Free sports Kindle books for 13 Oct 18

The Rider from Hell: The Sobering Story of a Psychopathic Cyclist

by Arnold Loxley

When Carl Coulton is finally released from prison his kindly probation officer suggests cycling as a form of therapy. Carl needs to let off steam, and how better to do it than by pounding the pedals on the leafy Lancashire lanes close to his home? Therapy it proves to be, but of a kind that no-one but Carl could have imagined.

In a story which will cause motorists to give those dratted bikes a wider berth and allow harassed cyclists to live out their wildest fantasies, we follow Carl’s progress from rehabilitated ex-con to the most perilous man on two wheels in living memory.

With Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales soon out of bounds for our short-tempered hero, the wilds of Scotland provide the perfect setting for the culmination of Carl’s elusive quest for peace, quiet and comprehension.

Keep Muscling: Intermediate & Maintenance Weight Training At Home

by Mike Smith

This book follows on from the successful book ‘Start Muscling’, which is specifically for beginners. If you want to progress from a beginner to intermediate, or you just want to maintain what you currently have, and are looking for improvements, then this book has all the information to make this next step easy, and successful. This book is ideal if you weight train at home, it gives advice on equipment, diet and exercises, all to help you advance your training, and improve your performance. As you move away from the beginners level, the diet, exercises and cardio need more attention, your workouts will be more physical, so more commitment and dedication is required. All you’ll need is basic weight training knowledge to advance. Whether you want to maintain or gain, and no matter what age or gender, everything you’ll need to assist your weight training at home is here.

American Football: Regeln, Positionen, Spielzüge/ Superbowl 2019/ NFL, AFC, NFC/ Wissenswertes über alle 32 Teams (German Edition)

by Sports Knowledge

Angebot endet in kürze : American Football

Egal ob Sie gerade erst mit American Football in Kontakt kommen oder schon jahrelang in der Szene aktiv sind, dieses Buch ist für jeden etwas!
Wenn Sie sich noch nicht so genau mit der Materie auskennen oder jemanden an diesen atemberaubenden Sport heranführen wollen wird im ersten Teil des Buches alles genaustens erklärt.
Wie sind die Regeln? Was bedeuten all diese Fachbegriffe? Welche Positionen gibt es und welche Spielzüge werden ausgeführt?
Sind Sie dann mit all dem vertraut, stoÃ?en Sie im zweiten Teil des Buches auf einige interessante Details zum Superbowl. AnschlieÃ?end erhalten Sie noch zu jedem der 32 Teams genauere Informationen von der Mannschaftsgeschichte bis hin zum Star Spieler.

In diesem Buch wird jeder Footballinteressierte fündig! .

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