER GAMES Trilogy, The Millennium Trilogy, and post-apocalyptic thrillers and dystopian fiction. Think LEGEND for adults, or a literary expansion of THE BOOK OF ELI.

“Shelley Singer does an excellent job of describing a bleak future of the US…. Shelley’s world is dark and gritty with complex characters and an intriguing theme.” — Night Owl Reviews

The Evolved (The Evolved Series Book 1)

by Roisin Bridget

Society is split into two: the Evolved and the Mediocre. Annually, a test is held to segregate those of the Mediocre that have â??Evolved’. Forced to survive violent conditions with minimal food and no medication, Mediocres in their 20th year must demonstrate their intellectual and physical abilities to obtain their freedom.

Ashling Rivers is determined to get to the Evolved island. With her mother dead and her father Evolved, passing the test is her only chance for a better life. But when Ash makes a shocking discovery she realises that the hardest of tests is yet to come. Torn between her desire for a better life and upholding her morals, Ash is forced to make unimaginable decisions that will haunt her eternally.

Can Ash become an Evolved without changing who she is?

The Battle for Europe: Military Dystopian Thriller (Friends of my Enemy Book 3)

by Autumn M. Birt

For the Guard, keeping Europe safe has never been more difficult.

The hunt for information on the FLF endangers lives, including one very dear to Arinna Prescot, the leader of Europe’s military. But as Derrick Eldridge volunteers for a risky mission to infiltrate the enemy, he leaves his best friend alone in confronting the ministers of MOTHER, who secretly manipulate Europe’s government. The same ministers who wish to remove Arinna and will not take a new threat to their power lightly.

By refusing to step aside as the unsanctioned leader of the Guard, Arinna widens the rift between Europe’s military and MOTHER, leaving the Guard scrambling to find enough soldiers to protect the border. Control of Europe hinges on internal plots, but Europe’s powerful are not hatching the only conspiracies. The battlefield is quiet but the fighting has not ceased. And its outcome will determine who rules Europe.

Continue the military dystopian series Friends of my Enemy with book 3, The Battle for Europe. Terrorism and new conflict bubble to the surface as political maneuverings threaten the stability of what might be the last refuge from an apocalyptic World War III that ravaged the continents.

Set in Europe, this near future fiction series of novels unfolds through the intersecting lives of a small handful of people and explores adult themes, both dark and hopeful, of friendship, romance, family, lust and sex, including how these influences direct everyday choices which ripple outwards to impact governments caught in a post apocalypse. Because not all influence is good, and not all decisions can be made in time.

What readers have said of the series:

“Part one of what appears to be an interesting tale of tangled relationships and covert happenings in a future earth torn asunder with riots and natural disasters. Strong characterization and believable scenarios coupled with a setting that is thought provoking and entertaining. I want to read the next one. Check this story out!” – J.Williams 4 stars

“Autumn has done it again. This book will grab you and carry you from beginning to end without a moment of boredom. Think of the quotation “The Enemy of my enemy is my friend” and you gain some insight into the substance of the story. I normally like Fantasy Adventure, but this novel was a great walk through something a little different. Can’t recommend it enough.” – Victor 5 stars


by Scott McElhaney

For all of Vastian’s life, he’d been led to believe that the walls of the multigenerational spacecraft Endeavor marked the true borders of his entire universe. But then he discovers a door that had been sealed for generations.

Vastian Fox was born on the Endeavor and as a matter of fact, so were his parents. Even his grandparents had been born on this multigenerational spacecraft that had been built to save the last of the human race. And now, after all these years, there was a light at the end of the tunnel as they approached their new planet in the Kapteyn System.

As one of the ship’s navigators, Vastian has a lot of time on his hands while mindlessly monitoring the systems on the bridge twelve hours a day. He also has access to the ship’s computers which wouldn’t pose a problem if he wasn’t also a hacker in his spare time. This leads him to a discovery that doesn’t make any sense. If the numbers are accurate, then the ship is actually many times larger than they’d been led to believe all these many years. Curiosity beckons him to a hidden door that he managed to temporarily unlock via the computer. The problem is, once you walk through that door, there’s no turning back!

