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Life with an Impossible Person: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Transformation

by Joan Heiman

“Heiman’s wordcraft elevates her memoir to poetry. . . . with both deep tenderness and heartbreaking honesty. She raises valuable questions about the choices we all make along the hard road of loving another human being.” â??Regina Sara Ryan, author of Women Challenge the Lie and Igniting the Inner Life

At 28, Joan Heiman said “I do” to a man her mother called “every Jewish mother’s dread.” Her new husband, Philip, was unconventional to the nth degree, a poet and astrologer with little regard for a stable income or retirement plan. For the next 37 years, they traveled together from dream to dream, country to country, and finally to Philip’s death.

In this telling of their unorthodox history, their heartbreaking journey toward his death, and the soul-shattering grief following his passing, Heiman writes with both pathos and humor about the courage needed to fully embrace love, death, and renewal. This finely wrought memoir is an ode to living with an impossibly beloved person . . . and an exploration of braving life without him.

THE WRIGHT BROTHERS: Legendary inventors. The Entire Life Story (GREAT BIOGRAPHIES Book 1)


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Why should anyone who is not interested in Aviation or History be interested in the Wright Brothers? What do their life and struggle have to add to the lives of the common person out there? Do world changers possibly have more in common with us than many of us realize? As you will read in this book, the Wright Brothers encountered many challenges within their lives. The buzzwords of the business world today all encompass what the Wright Brothers possessed in great abundance.

Inside you’ll read about

  • Dreaming of the (propeller) blade
  • Developing the blade
  • Perfecting the blade
  • Protecting the blade

And much more!
The dream of flight was a lifelong pursuit for the Wright Brothers. Their first experience with the pursuit of flight involved a child’s toy. They loved that toy and eventually broke it. How many hours did the brothers put into fixing that toy before achieving their goal of allowing it to fly again?

Working for the Government is Murder: 25 Deaths linked to MOD

by Ross Wells

25 mysterious deaths linked to the Ministry of Defense and the US Star Wars Project.

VLAD THE IMPALER: Dracula and Vampirism. The Entire Life Story (GREAT BIOGRAPHIES Book 1)

by The History Hour

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Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler was voivode of Wallachia three times. The tales about the burning of the lazy, the poor, and the lame at Vlad’s order and the execution of the woman who had made her husband too short a shirt can also be found among the German and Slavic anecdotes.

Inside you’ll read about

  • Early life
  • Reigns
  • Imprisonment in Hungary
  • Family
  • Reputation for cruelty
  • National hero
  • Vampire Mythology

And much more!
Books describing Vlad’s cruel acts were among the first bestsellers in the German-speaking territories. In Russia, popular stories suggested that Vlad was able to strengthen central government only through applying brutal punishments, and a similar view was adopted by most Romanian historians in the 19th century. Vlad’s reputation for cruelty and his patronymic inspired the name of the vampire Count Dracula in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula.

‘Till Murder Do Us Part: A Collection of True Crime

by Anthony David

Gaile Owens
Gaile Owens was not a very good murderer. In fact, few people could have made a worse job of hiring a killer to dispose of their abusive husband. She may have ended years of violence – physical and sexual but Owens, though, would pay a huge price for her inability to plan an undiscovered crime – a death sentence, a quarter of a century in prison and estrangement from her children.
Mary Winkler
Mary Winkler, at first appearances, would seem to be an altogether normal woman. So too did her family, with a husband who was a Church minister and three young children, girls aged just eight, six and one.

But in 2006, Mary sparked a border-crossing manhunt, and a court case followed nationwide. She had killed her husband with a shot to the back from the family’s shotgun. What followed was a gripping and bizarre court case which gripped the attention of the nation.
Tracey Grissom
Claiming to be a victim of rape and other abuses, a distraught Tracey Grissom would travel to her ex-husband Hunter’s workplace and shoot him six times in the back, receiving a twenty-five-year life sentence for his murder.
Her defense attorney would argue that Tracey was motivated by post-traumatic stress disorder caused by her Hunter’s constant abuse and sexual assaults. One jury member had even asked the judge to be lenient in her sentencing as they were not allowed to hear details of her Hunter’s alleged abuses (beatings, rape, sodomy).
But what really happened in the years that led up to May 15th, 2012? Was she in fact the victim of years of abuse by a psychotic husband? Or did she want to cash in on his $100,000 life insurance policy?
Wendi Andriano
A dying husband needs a devoted wife. But when love runs out, marriage becomes a burden.
On October 8, 2000, Wendi Andriano snapped. She had played the part of devoted wife to her terminally ill husband, Joe Andriano, for years, but when the love left their marriage, so did Wendi’s patience for her husband’s eventual demise.
Wendi had a plan to help nudge nature along, and when her plan b expired, she took matters directly into her own hands…
Shari Tobyne
When it comes to female killers, the most common type of crime is mariticide or murdering their husbands. There are many motivations behind taking someone’s life but killing a person so close to you is often fueled by passion, financial gain, jealousy, or betrayal. The case of Shari Tobyne is the perfect example of a woman scorned. Her husband of thirty-five years wanted to divorce her due to the financial problems she caused by mishandling the couple’s finances.
So one day before he was set to leave their rented house and move on, Shari snapped. She simply couldn’t allow him to leave after so many years they spend together. Shari continued to live her life normally, but Arizona police started uncovering body parts from counties surrounding the city of Phoenix and they couldn’t determine the exact identity of the deceased man. Worried Tobyne children alerted the law enforcement that their father was missing and this is where the story started to unravel.
It will soon be discovered that a loving mother and a grandmother murdered her husband in cold blood because leaving him was simply not an option.

