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Saving you marriage today: Relationship Saving Skill Book

by Sophia Rowling

Why do we choose to love?

Being in a loving and nurturing relationship is one of the most fundamental needs of both men and women.

The idea of being loved and being in love with a special someone is ever present in all cultures, across all of written history. There’s something about being loved and being in a committed relationship that makes us feel secure and happy.

Every person on this planet knows how it feels to love and be loved.

When two people fall in love, both individuals have these ideal dreams about what the future holds for them. There is always this desire for more happiness and stability as you continue loving and living with the person that truly matters to you.

What causes relationships to collapse?

As time wears down the thin veil of idealism, couples often find out that loving someone and staying in love takes a lot more work and energy than expected.

Troubled couples discover that personal dreams for the future can clash frequently and even the smallest personal differences can spark raging flames of discontent and anger.

Sadly, many couples allow themselves to be consumed by these flames and soon enough, what was once a rosy garden of a relationship suddenly becomes a smoldering field of ash.

“How can people keep their relationships alive?”

This is actually one of the oldest questions in the book and after many, many decades of debate, relationship experts have finally come to the conclusion that relationship troubles arise not because people are fundamentally incompatible but rather, they lack fundamental skills needed to keep a committed relationship alive.


The guy who did not propose: The life ahead of you

by Hasil Mohamed

This is a conversation between an Uncle and his Nephew. Nephew is going through a bad phase in his life. Uncle tries to make his nephew understand the stark realities of life. What should be given importance, how to pace life and the need to prioritize life.

He emphasizes that we all live to die one day. Yet within this short period we do whatever we can in search of happiness. We never achieve satisfaction but still wander with our desires.

The book portrays how his uncle tries to convey the endless possibilities life can put forward. And why he should not be entangled with ones life’s uncertainties. Uncle walks him through the various facets of life we encounter on a daily basis and how they influence our life. And how we all experience life in a similar manner even though we see disparities amongst us.

His uncle covers different dimensions of life and tries to explore the drama that life offers. And how it is a collage of myriad themes of religion, science, mind, soul, happiness, universe, money, food, alcohol, rich, poor, intellect and how these impacts our life. And with these ever encompassing expressions, what are the infinite possibilities life can offer.

The Barnyard Buddies STOP for Peace

by Julie Penshorn

The delightful Barnyard Buddies engage everyone as they show how to use anger management and dialogue for peaceful conflict resolution! This rhyming, richly illustrated children’s book – ages 3 to 9 – conveys important social skills and provides effective peacemaking skills to all who read it! Use at home or at school; a wonderful parenting tool! The book can be used as a conflict resolution curriculum for preschool through grade 3 classrooms. Kids love it!

Children can relate to the loveable characters, whose emotions are charmingly revealed by artist Jorry Keith. The heartfelt way Julie Penshorn presents this topic, and the sensitive illustrations, make this book a children’s favorite!

The cornerstone for the entire “STOP for Peace” process is the first step, S — STOP and breathe. Peace is most possible when all have cooled off and embraced the insights provided through personal anger management, then they can dialogue about their other emotions in step T–Tell how you feel. O–Open your mind (brainstorm) and P — Plan a deal are the remaining steps. When people can safely speak from their hearts, they can most often problem solve and find solutions that work for all. That’s the sign of successful conflict resolution!

Includes a parent and teacher guide that includes questions for discussion and ideas to extend the learning. Music notation for the “STOP for Peace” song is also included, to reinforce the learning. “I STOP for Peace” companion CD, also by Julie Penshorn, is available through the publisher, Smart Tools for Life, and other outlets (look for it on the site you are on right now!) where music is sold. The music builds the skills and carries them deep into the brain so they are never forgotten.

Add an extra book to your cart to give to a teacher, a neighbor, or a friend! Help your child experience a safer, friendlier, classroom environment where all of the children involved in a conflict have a say in finding a solution. The sense of belonging and inclusiveness provided in this type of setting helps reduce childhood trauma and build social skills, two keys to adult success.

Share “The Barnyard Buddies STOP for Peace,” and make a real difference! What a way to change the world, one child at a time! Don’t forget to write a review. Your review can make a difference, as the more children exposed to these skills, the better the environment for your child or children, and the more hope for our shared future.

Brought to you by the peace education specialists at the non-profit organization, Growing Communities for Peace, through its project, Smart Tools for Life.

Disciplina para tu niño pequeño: Disciplina probada para niños pequeños. Estrategias para el estrés y crianza sin culpa. ( Libro en Español / Toddler Discipline … Spanish Book Version ) (Spanish Edition)

by Marie C. Foster

â??â?? Por tiempo limitado: compra la versión en papel de este libro y obtén la versión Kindle eBook incluida – ¡GRATIS! â??â??

Aprende la Disciplina Para Niños Pequeños Libre de Estrés y libre de culpa hoy para ayudarte a criar a un niño emocionalmente sano y equilibrado.

En este libro, estás a punto de descubrir el impacto que los primeros años de la vida de tu hijo pueden tener en tu capacidad de funcionar más tarde en la vida. A través de la disciplina adecuada para los niños pequeños, puedes alentar la toma de decisiones positivas, el buen comportamiento y la salud mental.

