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BUDGETING: How To Take Control Of Your Money, Reduce Debt And Start Living (Budgeting Workbook, Budgeting Notebook, Budgeting For Beginners, Budgeting And Forecasting)

by Noel Bradshaw

Take Control Of Your Finances

There are three ways people budget their money. The first is not budgeting at all! They just spend money mindlessly, not giving any thought to whether they are able to save money for future needs. If not planning is planning to fail, then not budgeting is budgeting for financial failure.

The second way people budget is by budgeting their expenses to fit their budget. Only if there’s extra at the end of the month will they put something in their savings account for future needs. And if there’s none at the end of the month there’s no savings

The third way is the wisest and the most effective way to budget. Under this approach, a person decides to commit to saving a fixed amount of money every month. They put aside this amount first, and whatever is left is for spending. Under this approach, saving money isn’t a contingent activity but a regular and consistent one. Hence, using this budgeting approach will significantly raise your chances of being able to successfully and consistently put money aside for your future needs.

In this book, as well as budgeting, we’ll also talk about other peripheral personal finance topics that are central to understanding and appreciating the art and science of budgeting. We’ll also briefly touch on what personal finance management is in general as well as savings and investments, so you have a better grasp of the importance of budgeting. By presenting a holistic view of budgeting, the likelihood of you being in a better position to manage your finances will be much higher.

Here is a preview of what you will learn

  • Personal Finance Management: The Big Picture
  • The Difference between Good And Bad Debts
  • The Importance Of Having A Plan
  • Minimizing Expenses
  • Investing In Your Future
  • Paying Off Bad Debts
  • And Much, Much More!

So Make The Decision To Improve Your Financial Future And Download Your Copy Today!

The Mighty Writer Field Guide: Set Up A Freelance Writing Business in Five Days: Make Money From Home With Templates and Proven Systems To Become A Freelance Writer That Thrives Instead of Survives

by Sandra Shillington

Yes, it is possible to thrive as a well-paid freelance writer instead of bidding on low paying jobs, or writing on spec. From her own experience, Sandra Shillington spells out exactly how to start making money quickly by starting your own freelance business from scratch.

Learn the exact tactics she has used to earn as much as $95 per hour, with nothing more than a computer and internet connection. It takes very little money to start, and you don’t need prior experience. Plus, you can get up and running quickly so you can make money right away. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a realistic guide for becoming a consistently paid freelance writer.

Shillington simplifies the hype and busts the myths of the starving writer by answering the most pressing questions:

How do I find clients?
How can I break into freelance writing if I have no experience?
How can I get paid well as a writer?

With the book, you’ll receive copy/paste templates and worksheets inThe Business Startup Kit for Writers for FREE with the purchase of this book ($25 value). For 5 days, you’ll complete a set of To-Do List items for each day. By the end of 5 days, you’ll be ready to get started making money from home as freelance writer.

The Mighty Writers Field Guide will teach you a simple system for building income that allows you to:

Work where you want and when you want.
Set your own hours and build a business of your own.
Earn as much or as little as you want, depending on how much time you put into it.
Choose the type of projects to work on and exactly what hours you want to work from anywhere in the world.
Get paid well, rather than earning pennies per word.

In today’s gig economy, the opportunities for freelance writers are endless. Whether you want to start a side hustle to supplement your income, or run a full-time business, you can get started making money from home as a freelance writer – and getting paid well – to write in the business world. You’ll learn real ways to find clients and get paid well to write, not apply for low-paying job postings that go to the lowest bidder.

If you like to write – and want to make money doing it – this book will show you how to do it quickly!

Path to Productivity

by Talina Sen Smet

Are you tired of feeling like there aren’t enough hours in a day? Are you trapped in a never-ending cycle of work where you finish the day feeling like you didn’t get anything done? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could achieve your goals while being less stressed? What if you could have the time and energy to do what you really want in life and be successful? Imagine having the time to spend with your family and friends, travelling, or relaxing on the beach.

