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Homemade Antibiotics: 55 Most Effective Natural Remedies To Relief Your Pain And Heal Yourself: (Natural Antibiotics, Herbal Remedies, Aromatherapy) (Naturopathy, Natural Remedies, Healthy Healing )

by Betty McBride

Homemade Antibiotics:

55 Most Effective Natural Remedies To Relief Your Pain And Heal Yourself


Homemade Antibiotics:

TOP 30 Effective Natural Remedies And Best Organic Recipes For Healing Without Pills

Ready, start, learnâ?¦
Welcome to the start of a journey that will teach more about your body, viruses, infections, and the natural remedies that can help you shore up your immune system and treat any illness that requires antibiotics and other antivirals. This book is written to help you:

  • Learn more about your immune system and how it works
  • Learn about the effects of prescribed antibiotics
  • Learn about herbal alternatives to antibiotics and antivirals
  • Find essentials oils to boost the immune system
  • Mix herbals and essential oil blends to combat colds, viruses and infections

So, if you are ready to learn more about how your body works and a little about natural health, swipe the page, and let’s get started!


Pain Relief Remedies:

TOP 25 Natural Recipes With Essential Oils And Herbs To Relief Your Pain Instantly

Most of us are familiar with the famous adage “prevention is better than the cure.” When you use essential oils they will not only cure ailments, but prevent them from recurring. Essential oils have immunity boosting powers, unlike commercial medicines, this will help to prevent diseases.
You can make essential oils as part of your daily life even when you are not ill, to help keep your body healthy without side-effects. How will this help you? There are certain aromas that help humans to feel well. Just imagine you are smelling a fresh boutique of roses, or coriander, sage. Feel how mint can help your body to breath with ease again. It may not be a particular illness that is causing symptoms it could be down to bad habits such as smoking. Smoking will cause your lungs and bronchial passages to be blocked and essential oils can put that right and make the user feel the advantages almost immediately.
Think of walking into a room that you are greeted with a pleasant odor and how that made you feel. Common aromas that are known to help the human wellbeing are aromas such as lime, lemongrass, and marjoram. Each of these essential oils will make your body feel stimulated and at peace.
When the essential oils are released there are so many aspects of health that they can touch, from aiding in the healing of skin to helping your hair look healthy and shiny. When essential oils release their goodness you will instantly feel the positive benefits that are derived from them.
This book will help you know most cures of diseases by use of Herbs and Essential Oils. READ ON



Good day, friends. I decided today to please men such a topic as ERECTION. Every boy has a toy to which he feels a special thrill. What I will tell you is not a recommendation. Moreover, some things can be dangerous to health. Your health was not a criterion for selecting the content of the article. One criterion is effectiveness. In this REVIEW I have included 9-be substances really acting on the member. Some of these substances are stronger, some are weaker. But all of them, from a scientific point of view, efficient filling of your member with blood. So let’s start…

Genomic Technologies

by surendra sahu

Bok describes the working of the field of genomics, genes and DNA and DNA sequencing.


by Carylanne Joubert

Mingan is a little wolf pup who lives in the forests of Yellowstone National Park. Along with his brothers and sisters, Mingan learns his lessons from Grandmother about being a wolf and thanking Mother Nature for Her gifts.

Growing Rose Flowers

by Harshita Joshi

Roses are known as â??the Queen of Flowers’. Roses are always in demand as they are the only flowers that are associated with beauty, fragrance and eternal love. Regarded as the most important cut flower world-wide, commercially as well as aesthetically, roses are traditionally grown as perennial woody shrubs. Generally the growth habit of the rose plant is to grow as an erect shrub; however trailing roses or climber roses with stems having prickles are not so uncommon.

Happiness. The art of living in armony and unity with the self but also with nature: A journey of self-awareness through understanding animal nature

by Kostas Dimitriadis

¨Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better¨
Albert Einstein
Every animal experiences life in a unique way; a way that is so different and yet so similar. It seems that the senses, emotions, intuition and intelligence are not privileges of humans alone. We may use our thinking in a way that is unique compared to the other animals, but in nature there is no single way of knowledge and intelligence. We possess the human way to acquire knowledge and use our intelligence, something that makes us special in a lot of ways. But as every human is special in his or her own way, so is every species. Every species is an independent entity of knowledge, intellect and intelligence on its own. Every species and every being is connected with thousands of other forms of knowledge, which all converge into the tree of knowledge, or nature, or life’s Garden of Eden.
Animals speak. They speak a language that we, too, used to speak once but now have forgotten. The myths we narrate, the stories we tell of ourselves, are our new language. But for centuries our myths have been about us; myths that bring us to the state of being the center of the universe, the ultimate purpose of creation.
In the beginning, we saw God in natural phenomena and the heavens. Now is the time to find Him around and inside us; to live as whole beings. Nature and the animals are here to help in this so we can all together be part of the new myth that will bring us closer to Paradise.
Galileo, Darwin, Freud and Jung paved the way and modern science has mapped the human brain with extraordinary precision; we know now exactly how our mind and senses and emotions work. The analogies between us and animals are astonishing. We are not above nature; we are not supernatural. We are a tiny, infinitesimal part of nature in the vastness of the universe; a vastness we are trying to conceive, which is getting even greater and more complex as the human mind evolves. As biologist Lyall Watson writes in his book entitled “Supernature”: “We are all of one flesh, drawn from the same crucibleâ?¦ This is the secret of life. It means that there is a continuous communication not only between living things and their environment, but among all things living in that environment. An intricate web of interaction connects all life into one vast, self-maintaining system. Each part is related to every other part and we are all part of the whole.”
It really seems that coming into contact with Nature’s wisdom opens up new horizons and brings about the emergence of new perspectives in life, and this is not accidental; it is the sense of unity that we have been missing. It is this sense that enables us to live a meaningful life.


The Labelling Phenomenon

by Jack R Ernest

This short collection of remarks is taken from my other book Remarks On Existential Nihilism. It discusses how labelling influences society. It also suggests a sociological theory of schizophrenia that is the result of labelling.

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