Free historical fiction Kindle books for 14 Oct 18

Daughters of the Flame

by Julia Grice

He thought love could be possessed…
Wealthy Adam Hartshorn purchased his 17-year-old bride for the price of a circus. HE tried to tame the beautiful wild child with money, luxury, passion…

She thought happiness could be bought…
Carisa Phillips, born to the circus life, an acrobat who soared above cheering crowds on the trapeze, made a devil’s bargain and married a handsome stranger. Now she would carry on the dazzling tradition as monarch of her own circus. Carisa would ride destiny to the top of a brawling, lusty, man’s world-but at a price not even her psychic powers could have foretold.

WASP Sting

by Lee Sweetapple

Trudy Andrich is doing all she can to help the war effort as the Allied and Axis powers clash across the Atlantic and Pacific. As a Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP), Trudy is one of the most knowledgeable flyers of the P-51 Mustang. She is in full command of one of the fastest airplanes ever made, but she is forbidden from going into combat because of her gender.

Trudy is shocked when her dream of going to the front lines is fulfilled. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) needs a pilot to sneak into German-occupied Lithuania and rescue a professor whose work could have international implications.

But first, Trudy will have to get there. As Trudy crosses the United States and Canada with her handsome traveling partner, Major Rod Jackson, she sees the many different ways Americans and Canadians are helping on the home front. Her new base of operations in Duxford, England, will also give her a front-row seat to the violent, deadly aerial battles of the European theater. Trudy is determined to fight to protect the Allies, but will she make it out of her first operation alive?

The Light of Joy

by Julie Morton

Escape from the soul-crushing poverty and abuse of an early twentieth century, Arkansas timber town is the primary driving force for the five Jacobs sisters. Jenny, the oldest, is their beacon. Her exceptional, spiritual gifts lead them through life’s maze for decades. The interwoven threads of their stories create a rich tapestry that is sure to enthrall you. Follow them on their journey filled with elation and havoc, loss and redemption. Share the unity of their resilient love. Along the way, meet a cross-section of humanity who will move you to tears and fill you with glee. In these characters, you will find those you recognize in your own life, the saints, the rascals, the good guys and the deviants. And, perhaps, you will find a greater understanding of them. Join the Jacobs women in their quest and you too may find that elusive light we all seek.

Westburn Blues

by Jim Ellis

Dante Rinaldi is born to Italian immigrants in the West of Scotland. Stranded by World War Two in Italy during a summer with his grandfather, Dante grows roots in his family’s rural homeland and, as a young adult, identifies with a band of mountain partisans fighting the fascists.

Young love delayed and the Rinaldis’ struggles in post-war Scotland carry Dante into the life of Chris McCoull: a neglected adolescent who finds his calling and romance while working for a Greek-owned shipping line.

Carefully researched and historically detailed, Westburn Blues is a rendering of the Scottish-Italian experience and filled with a cast of colorful characters… from sympathetic to truly evil.

Die letzten Tage von Pompeji: historischer Roman (German Edition)

by Edward Bulwer

“Du hast also dieses Kind unter deinen Schutz genommen?” sagte Klodius. “Ja, singt sie nicht sehr hübsch? Sie interessiert mich, die arme Sklavin! – Ã?berdies ist sie aus Thessalien, der Olymp schaute auf ihre Wiege herab.” “Also ist sie aus dem Lande der Zauberinnen.” “Allerdings, aber was mich betrifft, so halte ich jedes weibliche Geschöpf für eine Zauberin, besonders hier in Pompeji, wo selbst die Luft mit einem Liebestrank erfüllt zu sein scheint.” “Und sieh da! Eine der schönsten in Pompeji, die Tochter des alten Diomedes, die reiche Julia”, sagte Klodius, als ein junges Mädchen, das Antlitz mit einem Schleier bedeckt und durch zwei Sklavinnen auf ihrem Wege zum Bade begleitet, sich ihnen näherte.

Ambush in Dust Creek (Lincoln Hawk Book 1)

by Scott Connor

When Marshal Lincoln Hawk rode into the lawless town of Dust Creek, his mission was to clean out its trigger-happy outlaws. In a wave of rightful vengeance, Lincoln’s deadly Peacemaker did just that. But some of the outlaws escaped the marshal’s justice.
Years later, when Lincoln rides into Dust Creek again, the town seems to have been abandoned. But it hasn’t. Mason Black and his ruthless outlaw band are waiting for him. From behind every broken window of the tumbledown ghost town, Mason’s guns are aimed at Lincoln’s head.
To see another dawn, Lincoln must face a desperate battle for survival in a world where he can trust nobody and the only law that matters is the law of the gun.

Available on Kindle in the Marshal Lincoln Hawk series:
1. Ambush in Dust Creek
2. Golden Sundown
3. The Man They Couldn’t Hang
4. Hellfire
5. Raiders of the Mission San Juan (December 2016)

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