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Demons in my Bed: A Dark Romance Horror Story

by Lilliana Lord

Sometimes running seems your only option, sometimes doing something evil seems that way too.

With all the proof I needed, I took my children and left my lying, cheating husband.
Getting as far away from our home as I could, I thought life in the country would help me get over the loss of my marriage.
I’d never been more wrong.
Something wasn’t right in our new home.
Maybe that’s why I let my no-good, cheating husband back into my life.
Even he couldn’t keep the evil away from me.
I didn’t want to keep the evil away from him nor his homewrecking tramp.

But where would that leave me and my children…

It’s Grim Up North: A Zombie Tale (IGUN Book 1)

by Sean Wilkinson

Not another Zombie Apocalypse book!
Oh yes!
Carter had planned for this day since childhood, never truly believing it would happen. It did!
Can our ‘hero’ survive and overcome the horrors of this new terrifying world?

With Teeth

by Sutter Kang

Kyle Dunbar has a few problems: He lives in a rundown house on the side of town the cops would rather not go to. His wife has left him, along with the kids. And a new neighbor has moved in across the street. But not the type that plays their music too loud, or lets their grass get too high. This neighbor has a dark secret. When he gazes Kyle’s wife Lucille for the first time, he’ll not give up until she is all his.

VIRAL: Rough Cuts

by Benjamin Knox

Enter the futuristic mega-sprawl of New Manau and get a glimpse into the world of VIRAL before the establishment of the Quarantine Zone. Action and Sci-fi meet Survival-Horror in this set of prelude and tie-in stories to the VIRAL book series.

Whether you’re new to VIRAL or are craving more, ROUGH CUTS is a great way to gain insight into the characters and circumstances leading up to the main events of the series.

The Longest Hour

by Robert Thomson

The village of Klemeth, Oregon has stood abandoned for almost two decades, a victim of a terrible disaster which befell the close-knit community one fateful summer night in June of 1966, a disaster which wiped out the village’s entire population and left it a ghost town. The rest of the country moved on and has long since forgotten about the horrors which took place there, but the storm which was supposed to have passed years before yet lingers in Lane County.

In the winter of 1982, Ethan Wade takes up residence in an old mansion on the coast, a mile south of where the abandoned village of Klemeth still stands, and begins to experience strange phenomena. Wade, a widower who has recently lost his wife in a tragic accident, sees vultures gathering in his yard, drawn there for no explicable reason, and he begins to have dreams about the people who died in Klemeth years before. The dreams soon become reality, for Wade receives phone calls from the dead and sees signs of their passage in his yard and in the woods beyond.
What do they want? Are they trying to tell him something?

Wade investigates the village and the disaster which led to its demise and soon discovers that there is more to the story, startling facts which contradict those found within the official report made by the Lane County Sherriff’s Department in 1966, but as the truth becomes clearer the widower’s own sanity becomes threatened.

He begins to see the ghost of a girl who died in the village years before and invites her into his home, caring for her as his own child, but each morning when he awakens he finds that she is gone without a trace. Is she real? Or is she merely a concoction of his mind, a mind which is still grappling with the tragic loss of his wife?

In the wake of all the strange occurrences which Wade experiences he decides to begin a journal, in order to document fully what he sees and hears during his time at the house. The journal is full of startling entries and appears to outline not only what really happened in Klemeth back in 1966, but also the reason for all the strange phenomena which Wade himself has experienced. The journal spans several months and comprises over 40,000 words by the time it’s finished, and for years it becomes lost to the world, the revelations within it hidden to the eyes of the public.

Until nowâ?¦

Liberty’s Blood (SOAN SAGA Book 2)

by Jason Logan

A darkness has been rekindled.
The skies over New York will cry with sorrow over what he will do as the Hudson runs red with blood.
How will Detective Matt Grading save his city from a murderer he cannot find, and a motive he cannot understand.
How can the city survive, how can its people go on, when no one is safe, and nothing can stop the coming storm.

The dark flame of vengeance has arrived, he has come to spread death throughout the city of New York.
The city has known many evils throughout the years, many tormentors at all levels of its society.

None like this.

A pestilence of vengeance spreading like the wind, wild and uncontrollable.
How can Matt Grading keep the city he cares so dearly about safe against a uncontrollable force of death spreading fear and madness to its citizens.
A force that no one can predict and one that is only seen when it is already too late.

Taking place 40 years after the first novel this psychological sequel in the SOAN SAGA is a Horror/Thriller that can act as a introduction to the series, as it takes you beyond the fear of the unknown and drags you through the streets of the great city of New York.
You will see through the eyes of a killer and experience the terror of being his prey.