Aquí hay una vista previa de lo que aprenderás…

  • Mitos comunes sobre la disciplina infantil y la ciencia que los desmiente
  • Los beneficios de desarrollar una estrategia de disciplina que se adapte a las necesidades mentales y emocionales específicas de tu hijo
  • Cómo la comunicación efectiva juega un rol en la disciplina del niño pequeño
  • Las estrategias más efectivas para diferentes lugares y situaciones, que pueden implementarse sin culpa o estrés
  • Cómo idear una estrategia de disciplina que sea ideal para tu hijo o hija

Otros beneficios al obtener este libro:

  • Aprender acerca de los errores comunes de disciplina que los padres cometen y cómo solucionarlos
  • Asesoramiento sobre cómo disciplinar a un niño con necesidades especiales
  • Qué debes hacer si las estrategias de disciplina de los niños pequeños no funcionan

Al implementar las lecciones de este libro, tendrás un niño bien educado en un momento. Puedes superar los dos terribles años y ayudar a tu hijo a aprender a practicar el autocontrol y la regulación emocional, con tu apoyo positivo como motor.

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Trump Presidency Intentions Evil: New Journalism Reports Reveal Social Media Manipulators : Donald Trump Impeachment Fight Involves Artificial Intelligence Influence

by Dave Masko

Trump Presidency Intentions Evil: New Journalism Reports Reveal Social Media Manipulators, by Dave Masko. Donald Trump’s crazed combative nature toward women and people of color was honed by Trump’s mentor and crazed “fixer” Roy Cohn who is infamous in American history for exposing American Communists in the Senator Joseph McCarthy witch hunt. Just as Cohn ripped into the lives and reputations of good people, so too does Trump, states the Frontline report. Trump also infamously beckoned Russian hackers to help this odious 72-year-old defeat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election. Now, it’s the job of America’s still “Free Press” and special counselor Robert Mueller to “deliver America from crazy man Donald Trump,” said concerned 81-year-old Emma Luhn of Newport, Oregon. This former high school civics teacher went on to explain how Trump using the Russians to hack his Democrat rivals “is a snapshot, in my view, of how the Trump administration not only colluded with the Russians, but also used the Silicon Valley â??Secret State’ to use advances in artificial intelligence (A.I.) to not only negatively influence social media but other governments as well. We already see authoritarians like Trump condemning media as â??fake news’ because Trump seems to have gotten away with it,” explains Luhn during a recent Oct. 10, 2018 roundtable discussion with other “deeply concerned senior citizens” at a nondescript senior care facility located here along Oregon’s tech-free central coast. Luhn noted this “discussion of Trump’s forthcoming impeachment” was “spawned by this recent PBS TV “Frontline” documentary “Trump’s Showdown,” that laid bare the hate, anger and evil things Trump has done to women and any business or political opposition during most of his 72 years walking the Earth. “I cannot think of a great enemy to our American values and democracy,” said Luhn’s senior friend Patrick “Pat” MacGuill. “I’m now 78 and spent 31 of those years as a beat cop up in Seattle, so I know a rat when I see or hear one and this Frontline â??Trump’s Showdown’ convinced me more than any other criminal investigation that Trump will be impeached; while the federal government cleanup of this Trump administration mess will be akin to starting over after a house burns down. Trump has gutted our government to such an extreme that our nation is not safe until this Trump madman is booted out and jailed if justice is to be served.” Trump Presidency Intentions Evil: New Journalism Reports Reveal Social Media Manipulators is a deeply urgent “new journalism” report in this reporter’s ongoing series of Kindle e-books that spotlight the evil that Donald Trump does to destroy American values and democracy.

Why Do Girls Fight: A Book about Fighting

by Kelcey Coe

From the crazy Ohio production company that brought you Girlfight: inVite, the controversial nightmare horror short film that was banned from Amazon Video, comes the first social and ethically responsible parenting book from, LLC – a children’s book about fighting. Specifically girls.

Using illustrated and age-appropriate screenshots from the Girlfight: inVite short film, a gender-neutral child witnesses a scary fight between girls in the woods and comes home with questions. Rather than avoiding the issues, a gender-neutral adult answers all the serious questions and holds nothing back. From alternatives to fighting to what to do if someone feels threatened, the book provides the answers parents and educators need in today’s dangerous world.

At first glance one may be compelled to ask, “Why did something so sinister as Girlfight: inVite become a children’s book?” The author boldly goes where no one’s gone before and dares ask, “Why do major cigarette companies run anti-smoking ads? Why do alcohol companies promote responsible drinking? Why do casinos promote gambling hotlines? Because as you may be exposed to those behaviors, your kids could easily become exposed to horror films whose trailers appear on several sites world-wide. And guess what, my film’s one of them.” Let’s face it – with public schools today and the Internet exposing kids to fights, are you prepared to answer this age-old question, especially after your child comes home after witnessing or being a part of a fight? With this book, now you are. WHY DO GIRLS FIGHT is a simple yet effective approach for creative and alternative adults who teach children about the dangers they may, and probably will, face in the real world.

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