In Path to Productivity you will learn to:
1. Train your brain to be motivated at ANY time
2. Change your mindset to succeed at anything you do
3. Set goals that will allow you to achieve your dreams
4. Motivate yourself and beat procrastination once and for all
5. De-stress and work relaxation into your schedule
6. Find your passion and take action to succeed while maintaining a balanced and joyful life

Path to Productivity helps readers optimize their productivity so they can do the things they really want in life.

Social Media Influencer Profits: Creating a Social Media Based Internet Money Making Machine by Being a YouTube Celebrity and Social Media Manager

by Tj Arron

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside..

YouTube Celebrity
– 6 ways to choose a topic that you could make money from
– Why your niche dictates what you can sell
– Some gears recommendation perfect for beginners and intermediate Youtubers
– Why you shouldn’t buy expensive gears to start with
– The best gears to buy for beginner YouTubers
– 6 different types of videos you can create online
– 8 types of products you can offer to your viewers
– Why relying on YouTube Ads for monetization is a bad idea if you’re on the “low viewers” kind of niche
– How to create content that people love to watch and share
– Ways to grow your channel for maximum views and subscribers
– The exact formula for creating a viral video
– The things that you need to consider when creating a video that will get the “promoted” status on YouTube

Done-For-You Social Media
– The entire process of making money as a social media manager… even if you’re not an expert!
– How to outsource the service that we will offer…so we don’t have to do the work ourselves!
– How to create a package for your social media management/consulting business
– How to create your offer the right way
– The letter to send to potential clients to make them a “paying client” without trying to be a a salesy guy…
– Examples of offer sheet from other social media management companies
– How to find clients for free on Facebook and how to approach them without being annoying
– Ways to find the best clients who already know your value to his/her business
– How to sell your packages without really trying to be a pushy salesman..(for introverts)

Learn to start your own internet marketing business today.

No need for you to be an expert or an experience marketer with portfolio. You can start now by scrolling up and downloading your copy today.

Father of the MP3 Player: Lessons in Business and Life From a Visionary Entrepreneur

by Nathan Schulhof

Father of the MP3 Player, is a story of Nathan Schulhof and the many experiences that led him to changing the world through disruptive technology. One of the pioneers involved in the tech boom, Schulhof is responsible for much of what we take for granted today, including downloading and streaming music and video, to purchasing anything on the Internet. He gives an insider’s view of how it all happened.

This book has valuable information for entrepreneurs, students, techies, history buffs, or just regular people interested in a fascinating read. Nathan talks about the many lessons from the extreme highs and lows that life and business have to offer. From his dealings with Apple, AAPL and Microsoft, MSFT to doing an IPO, along with starting and selling multimillion dollar companies, Nathan Schulhof has changed the world.

“I wanted to write a book that exposed some inner truths about the technology industry in Silicon Valley. I have opened up and shared my life which has been a series of dysfunctional, yet mostly successful events in this book. I expose the real life story of a serial entrepreneur. I hope it becomes as meaningful to you as I intended.”â??Nathan Schulhof

Quit Your Day Job System: Starting an Online Business Through Freelancing and Consulting So You Can Quit Your Sucky Day Job

by Joel Johnson

Are you serious in learning how to start your own “work from home – work anywhere” business?
Do you want to make passive income, quit your day job and work at your own time and place of choice?

Then this training is for you… Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover today:

Fiverr Secrets
– How to find the best services that are making money right now and will continue to be money makers in the years to come
– Why choosing a service to sell shouldn’t be taken lightly
– Should you offer your service for $5? Why? Why Not?
– How to get good at your chosen skill fast!
– How to know what categories makes money and what doesn’t
– The step by step method of creating a product listing and makes people line up and inquire about your services
– An example of product listing that makes $1,000-$3,000 per month
– How to do a “follow up” and why you should do it
– Where will 50% of your income come from and what to do about it
– The best practices you need to apply in order to earn $1,000++ per month on Fiverr

Local Social Consulting
– How to make money by having a social media consulting and management business even if you’re not an expert
– The service to use as our “secret worker” so we don’t have to provide the service ourself
– Why you don’t need to be an expert social media marketer to make money online
– How to price your services accordingly
– The steps to create a PDF OFFER SHEET that your potential clients will see
– Example of offer sheets to copy or get inspiration from
– 4 of the best ways to find a client that will be happy to pay you!
– The irresistible intrigue offer that works in getting clients almost, always all the time – even without trying to sell them your services!
– The NO HARD-SELL approach to getting clients via e-mail

Are you ready to take action and make fast cash?