The Monster of Oleander Street

by Suzy L. Mynte

A monster hunts on Oleander Street. A cat disappears, a child is attacked. Not even fences can keep the monster out. A short.

Seeds Of The Fallen

by Keith Crews

An iron spire of snakes mysteriously appears in the small seaside community of Sea Haven. The towns people, including local reporter Pamela Sussex, are intrigued by the towering monument.
However, Pam will soon discover that she has a terrible connection to this spire, one that may very well be spiritually binding.

River Man

by Suellen Holland

Tim hasn’t really forgotten. For more than twenty-five years, he has kept a master tape of songs by his friend Nathan Whitley, whom he last saw in the summer of 1972. When Nathan’s old girlfriend Paige suggests using the songs in a film she’s working on, Tim has to admit he’s never listened to them.

Deciding to confront buried memories, he has the tape mixed down and plays the resulting CD. And it’s 1972 again as he remembers what happened to Nathan that summer.

He and Nathan are opposites: an outgoing Californian from a broken family, and a quiet Southerner whose father is a minister in a small town. At college a common obsession with music unites them as friends, and Nathan invites Tim to spend summer break with his family in Tennessee.

Tim already knows Nathan is unusual, far beyond himself in musical creativity. This gift catches the attention of Egan Coutts, a charismatic producer who has just opened a bar south of town. He seeks Nathan out and invites him and Tim to play for him. With Paige as their lead vocalist, the three begin performing at Egan’s tavern, River House. Egan indulges them with recording sessions in his state-of-the-art studio, and promises of success. Out of affection, they start referring to him as the River Man.

But Tim notices a disturbing tiredness in Nathan after they play for Egan or work with him. Steadily the balance of power shifts, as Nathan tries harder to please Egan. His desperation to prove himself to a stern God leads him to focus on Egan as his means of salvation.

He begins to run out of inner resources, deteriorating physically and mentally. Tim tries to protect him by getting in Egan’s way. But Egan uses whatever weapons come to handâ??rattlesnakes, sickness, Tim’s secret desire for Paigeâ??to make Nathan distrust Tim and everyone else around him. Tim realizes that Egan is a spiritual vampire, feeding off Nathan’s creativity and emotions. He believes Egan’s ultimate purpose is to drain Nathan until Nathan gives up his music in despair and spends the rest of his life in bitterness, tearing down the creativity and hope of other artists.

Unable to convince Nathan or Paige that Egan is nothing human, Tim tries once again to get Nathan away from him. At last he understands there is only one way Nathan can be rescued.

Set against the backdrop of a hazy Tennessee summer, RIVER MAN is told from Tim’s viewpoint, straight out of his own memories, as he listens to Nathan’s songs one by one.

The Craigslist Horror

by Max Hess

When Jonathan and Jessica’s roommate abruptly skips out on their lease, they are forced to turn to Craigslist to fill the vacancy. After a couple of prospects don’t work out, the financial strain of keeping up their end of the lease leaves them desperate, and they find themselves willing accept the next applicant to come along, so long as they can pay the rent.

At the same time, and unbeknownst to them, a trail of brutal murders is creeping its way toward their town. Will the eccentric man who replies to their Craigslist ad be the end of their woes, or merely the beginning?

The Beast of Park Street

by Benjamin Knox

To make ends meet Joseph Riley gets a new job as a security guard at the abandoned Park Street lot. He likes the quiet, but tonight something lurks in the shadows, something with madness in its eyes and blood on its teeth.

A gruesome urban thriller from the author of “Thread” and “A Keeper of Secrets”.
Contains a bonus look at Benjamin Knox’s upcoming creature feature “PRIMORDIAL”.

Opfer und Täter: Ein Armin-Anders-Thriller (German Edition)

by Uwe K. Alexi

Der Albtraum sämtlicher Eltern und Lehrer ist Wirklichkeit geworden: Auf einer Klassenfahrt verschwinden die fünfzehnjährigen Schüler Ronnie und Jason. Den verwöhnten Millionärssohn Ronnie findet man nach einer aufwendigen Suchaktion mit einem Kopfschuss in einer Blutlache in der Villa seiner Eltern am Wörthersee. Jason, der aus weniger gut betuchtem Haus stammt, bleibt verschwunden. Die Polizei tappt völlig im Dunkeln und gibt die Suche schlie�lich auf.

Drei Jahre später werden dem Journalisten Armin Anders Bilder zugespielt, die Jason auf einer Jacht zeigen könnten. Sind die Bilder echt oder geschickte Fälschungen? Kann es wirklich sein, dass Jason nach drei Jahren noch lebt?

