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Pirazhntha Iravugal: பிறழ்ந்த �ரவு�ள் (�ுறுநாவல்) (Tamil Edition)

by Aravindh Sachidanandam

Survival of fittest – à®?ார்வினின் à®?à¯?à®?்பாà®?்à®? à®?ல்லாரும் தவறா புரிà®?்à®?ு வà®?்à®?ிருà®?்à®?ாà®?்à®?. à®?ார்வினà¯?à®? à®?à¯?à®?்பாà®?ின்பà®?ி நாம à®?ல்லாரும் â??பிà®?்à®?ஸ்à®?்’ தான். à®?ல்லà¯?யா? à®?னால் நாமதான் à®?à®?ுத்தவன் à®?ால à®?à®?றிவிà®?்à®?ு à®?à®?ப் பார்à®?்à®?ிறà¯?ம். à®?ருவà®?à¯?யில நாம் பரிணாம வளர்à®?்à®?ியின் தà¯?ல்வி. â??வà¯?லà¯?’ வாழ்à®?à¯?யில à®?ரு à®?à®?்à®?à®®à¯? à®?ழிய à®?துவà¯? வாழ்à®?்à®?à¯? à®?ல்லà¯?. à®?னால் நாம பிறந்ததà¯? வà¯?லà¯?à®?்à®?ு பà¯?à®?ுறதுà®?்à®?ுதான்னு நம்மள நம்ப வà®?்à®?ுà®?்à®?ாà®?்à®?. ” நண்பனின் à®?à®?ிதà®?்à®?ள்

“à®?வர்à®?ள் நான் மனநலம் பாதிà®?்à®?ப்பà®?்à®?ு à®?ரு à®?ற்பனà¯?à®?் à®?தà¯?யà¯? à®?à¯?ல்வதாà®? à®?ண்ணுà®?ிறார்à®?ள். à®?லà®? à®?லà®?்à®?ியத்தà¯? தà¯?விரமாà®? வாà®?ித்து à®?னà®?்à®?ு நானà¯? à®?ருவாà®?்à®?ிà®?்à®?à¯?ண்à®? à®?ரு ஐà®?ியல் à®?ற்பனà¯? à®?லà®?ம் நிà®? வாழ்வà¯?à®?ு à®?த்துப்பà¯?à®?ததால் à®?ன்னà¯? நானà¯? தண்à®?ித்துà®?் à®?à¯?ள்ள முயல்வதாà®? à®?வர்à®?ள் பà¯?à®?ிà®?் à®?à¯?ண்à®?ார்à®?ள்” – பிறந்த à®?ரவுà®?ள்

�ரண்�ு �ுறுநாவல்�ளின் த��ுப்பு

In the Eye of the Jester

by Scott Gill

Ever wonder what life is like for the figures in a painting? Maybe it is more lively than you could ever imagine. ‘In the Eye of the Jester’ tells the story of a painting figure stored in a London art gallery who falls in love with a young man who frequently visits the gallery to view the painting within which she lives. Sensing that something is not quite right with the young man, the painting figure reaches out and pulls him into her world. A bittersweet love story follows where the painting figure begins to question if she saved his life or if he , in fact, had saved hers.

Sea Cliff

by Mary Deal

Rachael Connor has great looks, money and a home of her own, but childhood abuse has left her fearful of men.

When Rachael meets Matthew, she begins to rethink her life. He falls in love with her, but Rachael rebukes him, living by the “rules” her father taught her.

She soon has an epiphany about how to overcome her father’s grip on her life. The next time she falls in love, she will know how to deal with it.

But will Matthew let her get away so easily?

The Killer Whale Books

by Anne-Marie Neil

Together in a Kindle-exclusive edition, all seven titles of The Killer Whale Books series:

Psalm of the Killer Whales

William Shakespeare’s Wild West Show

Snow Settling on a Covered Bridge

Each Uisge (Ech Ooshkya)

Shinobu and the Dragon

Shinobu and the Baby Dragon

The Sea of Okhotsk.

Travel to the Shetland Isles, to save an endangered pod of Killer Whalesâ?¦join an American Wild West Show in an English cathedral city in 1900, on a quest to find a horde of priceless Viking treasureâ?¦spend a golden fall in New England, swept into an adventure with a touch of The Legend of Sleepy Hollowâ?¦journey to the Inner Hebrides, where monstrous creatures believed to be a Scottish myth, are about to be unleashed after eighty years in captivityâ?¦accompany Japanese industrialist’s daughter, Shinobu Yamashiro, as she attempts to rescue a fantastical Snow Dragon from a warlord ancestor in seventeenth-century Honshuâ?¦accompany Shinobu again, when she embarks on a worldwide adventure to find a Snow Dragon hatchling whose egg was stolen by twenty-first-century whalersâ?¦finally, return from space in the company of the cosmonaut of Vostok Seven, only to be become lost in a Siberian winter, and to stand alongside Snow Dragons as they face a prehistoric monster set to go on a cataclysmic rampage.

Approximately 323, 940 words – fully navigable.

Less of a Kindle Book, more of a library.

Settle back, and enjoy one of the most unforgettable reads ever.

(Please note that all of the titles featured in this collection, are available separately; and that Shinobu and the Dragon, Shinobu and the Baby Dragon, and The Sea of Okhotsk, are also available – along with Shinobu and the Chinese Watercolor – in The Snow Dragon Trilogy Kindle Book.)

The Bear is Born as Woods King

by Christina Giscombe

It is the summer of 1808 and the lives of Lena-Sofia Johansdottir and her family are about to change forever as war sweeps across Swedish-Finland after a Russian invasion. The 700 year marriage of jealous Sweden to Finland is threatened by the new suitors from the east, intent on stealing away the bride. Napoleon has defeated Russia at Austerlitz, Nelson has won the Battle of Trafalgar, the American War of Independence has impacted Europe and Wilberforce is leading the campaign for abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.
Against this backdrop of world transformations, little Lena-Sofia, six, befriends a mysterious Swedish soldier, Dirk, and a veteran soldier, Ritva, in that whirlwind summer in sleepy south-western Finland. What is Dirk’s secret mission against the foe, which draws in mother, Caisa, and father Johan, culminating in an autumn of betrayal, loss, identity and new beginnings?

“As when towards the eve, a summer whirlwindâ?¦”
J L Runeberg 1835

Tin Foil Hat

by Justin Bauer

In pursuit of his passion, Ed Gunning takes an unpaid internship at a recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. This satirical view of the music/recording industries explores a great number of issues regarding social instability. Instead of running parallel with his fantasies, Ed discovers working conditions that complicate his desire to continue on. When an artist reveals violent goals, Ed is compromised into the apathy of reasonable doubt.

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