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get the book so you can start reading and implementing fast!

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YouTube Masters: Earning Fast Money on YouTube by using it for Small Business Consulting and Being a Brand Influencer

by Tj Arron

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside..

YouTube Done-For-You Consulting
– Why YouTube SEO consulting is one of the best business ideas you could start today
– How to start with as little capital as possible… something like $30!
– How to find keywords to rank for and sell to clients
– How to create videos that you will sell to clients on a “rent” or “pay per lead” basis
– Ways to find clients who will gladly pay you $100-$1,000 per month
– The types of keywords you should target and why it’s better to have 100 monthly searches than 1,000 for most keywords
– How to optimize your video for faster rankings
– How to sell your service without really trying to sell it. You’ll love this one!
– How to send out cheap but effective SEO backlinks on your YouTube video

YouTube Influencer
– The 5 step process of making money as a YouTube Celebrity and Influencer
– Why you should start your own personal brand NOW
– How to choose a niche or category that can be profitable for you in 30 days or less
– Why different markets requires different type of content… create the wrong content for the wrong market and all your effort will be wasted!
– The types of content to create and how to create them fast! … without sacrificing the quality of your videos
– The EXACT tools you need in order to become a YouTube celebrity on your niche (and you don’t even need the expensive ones!)
– 6 of the best ways to monetize your videos and your personal brand so you can make six figure per year
– The exact formula to follow in order to create viral videos… guaranteed!
– 8 things you can do right now to make your videos go viral

Learn to start your own internet marketing business today.

No need for you to be an expert or an experience marketer with portfolio. You can start now by scrolling up and downloading your copy today.

Physical Product Money System: Creating an Ecommerce Business from Zero by Selling via Amazon Affiliate Program and Teespring Print on Demand Model

by Tj Arron

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside..

– The best way to find good products on Amazon
– With millions of possible product to promote, how would you know what’s a great product and what is not?
– The evaluation process explained and outlines in a clear and easily understood way
– How to create your own video review for higher sales conversion
– The criteria you should use when evaluating potential products to sell
– Actual product evaluation example
– Why you don’t need any fancy cameras and editing tools to create reviews…in fact, simple is actually better.
– How to optimize your video for as many views as possible
– How to rank your video on Google and YouTube for 2x more traffic to your product review

– Why you should start a Teespring based business
– How to never worry about product inventory and shipping ever again
– How to choose a niche or topic that is most likely to make you money
– How to hire designers for as low as $20 (without sacrificing quality) along process
– Should you sell t-shirts, mugs, phone cases or what?
– How to find the RIGHT designs for the RIGHT market
– The best (and simplest) way to create a listing… follow my no fluff instructions and you’ll be selling products like pancakes pretty soon.
– How to create your for Facebook ad in 15 minutes or less
– How to get started with a budget of only $10 for your FB ad
– How to evaluate ad result so you’ll know when to keep advertising and when to cut your losses
– 3 simple rules to follow so you’ll know exactly what to do with your ad-test results

Learn to start your own internet marketing business today.

No need for you to be an expert or an experience marketer with portfolio. You can start now by scrolling up and downloading your copy today.