Kurze Zeit später wird Jasons Mutter Daniela entführt, brutal gefoltert und nahezu unbekleidet nachts bei einem beliebten Ausflugsziel ausgesetzt. Ein Zusammenhang mit dem Verschwinden ihres Sohnes ist nicht ersichtlich. Wei� Daniela mehr, als sie zugibt? Kann ihr Bruder Armin Anders den Fall aufklären, obwohl jemand Katz und Maus mit ihm zu spielen scheint? Welche Rolle spielen Ronnies Eltern und der geheimnisvolle Milliardär Brain, der eine eigene Privatarmee unterhält und für den keine Gesetze zu gelten scheinen? Wer ist in dem perfiden Spiel Opfer und wer Täter?

FotoShop of the Gods

by Bradley Convissar

From the novella collection Reflecting on Midnight- 4 novellas for only $2.99

Douglas McIntire is just an average college student, looking to buy replacement parts so he can fix his old computer. But when he leaves the small computer store, he caries with him not just new parts, but a mysterious disk as well, one that contains a mysterious program. A program that allows Doug to bend and warp reality as he sees fit. Will he use it responsibly? Or will he allow the program’s dark voice to drag him down a dark path? Could you resist the temptation if given the power to reshape your little corner of the world?

From the author of the Pandora’s Children collection of short stories, the novellas Dogs of War and King of the Merge, and the provocative short stories Blink and Last Dance of a Black Widow comes this 17,000 word novella, a twisted, modern-day homage to Stephen King’s brilliant Word Processor of the Gods.

Note: “FotoShop of the Gods” is included, along with “Dogs of War”, “King of the Merge” and “I Never”, in the collection Reflecting on Midnight.  Purchased separately, the four novellas will cost $5.96, while the single collection costs $3.99.

In The Details (The Statford Chronicles Book 2)

by John Walker

Private detective Tom Statford has a problem. A priest has been murdered in Hampton Roads, Virginia. That’s bad. His killer is claiming the Devil as an accomplice, sending the forces of Heaven after the fallen angel. That’s even worse. Lucifer comes to Tom to proclaim his innocence, which makes Tom’s life more interesting than it needs to be, and he’s the only one who can prove the Devil didn’t make the killer do it.

But who would believe the Prince of Lies?

Blood Type Infected 1: No Future For Man (Blood Type : Infected)

by Matthew Marchon

What kind of self-respecting zombie can be stopped with a bullet to the brain?

This isn’t your typical, whining little weakling trying to navigate his way through a zombie infested dystopian society. This is the epicenter of the outbreak, where your average novel doesn’t dare venture. This is Noah Britton fighting his way through the heart of the zombie freakin’ apocalypse.

The high school is on lockdown but the infection has already invaded its borders. It’s too late. Screams echo through the halls, blood stains the lockers, the dead don’t die for long. Mutilated, half eaten corpses wander the halls in search of the living. These aren’t your normal slow moving corpses that trudge along hoping for victims. No. They run faster. Fight harder. Know no pain. Show no weakness. Offer no reprieve.

Noah must make the ultimate sacrifice and decide who to save and who to leave behind. What ranks higher in these desperate times; friendship or strategy? Can old rivals put aside their differences and work together for the greater good or will human emotions lead to the end of the world as we know it?

The edge of your seat intensity never dies as Noah, his neurotic bus driver, his best friends, his worst enemies, the girl he likes, the girl he hates or loves or who the hell even knows anymore and a power hungry rival desperate for control all try to co-inhabit a school bus in search of a safe haven that may no longer exist.

Gruesome. Intense. Graphic and Brutally violent. Yet emotionally driven with enough heart to sustain a dying species taken off life support. The characters tear themselves from the pages, forcing their way into your heart, demanding you continue when it all gets to be too much. This is hope. This is strength. This is the end. And it’s only the beginning.

Kensington Gore’s Hammered Horror – The Count Of Three

by Christopher Long

Count to three and say “Kensington Gore” then read this chilling tale that shows just why you should always be careful what you wish for.

When three weary businessmen, on their way to a conference, stumble across a local myth about a wishing well guarded by an angel, they don’t realise exactly how much their lives will change.

Not understanding the darkness that they were about to immerse themselves in.

If they only could count to three, they might wish they could run away!

The Magic Shop (The Shadow Magic Series Book 1)

by Justin Swapp

A broken family. A well-kept secret. The power to destroy the magical world.

When a long-hidden room is found in the family shop, Marcus and Ellie Fith not only uncover a secret store of arcane inventory but the magical relic at the center of a family feud that reaches back generations.

