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Beginner’s Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet Healthy Lifestyle Guide: A Primer on Accelerating Weight Loss Using Both Programs Together with Over 100 Delicious Keto Diet Recipes

by Healthy Living for Adults

Beginner’s Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet (Ketogenic Diet) Healthy Lifestyle Guide for Fast Weight Loss and Improved Health

You may not realize that many people are having tremendous success losing weight by adding Intermittent Fasting to their current Keto Diet program.  This primer provides you with the basics of both Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet to accelerate your weight loss and improve your health by leveraging them together.

The Primary Objectives Are:

  • Introduce you to both Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet in an easy to read and understandable format, especially for beginners, to save you time from having to research many, many resources yourself.  Personal experiences are incorporated into the explanations and backed with references for research studies on key topics.
  • Explain the key health benefits you can achieve from Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet as well as the important benefit to lose those unwanted pounds.
  • A very brief overview of why you might want to complement your Intermittent Fasting and your Keto Diet with Apple Cider Vinegar due to its proven health benefits.
  • Introduce you to a suggested approach on “how to” combine Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet together including key Guiding Principles to follow to help accelerate your weight loss and improve your health.
  • Provide you with more than 100 delicious Keto Diet recipes to make it simple and easy for you to get started now. The recipes include Breakfast, Soups, Smoothies, Condiments, Snacks, Salads, Lunches / Dinners, Spicy Keto Meals and Desserts.

This book is intended to be a starter guide.  It is not intended to be a replacement for a scientific or a detailed research book. However, references for research studies on key topics are listed throughout the book as well in the References section for your convenience.

Get Started Now for a Healthier Lifestyle!

Healthy Living for Adultsâ?¢

The Addiction Recovery Workbook: A 7-step Master Plan For Lasting Recovery, Written By A Former Addict (Addiction books)

by C.W. V. Straaten

Addiction Recovery Workbook: A 7-step Masterplan For Lasting Recovery

‘An Unique & Real Life Recovery Story’

In this non-judgemental and remarkable addiction recovery workbook the author will guide you through seven clever steps that will lead to lasting recovery from any addiction. The approach is inspiring, realistic and practical, so you could use it instantly or on your own pace. It will lead you to a better understanding of your addiction and give you the strength and inspiration to live a life beyond recovery. The author of the book, fought seven long and painful years against the horrors of his own addiction. That’s why he was so passionate to write this honest and compassionate recovery story, to help and inspire millions around the world to find lasting recovery as well.

The Addiction Recovery Workbook, contains a reliable 7-step plan to lasting recovery and making the most out of your remaining life, starting today. It focuses on:

  • How to instantly quit or stop overindulging in your addiction and finding peace in a cooling-off period

  • How to understand your addiction with provoking thoughts and self-talk, even in the confidence of anonymity

  • How to use your addictive feelings in a constructive way, without actually giving in to the craving

  • How to deal with the problems and pain caused by your addiction

  • How to feel secure and self-confident enough to deal with life problems in a constructive manner, creating a meaningful life beyond your addiction and thoroughly enjoy this process.

From the author:

“I wrote this workbook because I can’t stand to see so many wonderful souls being tore down by the devilish claws of addiction. Nobody is put here on the earth, only to fight an addiction. I know from experience, that there is a way out. Step by step, into the light. Even for the worst struggling addict.””

Family & Friends

If you are close to someone with an addiction, it’s highly recommended to read this book. It will give you insight into the complex mind of an addict. Furthermore, you will realize that change is absolutely possible, and that you could help by being considerate and non-judgemental. With this book, you can help your friends or loved ones take the right steps to defeat and conquer their addiction for good.


Addiction Recovery Books

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