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A Minefield Full of Penguins (The Adventures of the Interesting Times Club Book 1)

by T B Carter

After twelve years in the army, civilian life for Xavier is a struggle. He hates his new job. His girlfriend was much nicer to him when she only saw him every few months and he’s no longer allowed to blow stuff up. Not even a little bit.

When an old school friend offers him a job looking after an abandoned house in Wales he jumps at the chance, but, even before he leaves things start to go wrong. His girlfriend really doesn’t want to leave London. The police want to ask him searching questions about a murder. He finds out the previous inhabitants of his future home mysteriously disappeared, and, his new, seemingly risk-free job comes with a company sword.

As events unfold, the deadly skills he thought he’d never use again come in rather handy, especially after he meets the beautiful Natalie whose mysterious agenda appears to intimately involve Xavier.


by Neda Aria

The main statement of Nro was demonstrated in front of every Nroian eyes by the Brain Holovision: “In Nro, we impose no law to control your decisions. There is no place for government, religion or monetary system. We, the people of Nro, are connected and unified under only one name “The Third Column”. The Third Column defines wisdom, beauty, and immortality. Three Columns of Freedom. We are free from limitation to travel and we are free of borders. Our Earth is our home and we bless it with wise constructions and intelligent use of natural resources. We tolerate no defined identity rather than what we want to be defined as. In Nro, we dream as dreams are the main foundation to our three codes of morals and it is the main source of our existence”

Joe From Earth

by Judah Raquinio

This is the story of a clueless corporate twit from the 23rd century who things highly of himself without very little regard to others around him. Other than his best friend Roger, the one who he trusted most he should have had his eyes on in the first place.The original title of this book was Next Second Gone, and then it changed to From There And Back Again, And Then There Again. This is actually the story of a man who winds up in Venus amidst an alien conspiracy who’s brain is displaced in a vessel (robot), and sent back to Earth to hide a most important corporate secret that could forever change the economical balance of the entire Solar System.Along the way he finds himself hitching a rocket ship back to Venus and comes across some strange friends indeed.

Our Only Chance: An A.I. Chronicle (A.I. Chronicles)

by Ray Else

A different kind of Frankenstein
Einna is a lot like other teenage girls, naive, idealistic, secretive, disobedient and interested in boys. Only Einna is not human, she is an A.I. android. Her creator, her mother, is Manaka Yagami, the first female tech billionaire. Einna has a plan to make herself human, if she can keep Mother in the dark and avoid the clutches of the notorious Yakuza.

Classic Cyborg: Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series (From the Crazy Maniac Files Book 1)

by Austin Dragon



From the Crazy Maniac Files (Book One)

It’s Sci-Fi Meets the Crime Thriller! It’s Blade Runner Meets The Maltese Falcon! It’s cyberpunk reimagined.

LIQUID COOL is the action-packed (and funny) cyberpunk detective series. Tag along with Cruz, our private eye (and unlikely hero), in the fifty-million-plus, supercity of Metropolisâ?? ever-raining, colossal skyscrapers, hovercar-filled skies, and flashy neon streets below.

Uber-governments and megacorporations fight for control, but so does crime.

What are the Crazy Maniac Files?

Cruz has dealt with all kinds of criminal craziesâ??and even crazier clients. This supercity has a million victims and perpetrators but this LIQUID COOL Mini-Series will feature one “crazy maniac.”

As you dive into the action, we could tell you to watch out for tech-tricksters, analog hustlers, neon gangsters, or digital mercenaries, but the only thing to fear in this story are the cyborgsâ??lots of themâ?¦and the legend known as CLASSIC CYBORG.

Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.


“Lots of shooting, lots of crazy maniacs, lots of action and fun!”

“I loved this book. It takes place in the future, and what a weird future.”

“Cool and Smooth.”

Grab Your Copy of CLASSIC CYBORG Right Now!

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Dark Lady (Wine of the Gods Book 8)

by Pam Uphoff

Book *Eight* of the Wine of the Gods series.
She saved a world, but not perfectly, not everyone. Drained of her magic, exhausted, she could not block out the screams of the injured and dying. She could only flee through a dimensional gate to an unknown world.

A town that accepted her. A town that needed all of her limping, injured, magic to save them when they came under attack.

Secrets Below: Book 2 of the Secrets Series

by Amy Ward

The end did not come with bombs or war, but with a cough and a fever. Most of the earth’s population perished. Those fortunate enough to be immune scattered, desperately searching for safety.

The Langston Virus didn’t discriminate against whom it killed. Neither did the madness that followed. The few that survived, both the virus and the lawlessness that ensued, began the arduous task of rebuilding.

Ninety years later, their descendants still have many obstacles. The newly rebuilt communities work hard to provide food, shelter, medicines, and peace to each citizen. Although the virus is long over, they face a more merciless and deadly threat.


Howlers control everything. Take everything. Destroy everything. Nothing and nobody is safe from the madmen in this post-Langston Virus landscape. Especially the boys. The Howlers demand that each boy be given up to them to train for their army.

The fate of one community lies in the hands of a teenager. Lukan, the only boy the Howlers do not want, searches for a way to keep his family, and his community safe.

What he finds sends him on an adventure that changes his life forever. A window to a world below his feet gives Lukan hope of a safe place for his community. Will he be able to find a way in before anyone else he loves is murdered by the Howlers?

Lukan desperately searches for the secrets that lie below.

It’s Maze Runner meets Hunger Games in this face paced dystopian thriller.

Sparkman: The New Dawn (The D.E.W Files Book 2)

by Jonathan Tate

Sparkman: A New Dawn
Terrorist groups can be difficult to beat. This is something that the Americans know all too well and their conflict against the radical New Dawn has only served to reinforce this. The guerrilla style warfare raged by the New Dawn has been a frustration for too long but things are about to change. When a regular soldier, Ethan Carter, is struck by lightning he gains the ability to control electricity and becomes the army’s greatest weapon, Sparkman.
Thrust back into the fight against the New Dawn, Ethan soon discovers that his very existence has changed the rules of warfare and the enemy is working towards producing soldiers like him. With the race on to stop their diabolical scheme Sparkman must learn to master his abilities and face threats he couldn’t imagine in an attempt to save the world. But could the answer to all his problems really lie with a young girl kidnapped by the New Dawn fifteen years earlierâ?¦
The D.E.W Files
Journey into a world where enhanced individuals walk amongst regular people. Some are born with these incredible abilities whilst others seemingly stumble into them. One thing remains constant however, there will always be people willing to fall on the opposite side of the law and for every person who tries to become a hero, plenty of others turn to a darker path.
With stories set across the globe, The Department of Enhanced Warfare Files cover the lives of these people, both individually and collectively, as they attempt to do what’s right whilst dealing with what it means to be a hero.

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