Brought to you by the international bestselling author of the Mystic Saga, Dominion, Beyond the Event Horizon, Kepler Moon Alpha, and his newest acclaimed series The Ani Maxima Files. With over 250,000 books downloaded worldwide, Scott McElhaney continues to prove that reasonable Kindle prices do not have to mean poor quality. Also check out Saving Brooksie, Hope Rising, One Crazy Summer, and Vestige by McElhaney.


“McElhaney’s story telling is deft, well-paced, and with an ear for conversation” ~ Akron Beacon Journal Book Review

“The author does a good job of sucking you into the moment and feeling as if you are the main character. The technology and scenarios are realistic enough for this sci fi fan and if you like a good storyteller, Mr. McElhaney knows how to do it.” ~Top 50 Amazon Reviewer, Hall of Fame Reviewer, and Vine Voice Michael Gallagher

Given 5.0 out of 5 stars over 100 times on Amazon from various readers of the Mystic Saga!

The Hunter (Psy-Bond Series Book 3)

by M.D. Stewart

Mace’s story continuesâ?¦
Kai’el Caomhanach is a Hunter, hired by other races to track down and capture their worst criminals. When The Beings hire him to covertly go back to Earth past and rescue Abigail McMillon and return her to 2018, Kai sets out thinking this will be the easiest mission he’s ever been assigned. But time goes awry, leaving Abby near death.
Working with trauma doctor, Aria Sharma, they race to the future and Kai’s home planet to save Abby and in a moment of passion form their own psy-bond.
Time is running out on Earth as The Beings come under attack by military forces who seek to destroy Abby’s mate. Can Kai and Aria fight their way through time and space to stop the coming war and not only save Abby and Mace, but the entire planet from destruction?
This book contains a sexy time traveling alien, tattoos, a bit of growling, a happy ending, lots of m/f loving and a little violence. But a wolf has a right to protect his mate!

Declan 1.1: Life On Earth

by Clayton Beal

Truly a unique and entertaining book. A contemporary tale of a young man’s adventures while growing up in the not to distant future. Circumstances put our protagonist on the run where he meets the worlds first, free thinking android. This unusual, first person read will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the next twist and turn.

The Navigators: Book One of the Pathfinders Series

by David Hawkins

At the beginning of the third decade of the 22nd Century mankind is moving into the solar system forced by the necessity of providing resources for twenty billion people. Resource acquisition and processing has moved off Earth in order to free up land for food production and for recuperation, relaxation and education areas for spacers after a tour of duty, Human beings could not spend all their lives in micro-gravity environments. Provision had to be made for space workers to spend time in normal gravity conditions for health reasons.

Besides, most items could be more economically produced in space, even the fungal “synth” foods. Moving products from space to Earth was much more economical than moving people and material off Earth. And wages for space workers were attractive enough to encourage tens of thousands to apply each year for duty off-Earth.

From the frigid polar areas of Mercury to the orbital stations around Earth and Mars, to the vast emptiness of the Asteroid Belt’s mining stations, and beyond, people were willing to leave the relative safety of Earth and risk their lives attempting to wrest fortunes from the cold dark rocks of the “Belt” to retire on. And like any “gold rush” environment people supplying the logistical support for the miners were making fortunes too.

The Space Authority was now Earth’s governing body.The “SA” provided transport and training for those with the education and physical stamina to qualify. Not all those accepted proved able to complete the training for various reasons. Some didn’t survive the training at all. It was dangerous work, dangerous training, and accidents did happen. The Authorities’ representatives in space were the Navy and the Marines who functioned as a combined Coast Guard and police force.

The Space Authority maintained the seat of government at Lunar Base One, located in the starkly harsh Mount D’Alembert range of the Moon. The Navy had chosen the site for its psychological impact. It had scenic vistas that constantly reminded the legislators, administrators and bureaucrats of the government living there that everyone in space depended on others acting responsibly.