Internet Business Domination: Newbie Business Ideas That Anyone Can Implement â?? Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Guide

by Gordon Hedley

Here’s How to Earn Money on the Internet Even If You’re an Absolute Beginner

You don’t need any huge startup capital. You don’t have to be “supersmart” to apply it.
You don’t need any experience in any kind of business ever.
You just have to be an action taker. If you can do that, then you can make money from home.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Online Affiliate Marketing
– The exact business blueprint to follow for first time affiliate marketers
– How to find a product that will most likely sell itself
– Why your product should always have this one thing
– A six point criteria to help you decide whether to promote a product or not
– How to create a WordPress website from absolute scratch
– The 6 plug ins that you should install immediately to help you boost your on-page seo powers
– A 10 step process of creating an effective product review (with real-life example)
– What bonuses to giveaway to your buyers and when to give it to them
– How to outsource your SEO so you can focus on writing the product review and choosing the right products instead

Become a Blogger
– Why gurus will tell you that blogging is already dead
– Why blogging isn’t dead yet and how you can make money off of this new wave of blogging
– The best 3 niches to target especially for beginners
– The process of nichifying and how it can help you create your own little dent on your chosen market
– What is keyword mining and how it can help you come up with little topics/blogposts for your new blog
– The criteria for choosing keywords to target for your blog
– How to create your own WordPress blog in 60 minutes or less
– How to choose the proper domain name for your blog
– The exact plug-ins that you should install to help your website maximize it’s SEO/ranking potential
– The anatomy of a blogpost and how this formula can help you create great blogpost after great blogpost
– 8 ways to make money from your blog… most of these don’t even require product creation!

THE DECISION…. You have two choices right now.

First, you can figure all of these out by yourself (make mistakes, lose money and waste time) and hopefully make money in the process. Second, you can learn from my own experience and apply a simple step by step method of making money from home.

The choice is totally up to you. Choose well and choose today!

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Drop Ship Project: How to Promote Products That You Never Have to Touch and Never Have Inventory ofâ?¦ Amazon Associates and No Capital Dropshipping

by Dave Charleston

Starting your first internet based, work from home business doesn’t have to be extremely hard & complicated…

Simple ideas work and you should be able to start without huge capital, any employees or any business experience at all.
Inside this book bundle you’ll uncover the following:

Amazon YouTube Affiliate Marketer
– The step by step process of going from newbie affiliate to a profitable marketer in a matter of weeks
– How to find the best physical products to promote in 20 minutes or less
– The price range to target and why… this is important – so take note!
– The sneaky strategy that will help you earn 40%+ more commission without additional effort on your part
– How to create your own product review from scratch
– 6 things to look for on a product to review and promote
– Some examples of reviews to study and model for your own reviews
– How to optimize your video reviews for maximum YouTube views
– This free secret tool that would tell you in less than 5 seconds what keywords tags to target for 2-3x more views!
– How to boost your video rankings with 5 minutes of total work

No Capital Dropshipping
– How to choose a profitable product to sell
– How to never worry about inventories ever again
– The only 3 criteria that will guarantee that you’ll only choose awesome products to sell
– How to sell your products via FREE Facebook fan page marketing
– How to apply some ninja SEO tactics to rank your website faster on Google and get more customers online!
– How to fulfill customers orders fast!

It’s time to take control of your own income. It’s time to finally free yourself from the shackles of a 9-5 job if you choose to. This training manual can help you do that.

Scroll up and download your copy today!

Generate Side-Income: Making Extra Money Through Teespring Selling or Beginner Blogging

by Anthony Bericz

2 Internet Marketing Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

Learn a step by step method of making money online via your own online business.




What you’ll get in this bundle:

* How to choose a profitable topic to blog in
* How to create a wordpress blog from a to z
* The plug ins you need to isntall to maximize SEO power
* The exact SEO checklist I use in all of my websites
* How to apply some seo tactics to help your website get index and rank in Google (so people can discover your blog)
* How to create a 4 month content strategy for your new blog
* Example of a content strategy to copy

– How to find hungry buying markets to sell to
– How to do the research by making one simple search on Google!
– How to confirm market size and profitability in less than 30 seconds
– How to find an awesome design inspiration
– 2 ways to outsource your tshirt design and what to choose and when to choose it!
– How to create a Teespring listing from A – Z
– The types of content to create on Instagram
– The exact apps I use to create awesome quality content for free
– The power of hashtags and how many hashtags to use for every post that you do



Download your copy and start doing what you love today!

