Free war Kindle books for 13 Oct 18

Dunkirk Quisling: (NOVELLA) (The British Quisling who would have surrendered to Hitler saved Great Britain.)


FRANCE, 1940: Roughly 800,000 Nazi soldiers corner roughly 400,000 Allied soldiers fixed on the French port of Dunkirk. 4,000 British soldiers are cornered in the French port of Calais. The British decide to sacrifice the Calais garrison to buy time to evacuate Dunkirk. Calais is overwhelmed. The Nazis are on the cusp of ending all resistance and dominating Europe. The Nazi high-command ignores lower-level officers who want to immediately smash Dunkirk. Incredibly, the Germans halt for three days. Nearly 340,000 Allied soldiers are evacuated. The real reason for the Nazi failure to immediately smash Dunkirk is still a mystery. Or is it a mystery? (For more speculative history, read “JACK & JILL, THE RIPPER” by Richard L Muehlberg.)

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