Conspiracy Theories: The Fort Knox Gold Mystery/ The Giants Of The Grand Canyon 2 Box Set

by Cheryl Leonard

The renowned Fort Knox in Kentucky, a top secret army post , is the site of the US Bullion Depository. For many years, conspiracy theories have come to light, questioning the status of the gold reserves being held there, or is there only an empty vault. Thus, Fort Knox is designed to be the ultimate fail safe in security, protecting the nation’s most valuable assets, with its perimeters sealed in secrecy. The majestic Grand Canyon with its indescribable beauty as a natural landmark with vast archaeological discoveries, has been the subject of proposed theories of the existence of an ancient lost race of giants having existed predating Native American cultures in the canyon area. Conspiracy theorists question the results of historical expeditions and explorations of the canyon, promoting a proposed cover up by the Smithsonian Institute to suppress the accurate history of mankind. This 2 Box Set , “Conspiracy Theories Missing Gold Reserves? The Fort Knox Vault,” and “Conspiracy Theories Lost Cave Cities Of The Giants The Grand Canyon,” attempt to provide the facts and evidence available to unlock the secrecy pertaining to these theories surrounding our governmental institutions.

ERNESTO GUEVARA: A Guerrilla Leader. The Entire Life Story (GREAT BIOGRAPHIES)

by The History Hour

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There are many tales of his military might and strong character, there are those who see Ernesto “Che” Guevara as a hero and the greatest socialist mind of his time, but there are those who see him as a ruthless military leader who executed people without trials and who violated several human rights.

Inside you’ll read about

  • The makings of a revolutionary icon
  • The Argentinian who liberated Cuba
  • Exporting the revolution to the rest of the world
  • Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s praxis philosophy

And much more!
Very few men have been subject to as much mysticism and admiration as Ernesto Guevara. His image has been used as the symbol for revolution, freedom, and rebellion in every corner of the world. His legend, inspired by a picture of his face taken in 1960 that made him a symbol, has been written thousands of times by people who paint it as a hero or a villain.

Betty: The Story of Betty MacDonald, Author of The Egg and I

by Anne Wellman

Highly educated and raised as a lady, Betty Bard in 1927 married a man she barely knew, and the newlyweds immediately started a chicken ranch in the remote American Northwest. Here Betty had to contend with a difficult husband, loneliness, pregnancy, primitive neighbors, and thousands of chickens. This was the stuff of her first book and the beginnings of a unique writer: in 1945 she published ‘The Egg and I’, a lightly fictionalized and very funny account of her life as a chicken farmer. The book was an immediate success, selling a million copies in less than a year, and was eventually translated into over thirty languages. A Hollywood movie of the book appeared two years later and at least eight further movies based on the popular ‘Egg and I’ characters Ma and Pa Kettle were to follow.

In the decade following, Betty wrote a number of highly popular children’s books (‘Mrs Piggle-Wiggle’ being the best known) and three more semi-autobiographical works. Her four comic memoirs of a life in the West and Northwest range from a rough mining community in Montana to the lush Olympic Peninsula and the bright lights of big city Seattle, and her life may even be viewed as a paradigm of early twentieth-century American experience: pioneering, homesteading, the Great Depression, war, and finally prosperity.

To a great degree Betty’s life is in her work, even allowing for its fictional elements and humorous exaggeration. But questions remain for every fan of Betty’s books. What really happened? What happened to Betty in the end? What became of Betty’s family? This book attempts to answer those questions.

HILLARY CLINTON: The Almost President – A Biography of Hillary Clinton

by Michael Woodford

HILLARY CLINTON: The Almost President – A Biography of Hillary Clinton

For the better part of three decades, Hillary Clinton has been a name to take heed of. Initially, the people of the United States knew her as the sharp, attractive wife of sharp, attractive Bill Clinton as he ran for president in 1992. We all remember her as the embattled first lady when she became the center of one of the United State’s worst presidential scandals.

But, that’s not the full view available when it comes to Hillary Clinton. There is so much to unpack and digestâ??it feels silly that the world-at-large sees her as this stock figure. In reality, she is very much like the rest of us. She has flaws, misgivings, and deceits. However, she may be one of the most powerful women of all time. You could say the rest of it just comes with the job.
In 2008, when she ran for president opposite Barack Obama, she gathered the most votes for a woman in a primaryâ?¦ever. Clinton, as we all know, lost that battle to the eventual two-term president. However, she took on the prestigious role of Secretary of State and served honorably for many years.

Fresh in the minds of everyone, however, must be the 2016 election. This time, Clinton came into the race as an undisputed front-runner. She was eventually opposed by Bernie Sanders in one of the more divisive primary cycles to date for the Democrats. However, by the time Summer 2016 rolled around, she had become the first woman to ever be nominated to run for president by a major American political party (read: Republicans or Democrats).

However, she lost the scandal-plagued presidential election to a very unpopular presidential candidate and she has now decided to become simply, “an activist citizen”. Hers is a tale of democracy, triumph, and plenty of tragedy. However, there are lessons to be learned at every turn. No one has looked so squarely into the maw of politics and been turned away quite so extravagantlyâ??save, maybe, the inimitable William Jennings Bryan.

But, with any good politician (or bad, if you so choose) the best way to really surmise their impact is to look at their record before it became obscured by black limos and secret service members.

This biography looks at the life, career and times of Hillary Clinton, America’s Almost-President, to uncover the driving forces that make here nonetheless one of the most important icons of the 21st century.

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