Ecommerce Business Like a Pro: Create an Online Selling Side Business Through Dropshipping or Teespring Marketing

by Erik Malik


I’ve got bad news for you.

Everything you learned from the gurus are just plain wrong.

You’ve been bombarded by thousands of get rich quick course that will never work for you.

I solved that problem through this bundle.

Inside this bundle, you’ll discover 2 ways to consistently make thousands of dollars per month.

You will get a step by step training for:

– How to choose a profitable product to sell
– How to never worry about inventories ever again
– The only 3 criteria that will guarantee that you’ll only choose awesome products to sell
– How to sell your products via FREE Facebook fan page marketing
– How to apply some ninja SEO tactics to rank your website faster on Google and get more customers online!
– How to fulfill customers orders fast!

– The entire process of making money via t-shirt marketing
– How to find the best market to sell into
– How to calculate and break down your possible profit (so you can achieve your income goals much faster!)
– What kind of markets you should target
– Examples of real life market research
– How to find the best designs that people will like
– How to conform if the market will buy your t-shirt or not
– A simple trick that will help you conceptualize a design.
– How to hire an awesome designer
– How to set up your product listing step by step (with examples)
– How to create your first Facebook ad
– How to analyze the results of your fb ad test and know exactly what to do with your adsets


Would you rather be stuck on a position that you hate or would you rather get this book bundle, learn quickly and take action?

The choice is only yours to make.

If you’re now ready to start your own internet business while working at home…

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Time Management – Increasing Workplace Productivity: How to Stop Procrastinating and Become More Efficient (Get Smart at Work Book 1)

by Nina Sunday

Do you ever complain you have too much to do in too little time?
Do you sometimes lie awake at night thinking about all the things you have to do?

The super-successful have no more time available to them than anyone else, yet they appear to get more done in less time. That’s because they’ve mastered the habits and tools of successful time management.

Nina Sunday is a corporate trainer who works with a variety of companies, teaching their staff to enhance their productivity and time management skills. This book incorporates ideas, tactics and exercises from those training sessions, and focuses on coaching individuals in the skills of the high performing and highly-successful.

You’ll learn practical strategies you can use immediately to increase your productivity and reduce stress.

1. Over Choice
2. Top Six Method
3. To-Do List
4. Deciding Priorities, Important vs. Urgent, 80/20 rule
5. Managing Paper
6. Power of Focus
7. Embrace Delegation as Part of Your Job
8. Do it Faster – Adequate vs. Perfect
9. Work/ Life Balance
10. Positive Mindset

Converting Connections to Ca$h & Relationships to Revenue: Connections That Count

by Rhonda L. Sher

Creating connections and building relationships in your business is all about connecting as the real you and giving before receiving. One of the most important skills someone can master is how to connect with others. The best way to do that is by conversing with someone. That is not as easy as it sounds, since most of us were brought up being taught NOT to talk to strangers. At the same time, we were also NOT taught how to be good listeners. If this is the case, then how can we become powerful connectors? After all, in the business world, it is NOT who you know, but who knows you. If you don’t talk to strangers and know how to listen in a way that someone feels heard, then how can you connect powerfully with another person? In this book, Converting Connections to Ca$h & Relationships to Revenue, Rhonda Sher , Business Connection Consultant and LinkedIn Expert, shares some of the most powerful ways to make real connections that can impact your life on a positive note, both personally and professionally.

This is a powerful book for entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, speakers, insurance agents, realtors, and other professionals looking to learn more about how to reach out, engage, and build lasting relationships. It is for those who want to unleash the power of connection to convert their connections to cash and relationships to revenue.

Converting Connections to Ca$h & Relationships to Revenue is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AHA messages. Increase your online influence by picking up AHAthat, and easily share quotes from this book on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ via this link:

Forex Trading: Beginner Forex Trading Made Easy (Investments & Securities Book 9)

by FinTech Publishing

Forex Trading – Level 1 – Beginner Forex Trading Made Easy

Forex Trading: Beginner Forex Trading Made Easy will teach you the ins and outs of trading foreign currencies. Whether you are looking for a way to leave your office job or simply to increase your income, this book is for you. Forex Trading: Beginner Forex Trading Made Easy is a handy manual that will teach you everything that you need to learn about forex. Learn how to trade foreign currencies successfully and make continuous profits.