But they aren’t the only ones searching for the relic. A dark figure from the past, backed by those who seek unrestrained power, will stop at nothing to wield the forbidden shadow magic.

From middle school to flaming forests and dragon caves, can Marcus and Ellie chase the relic across the fantastical world and stop the evil faction of magic wielders from unleashing the horrible effects of shadow magic once more?

A page-turning magical adventure with elements of the supernatural, The Magic Shop blends magical mystery with Indiana Jones-style action adventure.

Remember, some family secrets can’t be unseen.

Get The Magic Shop to unravel the mystery of the strange, magical world today!

The Evil in the Tower

by Debra Robinson

Obsession, possession, and a terrifying past stalk the present, and an unpunished evil triggers ghostly revenge, in this supernatural thriller.

Deedsy’s rundown mansion is haunted by a ghastly spirit who reappears each time tragedy strikes her family. Deedsy believes it somehow involves the century-old feud between her family and the Ryans.

When her old classmate Nick Ryan comes back to town, history is inadvertently recreated, the dreadful spectre returns, and a series of gruesome murders begin.

Deedsy’s growing suspicion about a horrific event from the past that still impacts the present, comes too late to prevent a possession.

But can she find and destroy the appalling connections between them all in time to save the ones she loves?

Grab your copy today! Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you for your interest in our novel. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it. – Michael Wills | Digital Fiction

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THE SCARY NIGHT: Extreme fear


Read this story at night that is give you a thrilling to read the novel. This is my first horror novel so please give me the comment to improve

Eternal Entity: A Dark Supernatural Thriller / Paranormal Romance (The Celestial Rose Book 1)

by Annalee Adams

â??â??â??â??â?? “Would make a great movie!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “Holy cow! This story will pick you up and not just carry you, but will sprint with you until the end!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “An incredible book!”

Who or what is Taylor Lane?

Taylor Lane survived the beast that killed her mother; now she has powers that threaten to expose her to a host of evil beings she used to believe were imaginary.

Forced to fight for her own survival, she’s thrown into the middle of an almighty war, where nothing is what it seems.

Amidst the chaos Lucian, her shadowy protector, enters her life and heart. But there’s something dark inside of him: he’s a vampire, the original Dark One.

With her mother murdered and a hideous beast out for her blood, Taylor has no choice but to put her faith in Lucian and go to war as she tries to unravel the mystery of who she truly is.

Can they learn to trust one another and save the world around them? Will Taylor find out who or what she truly is?

Find out in this paranormal romantic thriller!

â??â??â??â??â?? “Like the Twilight seried mixed with heroes!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “Dark and wonderful!”

This book is a wild ride of vampires, werewolves, angels, witches and shifters all rolled into one thrilling adventure with a young, independent female character who grows into the perfect heroine throughout The Celestial Rose series! Any fan of supernatural thrillers, romance stories, or fantasy stories will love this book.

“There was one scene that really pulled at my heartstrings. The imagery used in a scene of tragedy or terror is amazing. Even the more languid scenes, the flutter of leaves and the descriptions of the sky are beautiful. Language like this is rare in modern writings, and something I often only find when I go back to Poe or the more classical writers. I adore such descriptions and the author uses them beautifully.”

“The storyline absolutely keeps you on your toes, its a book you can’t put down once you start it!”

This book is for anyone who loves:

– Young Love
– Coming of Age
– Young Adult and New Adult Fiction
– Dark Thrillers
– Exciting stories with a Strong Female Lead
– Supernatural Fiction
– Ravenous creatures with Ravaging Romance

This is a new adult dark supernatural thriller suitable for ages 16+ due to mature content.

Beyond the Mask: a short story anthology

by O. D. Hegre

We all have secrets regarding our true nature, hidden behind a variety of masks: a mask of intellectualism for physiologist, Arthur Curnen; a mask of egotism for actress, Lydia Caldwell; and a mask of â??blaming others’ for CEO, Herbert Marston.
Then there’s the mask that technology often wears as it attempts to improve and lengthen our lives-the mask of unintended consequences that retired police officer, Jim Bliss, and physician, Carl Nelson, come to appreciate. Well, the Doctor? No so much.
Even death, itself, can be a mask hiding something more. Like something â??gross’ that new mom, Mary Bellingham, has come to graciously accept. Or like something more horrible than â??the candy-man’ janitor, Dewayne Phelps, ever imagined.
Join me in six tales of speculative fiction where, for those named above, secrets are revealed as we go beyond the mask.

Mother’s Legacy

by Connie Oudemolen

Kathy had been adopted by an old couple when she was a little girl, and had never met her birth parents. Now, that fact has come back to haunt her, when she finds out the details behind her true parents.

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