This is the story of one group of trainees as they learn to work together and face the challenges of working and living off Earth.Starting with Randal Stewart, who wants to train as an engineer. Born and raised in Vermont this will be his first experience with space. Baljit Singh,one of very few Sikhs to take training as a spacer. Siobahn Caruso, a white-hat hacker since she was 14. Hanna Dunstan, headed to the Navy as a career. Umra Mailu, from the central highlands of Kenya, who is seeking adventure with the Marines. And finally, there is Art Simmonds, an avid surfer looking for business opportunities to make a career.

The First 30 Days (Bonus Content)

by Alicin Welsh

*BONUS CONTENT-Day 30-Elijah’s Story

A full chapter, told from Elijah’s point of view, that vividly describes the events of the final day.

No electricity. No running water. Modern Conveniences-gone in an instant. How would you survive? Would you want to …..

The life Anna and Bryan have created for their small family represents the epitome of the modern, on the go, do everything family. Living in a small country town with their two teenage sons, they have enjoyed the relative safety and security that the modern world has allowed them to. The luxury of being able to be in constant communication with each other, having basic necessities like food readily available, along with the security blanket that money provides, was something none of them ever fully appreciated. In one instant that would change.
After an EMP attack on US soil wipes out the electrical grid, Anna, Bryan and the boys must find each other and work together to learn to navigate the challenges this new world will present. Anna needs to learn to let go, that some things, even staying alive, will be out of her control. Bryan must escape from a prison, 100 miles from home, where he worked as a corrections officer until the inmates took over. Cole must learn to embrace his adult voice and Elijah will face challenges none of them can imagine. Loved ones will be lost, resources depleted, and the safety of their family unit threatened by delinquents that move into the area.
As society quickly crumbles around them how will they cope? With law enforcement nonexistent those in need will soon use any means necessary to get what they want. Everyone must do what they can to survive, Anna and Bryan know this, but their will to protect their family is resilient. Will it be enough to keep everyone together and safe? Will they succeed in finding each other while still remaining true to who they are? Anna, Bryan, Cole and Elijah tell their story of surviving in a new world for The First 30 Days.

Thrill Kings: The Size Of Minneapolis Upright: Interdimensional Sci-Fi

by Rik Ty

Hello! Both “Thrill Kings: THE SHAFTWAY” AND “Thrill Kings: THE SIZE OF MINNEAPOLIS UPRIGHT” will be FREE every SATURDAY in October (2018 (Pacific Daylight Time)). Enjoy!
Nonstop (an interdimensional rescue worker), has to evacuate a widow and her foster children from a farmhouse before an enormous Inter-D rampagesâ?­ â?¬â?? but Nonstop can’t find any sign of the familyâ?­ â?¬â?? just the heartbreaking corpse of a friendly-looking dog.â?­ â?¬What happenedâ?­?
â?­A short, interdimensional adventure, that won’t demand too much of your time (aâ?¬lso includes a brief back-story of the Thrill Kings, and an afterword about the story).

The Betwixt Book One

by Odette C. Bell

The Betwixt is a sci-fi soap opera with a dash of philosophy. It follows a space diner waitress as she sets out to discover her true origin, an adventure that sees her set against the most legendary of foes, takes her to the edges of the galaxy, and finally into the arms of one very handsome but stern Commander Cole.

Mini is a diner waitress in a space bar. She has a flouncy skirt, a holopin, and a pretty little apron. She also, apparently, has a mysterious alien past; a past that comes knocking on her door in the form of a tiny red creature called Od. According to Od, Mini is all that stands between the galaxy and an invasion by terrible, soul-sucking creatures from the in-between dimensions. As Mini’s galactic experience to-date revolves around serving drinks and picking up after customers, she finds that very unlikely.

The only problem is that Od is right. So Mini reaches for the closest thing at hand – which just so happens to be a frying pan – and gives saving the galaxy a go. She isn’t alone, however; she’s caught the eye of a rather handsome Galactic Military Commander, and he isn’t going to take his eyes off her until he knows exactly what’s going on.

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