-Have the right understanding of what forex is really all about

-The basics of trading foreign currencies

-The standard to look for when choosing a forex broker

-Effective and time-tested trading strategies

-Best Forex practices

-Mistakes and blunders to avoid

And so much more!

It is not easy to make money in the forex market. In fact, many traders lose their money in the long run. By learning the lessons and practices in this book, you can significantly increase your rate of success. Now is the time to change your life and be a success. Forex Trading: Beginner Forex Trading Made Easy is your key to financial freedom.

What’s in the book?

Chapter 1 discusses the basics of forex trading. Building a strong foundation is important to success. Learn what forex trading is really all about, the different factors that affect the forex market, the risks and benefits of trading currencies, and the basic forex terminology, among others.

Chapter 2 lays down the standard to be able to identify a reliable forex broker. With so many forex brokers out there, you need to work with the one that best suits your needs.

Chapter 3 teaches the effective strategies that you can use to turn the odds in your favor and make a good profit. If you want to have continuous success in the forex market, then you cannot rely on luck or mere guesswork. What you need is to apply effective strategies that can increase your rate of success.

Chapter 4 talks about the best practices of forex trading. It is important that you observe these practices to stay in a winning position. These are the habits of successful forex traders that you should learn.

Chapter 5 is about the mistakes and blunders that beginners often make. It talks about the pitfalls that you should be aware of to help minimize your risks and losses.

Grab your copy, today!

Marketing Fast-Track Online Business: Making Money Through Your T-Shirt Business or Freelancing Services

by Terrence McLead

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn:

– How to find a niche to target
– 3 types of niches to search for
– Real life example of niches you can target today!
– How to find a designer or your product
– How to confirm if there’s a market demand for your niche
– How to create your sales listing from start to finish
– How to sell via proper content marketing on Instagram
– The types of content you can create and post on Instagram
– The apps you need to create these different types of content

– How to start as a Freelancer
– 10 ways to make money online as a freelancer
– The closely guarded secrets of the top freelancers in the world (7 figure earners at home)
– How to get clients the easy way
– How to get long term – high paying clients via Linkedin
– 21 different ways to get more clients
– The best practices to follow to stay in the game and make a lot of money from it


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Es ist die Absicht dieses Buches Menschen zu helfen auf alle Herausforderungen im Leben zu antworten, die Gesundheit zu verbessern und einen unaufhaltsamen Zufluss der Energie zu bekommen. Viele Menschen erleben heutzutage Niederlagen und stolpern an täglichen Hindernissen. Man sollte lernen positiv zu denken und positive Gedankenschablonen in das Leben einzubauen. Falls man positiv denkt, kann man diese Hindernisse überwinden und ein glückliches und zufriedenes Leben führen.
Das Buch ist als ein ENERGIEHANDBUCH gemeint, der an die Wirkung und persönliche Fortschritte orientiert ist. Durch die Anwendung dieser Gedanken werden sie sich vielleicht gesunder fühlen und eine neue Lebenszufriedenheit spüren.
Ich hoffe, dass dieses Buch dem Leser beim positiven Denken behilflich sein wird und dass sie ihn Gesundheit, Erfolg und bessere zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen bringen kann. Mein ganzes Leben versuche ich positiv eingestellt zu sein, besonders als ich mit Menschen in Direktverkauf schon seit zwanzig Jahre zu tun habe. Ich habe alle Gedanken und Behauptungen, die man in diesen Buch finden kann, selbst überprüft und selbst durchgemacht in meinen schwersten Augenblicken, die mich vor einigen Jahren getroffen haben. Mit Hilfe von Glauben, Selbstvertrauen und durch den positiven Ansatz konnte ich mich retten und mein Leben wieder von vorne an zu bauen.
Heutzutage ist mein Leben mit Freude und Zufriedenheit erfüllt.
Andrej Mlinšek

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.