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A Girl and Her Cats: A Poetry Collection

by n. w.

A collection of poems relating to love, loss, and mental health

Baltasar del Alcázar: Obras completas (Spanish Edition)

by Baltasar del Alcázar

Baltasar del Alcázar es un autor ignorado por la crítica literaria ya que no hay muchos estudios acerca de su obra, además de que en su tiempo no tuvo fama ni aun después de su muerte. Probablemente esto sea por las temáticas variadas de sus versos, sin embargo, solo es una suposición. �nicamente existen dos ediciones de toda su obra poética: la de 1910 y otra editada en el 2001, no obstante, la última es de poco acceso. Con respecto al primer libro, este divide las composiciones del escritor de la siguiente manera: poemas de carácter amatorio; festivo, incluyendo sus epigramas; religioso y poesía variada, cuya categoría agrupa algunas epístolas, sonetos dirigidos a Cetina o familiares, enigmas, algunas traducciones, odas y otros tantos de corte mitológico.

En toda su obra, como ya se dijo, Baltasar del Alcázar demuestra una versatilidad en sus composiciones al abordar temas que van desde el antipetrarquismo hasta los poemas de carácter religioso. No obstante, sus composiciones que más destacan son las que se mueven en la línea de lo burlesco y paródico. Por ejemplo, sus epigramas retratan la vida cotidiana de los siglos de oro y se burla de ciertas actitudes de la sociedad, sobre todo de las mujeres, destacando su físico y su moral ya que el prototipo de la mujer descrita por Alcázar será la de una persona sin escrúpulos.

The Heart Talks (Coz i am a dreamer and you are my dream Book 1)

by Rishabh dev Shakya

The book for the lovers and the broken ones.
If you Wanna dedicated poem to your girl/boy then read it and dedicate
It contains many beautiful lines like :-
Your eyes are like sea shore
I just wanna look at you and adore……
To read full download and read


by José Guilherme Correa

This book includes the following poems:
The passage of time (concrete poetry)
Huidobro’s ‘Nipona’ (translation)
Lest answers come from the dark
Valery’s Cimetière Marin (translation)
Petrarchan sonnet
Decio Pignatari’s ‘Poema’ (translation)
The Ballad of Toussaint Grugel
Antonio Machado’s ‘Húmedo está najo el laurel el banco’ (translation)
Into the darkness
Mallarmé’s ‘Le vierge, le vivace et le bel’ (translation)
Octavio Paz ‘Testimonios’ (translation)
Juana Inés de la Cruz’s sonnet ‘A la esperanza’ (translation)
Rubén Darío’s ‘Yo persigo una forma’ (translation)
Sá de Miranda’s sonnet ‘Este retrato vosso é o sinal’ (translation)

Multa paucis: Ð?алладÑ? о веÑ?ном и пÑ?еÑ?одяÑ?ем (Russian Edition)

by Ð?огинов Ð?еннадий

Ð?алладÑ?, написаннÑ?е для Ñ?веселения («ad jocundidatem») и поÑ?Ñ?ения («ad docendum»). Ð?Ñ?ияÑ?ного Ð?ам Ñ?Ñ?ения и свеÑ?лÑ?Ñ? минÑ?Ñ?!

Consternation: Blue

by Pete Marchesi




Prison walls is a collection of short and some long poems with authentic touch of African background. Themes include love, day to day life, death, astronomy and the mystic in the tradition versus modern day Africa.
The continent, like an unfinished sculpture has been undergoing vicious changes carved by knives of war, colonialism, marriage, modernity and the times epics between. Prison walls is about that…
As norm in most traditional African homesteads spreading to villages, there was one likely patriarch, a husband to two or three wives and hordes of children of all ages. Evenings would find the younger children enjoying basking by the hearth as they waited for the evening meal, warding off dozing. Prison walls is about that…
The thrill would be in the folklore recited from their mothers’ laps, tempered with parables and adages passed on by word of mouth. Accompanied by dances of teenagers and ripe suitors under the moonlight, all with pretty good behavior, Traditional hierarchy did not allow chastening of an older person, unless say, by song. Prison walls is about that…
Today’s Africa is completely different. Where there were huts are now skyscrapers. What were dances are today’s discos and live performance by showbiz artistes. What was a skin clothe is a today’s three piece suit while the donkey is the Mercedes Benz. Folk stories have been gradually swallowed by TV, films and contemporary education. Traditional songs are today’s poems. Prison walls is about that…
So, while the styling of each poem is different and the wording designs unique, some of them are justified with symbolism, to drive the message of the ballad home. â??Where to bury me’ is shaped as a grave with a cross, as the tree of â??green our green’ epitomizes the late Nobel Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai. The drums in â??Broken drum’, the bowl of the â??beggars bowl’ plus the holy cross in â??Savior’ are all in prison walls…and more.

Report to the Air: Poems of Loss and Change

by Mike Smetzer

This is a book about home. It is also about loss and change.

I grew up on the hills of the Valparaiso Moraine, south of Lake Michigan. These clay hills and marshes were my first home. My second home was Lawrence, Kansas, where I lived for over a decade. Today both my old homes have changed and the people I knew there are mostly gone. I now live in southern Maine. It is a good place but it does not feel like home.

Home as a special place is something I can now find only in memory. I live a bit like a fox prowling through woods and fields and yards. Any bit of cover can serve for a night or for a year’s lease. What home I have left no longer exists as a place where I can live. It exists as a little bag of memories and feelings that hangs inside to my heart.

Report to the Air is a collection of poetry supported by photographs and artwork. Many of the photographs, including the cover photo, are by my wife, Vera Lisa Smetzer. Others are by my parents, Bernie and Viola Smetzer. The paintings and chip mosaic are my own.


by Inger Simonsen

A small book of poetry and pictures

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